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vendredi, décembre 24, 1999

 they're playing His song

they're playing His song

This is _______________________'s copy.

First performance :-
24th December 1999 @ various houses
Cast :-
Reporter - Tan Soon Heng / Leslie Tay
Person 1 - Serena Goh
Person 2 - Adeline Ee
Person 3 - Jeremy Lee
Person 4 - Sebastian Goh Wei Loon
Person 5 - June Yong
Directed by :-
The Holy Spirit
Props required :-
1)       Chairs / benches
2)       REPORTER - Clipboard and pen
3)       PERSON 1 - book & watch
4)       PERSON 2 - TYS, calculator
5)       PERSON 3 - bags of wrapped and unwrapped shopping (maybe boxes?), must be easy to spill
6)       PERSON 4 - watch, headphones

Notes on the various characters in this play:
Reporter -
Here to do his job. Generally happy kind of guy, in a bounding-puppy sort of way. Clueless about what Christmas is, but has a willing-to-learn attitude.
In a word : EAGER.

Person 1 -
She's the average person on the street roped in to do a survey. Wary about long surveys which might require you to buy something after the entire thing, or to listen to a sales pitch.
In a word : NORMAL.

Person 2 -
Poor product of the much hated MOE. Studies too much, too hard, and generally is too book smart for anyone's good. Object of much ridicule AND envy in schools, generally. But I'm projecting. J
In a word : NERD.

Person 3 -
Embodies and expresses what most Singaporeans feel about the Christmas season - shopping. Whether or not for self or for others is an entirely different matter. Important person in the play - this guy is the one who presents the Christmas nemesis of Christ - the fat guy in the red suit.
In a word : SHOPAHOLIC.

Person 4 -
In a word : CYNIC.
'nuff said.

Person 5 -
She is the one who will be presenting Christ and Christmas, as well as the sinner's prayer, so there has to be a little more care taken when remembering your lines. I believe that salvation has to be presented clearly, especially since this is a (sort of) evangelical play. But don't sweat the small stuff - let the Spirit be your guide.
In a word : CHRISTIAN.

t h e y ' r e   p l a y i n g   H i s   s o n g

[Scene preset with chairs/bench that can seat at least 3 people.]
(Scene opens. PERSON 1 is sitting on one of the seats reading a book. REPORTER walks in, holding a clipboard with some paper clipped to it.)

Hi there! My name is _______________, and I'm a reporter for the Christmas Times. I've been travelling all over the world this year, interviewing many people, on a mission to find out what the true meaning of Christmas is. Singapore's my last stop before I head back to HQ to write my article.
(Goes over to PERSON 1)
Hi there!

Person 1
(Looks up from book, smiles.)

I'm doing a survey on Christmas, could you spare a few moments to help me?

Person 1
(Unsure, very xian and wary of doing surveys already)

What's your favourite Christmas song?

Person 1
Oh…its definitely got to be Jingle Bells.

Oh, I see. 
(Makes a note of it on his clipboard)
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that song. Could you sing it for me?

Person 1
I'm afraid that I can't sing very well.
(to audience)
But I'm sure that these nice people can…could you help me sing Jingle Bells?
(waits for YES)
Okay, 1,2,3.
(Carollers SHOULD start to sing Jingle Bells now. I hope.)
(They sing)

(After song)
That was a nice song! And why is Jingle Bells your favourite Christmas song?

Person 1
Well, I've always associated Christmas with Jingle Bells. Every Christmas I for as long as I can remember, I hear that song being played, so I guess it’s a sort of nostalgia
(or remembering.) for me.
And I've always associated Christmas with all the things that the song mentions - Christmas with bells that jingle, and friends laughing and everything. The only things that we don't have here in Singapore are the snow and reindeer.

Okay. So, to you, Christmas means bells and good times with friends and family.

Person 1
Yeah, basically, that what I think Christmas means to me.

Well, thank you for your help! This will really make it easier for me to write my article.

Person 1
(Stands up, looks at watch)
Wow, look at the time! I've got to get home! Bye!
Bye! And have a Merry Christmas!

Person 1
(Rushes off)
(After a suitable interval, PERSON 2 enters with RedSpot TYS and calculator, and sits down. His concentration is devoted to studying the TYS and occasionally using the calculator. Does not look up at REPORTER before spoken to.)

(Writes on clipboard)
Okay, Christmas means bells and times with family and friends to her.
(Looks up and around)
I think I'll ask more people what their favourite Christmas song is to find out what Christmas really means to them.
(Walks over to PERSON 2)
Hello there! I'm doing a survey on Christmas, and was wondering if you could help me.

Person 2
(Reading TYS, looks up)

Okay. The question is simple - what is your favourite Christmas song?

Person 2
(Checks TYS, crunches a few digits on the calculator)
Well, according to my calculations, my favourite song should be Silver Bells. Or infinity.

(Taken aback by the weirdness)
(Writes it down, looks up)
I've never heard it before. Could you sing it for me?

Person 2
Sing ah? Cannot, cannot, music I got A-. I'm not musically inclined.
(Gestures to Carollers)
Ask those people to help you lah, so many of them, some more holding songbook! I only have my GreenSpot ten-year series.
(brandishes TYS)
(To Carollers)
Help me sing Silver Bells, okay? Ah…1,2,3.
(They sing)

Hmm…that was a lovely song. So tell me, why is Silver Bells your favourite song?

Person 2
(Puzzled, checks TYS)
Wait ah…I check my GreenSpot ten-year series for the model answer.

Take your time.

Person 2
(Flipping through the book, getting more frantic/upset, finally giving up, closes the book and sighs.)
I'm sorry, even though I am an MOE scholar, my rigid spoon-fed education cannot help me answer that question.

Could you try to think about why Silver Bells is your favourite song?

Person 2
Think? You want me to think for myself?
(Incredulous, then ponders)
How many marks is the question worth?

2 marks.

Person 2
2 marks…2 marks…
Okay. First point, I think Christmas is about bells and music because there are many decorations featuring angels playing on the harp or blowing trumpets all over town. We also sing a lot at Christmas. People go carolling, karoke-ing, you name it, they have it.
Second point, I think Christmas is also all about shopping. Like the song says, "City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks…", Orchard Road and Raffles City there, its so busy, full of people just shopping, shopping, shopping! Its crazy!
(Looks right)
Oh dear, my bus is here!
("Flags" bus)

(Writing on clipboard, looks up just as PERSON 2 leaves)
Oh, ok! Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you too!

Person 2
Merry Christmas to you to…WAIT! Do I get my 2 marks?

Yes! Bye!
(PERSON 2 exits)
(Looks at clipboard)
So far, Christmas is made up of bells, music, friends, family and shopping. That seems to be a really great list, but I think I'll interview a few more people just to be sure.

(At this juncture, REPORTER will go up to 1 or 2 people <time permitting> to stress them out by asking them the 2 questions : What is your favourite Christmas Carol/ Song and why? Same thing should happen, except REPORTER should instigate singing of songs rather than the hapless individual picked.
à Suggested persons - the owners of the home visited? )

(PLAY continued)
(PERSON 3 enters with bags and bags of shopping, drops everything while trying to cross stage. REPORTER goes over to help pick up the packages.)

Person 3
Oh, thank you, thank you!
(They pick up everything and manage to pack them away in the plastic bags, then both sit down on the bench)
So much shopping to be done, and so many people out at the shopping centres…it’s a nightmare!

Yes, it must be.
(Eyeing her packages)
Especially if you have a lot of people to shop for.

Person 3
Oh, you mean these?
(Gestures toward the packages)
Yah lor, I have a very big social circle, and I've got lots of people to suck up to, like my big boss…what a waste of time and money!

You must be tired. Why don't you sit down and take a rest while helping me to do a survey?

Person 3
A survey? On what?
It’s a survey on Christmas. What's your favourite Christmas song?

Person 3

I beg your pardon?

Person 3

What do you mean?

Person 3
When? Every year, I have a different favourite Christmas song - it depends on my mood that year.

Oh. This year, then.

Person 3
Oh, this year! Definitely Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. I mean, just look at me!
(Gestures at packages)
I AM Santa this year!

So, is that why you like the song? What is it again? Santa Claus Is Coming To Town?

Person 3
Yes, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Why? Never hear before is it?
(To Carollers)
Come lah, let's sing it for him to hear ok? 1,2,3.
(They sing)

That's a very happy song. So tell me again, why do you like the song?

Person 3
Because I think that it represents what Christmas means to a lot of people - all the presents under the Christmas tree, and the shopping - I think Christmas just means another holiday where you get presents to a lot of people, and this year I think that includes me.

Oh, I see.
(Stands up)
Well, thank you very much for your time. Merry Christmas!

Person 3
Yeah, same to you too.
(Struggles to stand up with all the packages)
Hey, do you know where is the gift-wrapping counter?

Er…I think its over there.

Person 3
Thanks! Merry Christmas to you, and I hope you get lots and lots of presents too!
(PERSON 3 exits)

(Sits down again. Writes on clipboard. Looks at clipboard.)
So, Christmas means bells, family, friends, shopping and presents to Singaporeans.  Seems like a pretty ok list, but I keep feeling that there's something bigger missing from the list. Oh well. I think I'll interview one more person and call it a day.

(PERSON 4 enters, listening to headphones. Takes them off when approached.)
Excuse me Miss? I'm conducting a survey on Christmas. Could you help me answer a few questions?

Person 4
(Looks at watch dubiously)
Well, all right, but it'll have to be quick because I've got an appointment.

Please, sit down.
(Gestures toward seat)
I'll get down to it. What's your favourite Christmas song and why?

Person 4
Christmas? You mean it's Christmas already? My my, time really flies whether or not you're having fun. Tempus Fugit and all that. Well, to answer your question, I don't have a favourite Christmas song.

(Presses her)
But surely you have to like one particular Christmas song better than others…think.

Person 4
Well, if you really want a song, then I'd have to say White Christmas.
You know the song?

(REPORTER shakes head)

Person 4
(To Carollers)
Let's sing it for him ok? And make it quick, I don't have much time.
(They sing…SLOWLY)

     Yah, that's the song. I think it represents Christmas very well. After all, most people spend Christmas writing Christmas cards and getting presents and everything, and I'm everyone in Singapore has wished for it to snow at least once in his or her lifetime, instead of having the monsoon rain. Its just another endless round of commercialism and shops screaming SALE! everywhere.

(PERSON 5 enters and sits down on the other side of the conversation. Listens in on the conversation unobtrusively.)

     And this year it's even worse, what with the millennium fever and all. And it isn't even the real millennium, that's 2001, but even the government is promoting it. I mean, our own government is promoting a lie! It's insane, I tell you.
(Looks at watch, stands up in a hurry)
Oh no! I'm late! I have to go! Bye! I hope what I said helped your survey!
(PERSON 4 exits while putting headphones back on)

(Stands up and waves but PERSON 4 is already gone)
Yes, it did…in a way. Bye.
(Sits down again. Looks down at clipboard.)
Oh well, I guess I can pack up now.
(PERSON 5 taps his shoulder)

Person 5
I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, and I'd like to help in your survey.

(Taken aback, but fine with it)
Er…ok. You know what the questions are?

Person 5
My favourite Christmas song and why, right?


Person 5
Well, my favourite Christmas song has always been Happy Birthday Jesus.

Really? That must be a new one. I've never heard of it before. How does it go?

Person 5
It goes something like this.

That's a nice song. Why do you like it?

Person 5
Because I think that the lyrics are really meaningful. They never fail to remind me of the true reason behind Christmas - Jesus Christ. Do you know that Christmas is Jesus' birthday? That's why Christmas is CHRISTmas, and not X'mas.

Really? I didn't know that. You mean this guy Jesus Christ is THE man who gave his name to a holiday? Wow. He must be a really important guy.

Person 5
Trust me, He is. He's the Son of God ! Did you know that God started the tradition of giving presents? He started the ball rolling by giving Jesus to all men on earth!

Wait, wait, wait…I can see it now…
"God starts ball rolling". Nah…that headline sounds too… … bowling.
(Turns back to PERSON 5)
So, you say that this Jesus is God's gift to us. So, what's inside? The metaphorical gift represented by Jesus, please, not what's inside Jesus.

Person 5
Eternal life and forgiveness for all your sins.

You mean, I can live forever? Do I have to become a vampire? I don't think I wanna suck blood for the rest of eternity. I've got high cholesterol.

Person 5
No! You don't have to do anything like that. All you have to do is believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He was sent down by God to die for us, as a payment in exchange for our sins.

That's all? Are you sure? Nothing comes for free, and what you're offering here is a pretty big offer…eternal life. Don't play play.

Person 5
Attaining eternal life is as easy as ABC! First, you have to ADMIT that you're a sinner by nature, and therefore separated from God. Then you have to BELIEVE that Jesus is the Son of God, that He loves you, and died on the cross to pay for our sins. And finally, you have to CONFESS of your sinful nature in prayer to God, and personally ask Him to come into your life.

That's it?

Person 5
That's it.

Wow. That's mind-blowing. Can I receive eternal life now?

Person 5
Sure! Why don't you pray with me to ask Jesus into your life right now?


Person 5
Let's put our hands together and bow our heads. Follow after me as I say the prayer.
(They bow their heads and clasp their hands. Whether or not to close your eyes is up to you.)
"Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Saviour and Lord. Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life, and make me the kind of person You want me to be. Amen."
(REPORTER repeats prayer after her.)
Congratulations! Now you have Jesus in your life, and you a child of God, and you have eternal life! Do you feel different?

I was worried about what my article was going to be about. But now I know that it's gonna be the best article ever, because its going to be about the man behind Christmas - Jesus! I feel like singing a song to celebrate … but unfortunately, as you can see, I'm not very musically inclined. Could you suggest a song?

Person 5
Why don't we sing Joy To The World?

Oh, wait! I know that one!
(Starts singing the Mariah Carey version)
Joy to the world! | All the boys and girls! | Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, | Joy to you and me!
Right? I know a Christmas song!

Person 5
(Amused, speaks to Carollers)
Actually, why don't we all sing the first 2 stanzas of the Christian version of Joy To The World! For him? 1,2,3.
(They sing)
(At the last few lines "Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy!", ALL CAST to come out and stand in a line in preparation for curtain call)

Merry Christmas and thank you.
(Cast bow)


This is dedicated to my best friend, Jesus, who has never left my side before, and has promised to always be there for me.
Also to my parents, who are absolutely the greatest.
My thanks go out to Leslie, for being my wall to bounce ideas off on, Andy, for encouragement, ideas and support, and Shenton, for advice, support, encouragement, and countless other things I am not aware of. Thank you.
Written by LMA ©™ 11.12.1999, for Singapore Thomson Road Baptist Church.
Christmas 1999.

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[they're playing His song]
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