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lundi, mai 05, 2003


{*} Had lunch with the Swiss Ambassador today. First time I had one of those high-class high-class type of food, with the huge plates with a tiny little serving of whatever (I had trout for an appetiser, and a mushroom risotto for main course, strawberries in cream and icing sugar for dessert, lime juice for a drink.) All this at the Swiss Club - which is somewhere near the end of Swiss Club Road.

Of course, in the morning, it was a little crazy, me waking up at 8, going to the auntie at Ang Mo Kio to get her to cut and hem my pants legs, and get better heels (50% off! Only $19.95!), get home, take bath, change, put on makeup etc, then get to the Swiss Club. But I think the lunch was worth it... yummy. The representative from the ISC, as well as some alumni who came to talk to us told us that when we got there, we would remember the food most of all - apparently the programme is simply littered with tea-breaks and lunches and tea breaks and dinners and tea breaks, and did I mention tea breaks? And apparently the food is just simply amazing... someone told me to stop eating. Now. And to start eating again once I got there. Woo hoo!

{*} The jury is supposed to be in sometime this evening regarding whether or not Singapore participants will be able to go - we're obviously hoping for a good reply. :) Apparently Dr Balaji SADASIVAN, Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Ministry of the Environment (Ang Mo Kio) will be confirmed coming with us if we get to go, and Mr MAH Bow Tan, Minister for National Development & Deputy Leader of the House (Tampines) will also try to make it to the conference.

[And because this is a blog which aspires to public service, what do you mean you don't know who these people are? Go find out! (This is obviously here because I myself didn't know... I'm just finding out. The way I see it, Singapore has two bunches of people you always hear from - the Parliamentarians, and the Cabinet. Parliament guys are from constituencies, like they apparently are supposed to be the mouthpieces of the common man (yet, I know not who my MP is.) --- ooh! Members of Parliaments! I geddit now! Even as I blog! Then if you're an extra shiny piece of government equipment, you get put on display in the Cabinet, where you're the Minister for {portfolio}. Woo hoo! Another block of information for daily living falls into place.]

But I don't get how come Mr. Mah Bow Tan is mentioned in the Cabinet listing, but not Dr. Balaji, since he is the Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Ministry of the Environment . Anyone care to explain?

{*} Bad news for my travel plans though - the 20 day tour package that I was eyeing is totally full-up, and the next best one, the 15 day trip, is filling fast. I think I've really got to make a decision soon regarding my travel plans, but I'm really sad that the 20 day tour package is full... that would have taken me to pretty much every part of Europe (except Spain) that I want to go... but oh well, 15 days *IS* 2 weeks and a day, and maybe 21 days is a little too much perhaps? If I do the 15 day thing then I can see my aunt in Cambridge and maybe Dimin in Edinburgh! Though she'll be coming back to do her big wedding bang in Singapore - and she's invited me to Hawaii where she wants to hold her wedding! So exciting huh?

{*} I have bought three pairs of shoes in a week.
One because I wanted to buy them.
One because a pair broke while I was out wearing it.
One because I needed formal-looking (read: closed toe) heels for the abovementioned meeting with the Ambassador and the NYAA staff (National Youth Achievement Award, from the National Youth Council).

And I think I still want to keep buying! :)

[for those interested in seeing the Zara shoe I'm lusting after, it looks like this:
object of my shoe lust

(NUS and NTU people may have trouble viewing the image; I'm sorry but I can't get around the firewall they have, dunno why.)

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