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mercredi, décembre 12, 2001

 Still Searching (A Play)

Still Searching …

Characters for the Mass.E play (Still Searching)

A: Pretty girl, always nicely dressed and well-groomed. Seeks identity in looking good and getting attention. Seeks approval from peers. Also a dating addict who measures her own worth by the number of guys who likes her. Flirty and flighty. Apparently gets along well with everyone but in fact doesn’t know the people well enough to be considered friends with them. Has commitment phobia as well because when people start to show love and concern, she shuns away fearing that they will see the “real” self or that they have an ulterior motive.

B: Girl with attitude. An overachiever who is under pressure to perform. Parents expect her to be a high-flyer constantly and thus she has learned that her worth is measured by her achievements. Therefore every failure spells doom for her because she feels like she’s let the whole world down, that she is really stupid after all and unworthy and unfit. To her, good results are the keys to every door she wants to be opened in life. Materialistic and focussed on the world. (Not too sure if she should be Christian or not)

C: Apparently a strong and steady Christian. Attends church faithfully and is involved in church activities. Deals with a some low self-esteem but not an overwhelmingly dominant trait. Weakness lies in the fact that she is interested in a guy E who is mutually interested in her, but he’s not a Christian. Temptation is overwhelming but she knows and is seeing warning signs against the relationship. (happy ending or not….let’s just wait and see) C and F are siblings, him being older.

D: Clubbing, partying, drug and booze addict. Family problems therefore feels unloved and unaccepted. His path of escape is as mentioned. Feels that nobody loves him so he acts like he doesn’t need it and doesn’t care even if the whole world dies. Angry with the world for not caring, he gets a kick out of making people miserable, making his family “pay” for their inability to care for him. Ultimately, after all he’s been through, he feels even more unworthy to be loved since he’s thrashed his life with drugs and booze. Feels that no one can accept him because he’s just incorrigible.

E: (unconfirmed character) Generally a good guy, smart and sporty, has everything going well for him. Interested in C but is frustrated by the way she is leading him on yet not committing. He knows she likes him but is bothered by the whole issue. Has a temper problem. Perfectionist, thus gets irritated when things don’t go his way. Rather self-centred.

F: Our probably hero of the drama. Strong Christian who is in a relationship with another Christian girl. Experiences life’s roller coaster ride but knows God is in control. The person always there to comfort, to console, to advise, to cheer and to support his peers. Reason for existence in the play? To offer the Christian’s perspective on all that’s being said and done.

Smaller roles:
A’s sister
F’s girlfriend
Maybe B and D’s family


Scene 1: Introduction and establishment of characters (Pse)

Girls are talking about everything under the sun…superficial stuff, then guys go past. Girls ask if they wanna go for lunch/(they could be just already supposed to go for lunch together or something. Dmn comment). Christian guy needs to get present for girlfriend, topic shifts to Vday, dates, parties etc. Non Christian guy and Christian girl conclude that they have nothing to do. He asks her out for dinner as a friend. Friends tease them, Christian girl appears uncomfortable then changes the topic to…’don’t you have a present to buy?’ and drags her brother away, leaving Non Christian guy  in the dust and the rest still chatting.

Scene 1
School setting, girls sit around table, acting casual and lighthearted.

Cgirl: I can’t believe all that work he gave us! How am I going to finish doing these readings?
SG: (sighs) Tell me about it.
Cgirl: Speaking of which, I haven’t seen you in church for some time. What have you been doing?
SG: What else can a full-time university student do to earn her degree? Try the word “study”?
PG: Gosh, is it hot or what? (takes off cardigan to reveal spaghetti strap top)
SG: Erm….I think it’s going to rain.
PG: No one asked you. (noticed Cgirl’s hands) Hey! Is that a new colour? I didn’t know they had a new range already! (takes her hand and looks at nail colour)
Cgirl: Huh? Oh that….well, I just saw it yesterday and bought it.
SG: What’s with the nail colour? Thought you were never interested in such things.
Cgirl: Sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.
SG: (cynically) And that is…
PG: Get a guy!
Guys enter at this point.
Cguy: Hey there! I heard something about guys, missing us already?
SG: Go get a life.
Cgirl: (looking at NCguy) Great, you guys are here, let’s go for lunch now. I’m famished.
Cguy: Uh-uh, no can do. I’ve got to go to town and shop.
PG: When did you ever get interested in shopping?
Cguy: since the day I realised I need to get my girlfriend something. It’s Valentine’s day you know.
PG: Oh, how can I not know?! It’s like Christmas for me….except it’ll be a lot tougher…..
SG: You mean deciding which lucky hunk of a man would be so fortunate to have Ms Picture Perfect to decorate his arm, jostling shoulder to shoulder with tons of other lovesick couples along the streets of Orchard Road? That’s a tough season alright.
PG: Man, aren’t you a cynic? But wait, help me out here, help me decide would that guy from my Sociology class be a better date or the other one from Science. I mean he’s a little on the quiet side but he’s quite cute in his nerd glasses. But then again……
NCguy: (interrupting) So all of you are booked for the big night?
Cguy: needless to say……
PG: Well, need I answer that? (coy smile)
SG: No way am I wasting precious time looking lovesick and all decorated for another person. There are things to do.
Cgirl: (avoiding Ncguy’s eyes) Well, I’m dateless.
Ncguy: so how about I book you?
PG: Oooh…..how sweet of you…..
Cgirl: Well….(shy look then looking at brother) hey, don’t you have something to buy? Come on!
C girl drags brother off stage leaving the rest looking after them.
SG: What’s with her? Anyway, lunch?
All chorus yes except PG
PG: Not joining you guys today. I’ve got somewhere to go, someone to meet.
SG: Sure, whatever.

Scene 2: Party girl’s real self (Pse)

Party girl walks in, behaving totally defeated (body language) and thus totally different from what we saw earlier. She starts asking why her social life is non existant and how everybody must hate her etc. She picks up the phone and one by one, she realises that her friends are either out or busy or the phone line is engaged. Just then her sister enters and tries to borrow her sweater or something. A quarrel could ensue (how about it Pse?). Feeling like shit, she forces herself to throw up before deciding that she can’t be such a loser, that she’s sure some guys will spend the night with her etc. (By the way, I dunno where to add the part where she talks about how she’s gonna dump her boyfriend one week. Could add it with the argument with sister or something. Sorry Pse. You gotta figure it out) Then she leaves for some club somewhere.

PG’s room or some semblance of a living quarter.

PG walks in, puts down shopping bags and pulls out a dress and tries it on, enjoying the feel of it. Then she picks up the phone and starts dialling.

PG: Hello, can I speak to Kelvin pls? (pause) Oh, ok…..it’s ok. I’ll call back later. (puts down phone then pauses) Who needs you anyway? (picks up phone again) Hello, is Samuel in? (pause) I see. It’s ok.

Goes on for a while then she starts throwing her tantrum, and hence her picture perfect image.
PG: What’s wrong with everyone? Where is everyone when I need them? (picks the clothes up from the bags and starts throwing them around) Where are my friends? (sits down heavily) Does everyone hate me? Why?!
While she’s fuming, her sister walks in.
Sis: Hey, I need to borrow that blue sweater you bought that day.
PG: Leave me alone would you?
Sis: Ok, leave me out of your grouchiness, your highness, but I just want to borrow that sweater. I’ve a party at night.
PG: Oh great, you telling me you have a party! Fine, insult me! I don’t have a life? No one wants me at their parties!
Sis: What’s the matter with you? Your royal highness is not happy? Go get one of those adoring fans of yours to vent your anger on, I’m not in the mood.
PG: Then you can forget about that sweater!
Sis: You know what your problem is? You’re extremely afraid of commitment, and why’s that you ask? Maybe because you know you are not that perfect after all. What would one of your fans think if they saw you like this? Or better still, what if they saw you puking at the toilet? Don’t think I don’t know, I hear you every evening after dinner, throwing up in the toilet, and going at it again in the morning. You know, you are just plain mean when it comes to guys. Do you really delight in leaving men’s broken hearts in your trail? Let me guess, you over that guy you met last week at Zouk? He got too sincere for comfort?
PG: That’s not fair! I didn’t ask them to fall in love with me!
Sis: yeah, well, then why do you act like you want them to? (pause) Forget the sweater, I don’t need it. (leaves)
PG sits and quietly comtemplates what has just gone through.
PG: No I’m not going to sit here and mope. I’ll find a party, I’ll find people who’ll want to talk to me, I’ll find someone…..
Lights dim.

Scene 3: Christian girl’s dilemma (Dmn)

Christian girl is doing her QT on one side of the stage and her brother with his girlfriend is all lovey-dovey on the other side. They are oblivious to her but she occasionally turns to them in envy, reference, etc. She just can’t understand why she can’t be with Non Christian guy cos he’s smart, sporty…etc, the overall good guy, just that he’s not Christian. (In this scene you gotta establish more of Non Christian guy’s personality and how they’ve been liking each other for a while now. They also know that the other person likes them back but he’s advancing and she’s retreating and she doesn’t want to and he’s hurting cos he don’t understand why she’s doing this.) At the end of the scene, she just ends with ‘God, I’m tired. I not going to struggle with this anymore’ so issue is not resolved.

Scene 3 (Christian girl’s dilemma)

Characters:              Christian guy (Gb)
                                Christian guy’s gf
                                Christian girl (Pm)
                                Non-Christian guy (Ian)

[Gb and gf at SR, watching TV and snacking. Quite lovey-dovey, feeding each other, giggling, and stuff.]

lights cross-fade to SL

[Ian on SL, waiting for his friends to go for soccer practice. Pm enters from SL. Ian and Pm eyes meet. Become self-conscious.]

Ian: Er, hi Pm.

Pm: Hi.

[Silence. Both dunno how to react, what to say.]

Together: Ian: You going home?
                     Pm: You going for soccer practice?

Together: Ian: Yeah.
                     Pm: Yes.

Ian: How’s your brother?

Pm: He’s fine.

[Silence. Another awkward moment]

Ian: [notices Hamlet, the book Pm’s carrying] You doing Hamlet for Lit?

Pm: Yeah.[Gets carried away talking abt her fave lit character] Hamlet’s just such an amazing character, you know! Gosh, the stuff that he thinks about is just mind-boggling! “What IS this quintessence of dust?” I feel as if I can almost[suddenly notices she’s talking too much]….opps, sorry…am I babbling?

Ian: [Slight laugh] No, not at all…I feel the same way about Hamlet. He IS a complex character. Say, have you watched the Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet? It just open last Thursday in the cinemas.

Pm: [Cautiously] Nope, I haven’t…

Ian: Do you wanna catch it this weekend? That is, if you’re free…

Pm: [internal struggle] I would love to…..but, er…I’ve got 2 assignments due on Monday…

Ian: [Senses her reluctance] Oh, alright. Some other time, perhaps?

Pm: Yeah, sure. [smiles] Er…I really have to go. It was nice talking to you.

Ian: Yeah, I er…I’m glad you walked by this way….ahem, tell your brother I said hi.

Pm: Sure, bye! [Walks off towards SR]

Ian: See you soon. [softly] I hope….

Lights cross-fade to SR just as Pm walk into the living room. She sits down on the couch with Gb and Gf.

Gb: Hey Pm, you’re back!

Pm: Hi gor, hi (gf’s name).

Gf: Hi Pm!

Gb: [concerned] Are you alright? You don’t look very well…

Pm: I’m fine, just tired…lotsa tutorials to do….[suddenly remembers] oh yah, Ian said hi. I, er, bumped into on my way home.

Gb: Ian? Oh, ok…you take it easy, don’t stress!

[Pm shuts her eyes and rest. Gb and Gf continue watching TV, giggling and behaving lovey-dovey. After a while, Pm looks at them, and gets sadder. Finally, she gets up to go to her room. Gb and Gf so absorbed in each other they didn’t see her go.]

[Pm walks to SL, her room. Throws her stuff on the floor. Slowly walks towards her bible, takes her bible and does her QT on some cushions/beanbag]

Pm: God, why? Why can’t I have someone to love….like gor and (gf’s name)? They are so happy together….I feel so lonely….why do I have to turn him down again? I really like him….why can’t I go out with him? [sighs] yah, he’s not Christian…..but he IS a nice guy! We have so much in common! He seems to understand me. We could connect….he’s smart…he’s in the school soccer team…he loves Hamlet….and he like me back….so why?? If you really have someone else in mind for me, how come I can’t find another Christian guy who’s like Ian?? God if you really loved me you would want me to be happy, right? So why am I now so miserable obeying your word? [starts flipping thru the bible] “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength. This is the first and greatest commandment”…..[thinks for a moment, then flips again, more desperately]  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”….[flips again, even more desperately, crying tears of frustration] “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”….but Lord, Ian IS the desire of my heart! I’m so tired of this. I’ve been struggling so hard….i’m sick of it, Lord, I’m sick of struggling so hard. [closes bible]

Lights fade.

Scene 4: Stressed girl (Pse)

Stressed girl is busy with work or something. Her sibling asks her questions and she snaps at him/her. A while later her parents ask her if she’s alright but she also snaps at them. They start nagging at her about her rudeness, but she snaps even more. Then they give up and leave. After working for a while more, she stops and looks at the space where her parents were, in disappointment. She starts to go ‘why do they do this all the time? I want to honour them, work hard for them. Instead of encouraging me, they condemn my attitude. Don’t I do enough? I’m trying so hard to get ourselves out of this hovel..(blah blah)’ Scene ends with ‘why am I doing all this?’ (just suggestions….feel free to change the angsty parts. Whatever.)

SG’s room, table with papers and book cluttered….or could be neat since she’s a perfectionist.

SG crouched over table, absorbed in reading book. After a while, brother/sister comes in.
Bro/sis: Hey Einstein, solve this for me. (puts book on table, expecting SG to work on it)
SG: Get it out of my way, I’m not free.
Bro/sis: Aww, come on sis. Just one question.
SG: Just leave me alone ok?
Bro/sis: Fine…..(sticks tongue out and leaves)
After a while, mother comes in.
Mother: What’s this I hear about you being rude to your bro/sis?
SG: Ma, I’m busy. I’ve got some things to do so get out ok.
Mother: Is that how you talk to your mother? Get out?
SG: Ma, you are really interrupting me. I’m trying to study.
Mother: Oh I see, you are getting smarter, attending university now, but you still haven’t learnt anything about being civilised
Father comes in just as SG says….
SG: Ma, just go away ok.
Father: Is that how you talk to you mother?
Mother: Yeah, I was in the surgery for 6 hours trying to give birth to her, and now she tells me to go away.
Father: That was very rude, (name). Apologise now.
SG: Well, I’m sorry. Happy?
Father: I don’t understand you anymore. I spent so much money bringing you up, providing for your needs and trying to provide the best for you and giving you this chance at education, and all you learn is to be more rude to your parents, is that it? You’re such a waste of my money. (leaves)
Mother: There, I hope you are happy, you made your father angry. He works so hard to make sure you are comfortable and you are able to study in the university. It’s not cheap to study in the uni ok……
SG: I know Ma.
Mother: Then show it. Don’t disappoint your father. (leaves)
SG: (looks despairingly at space where parents were/ at the door when mother left) What do you think I’m doing? I’m studying! I’m working hard! How can you say I’m wasting your money! I’m studying! Don’t you appreciate that at all? Don’t you appreciate the fact I bring back good report cards all the time? Don’t you ever remember me being first in my class all the way since Primary school? Why do you always overlook my good to criticise my bad? Why am I doing all these then? What does this mean? Why? Why am I doing all these?

Lights dim

Scene 5: Druggie and Party girl meet at club (Pse)

Party girl flirts with every guy in the room. Druggie is in a corner watching her, probably drinking or popping pills or both. She could be drinking stuff some guys offer her. Then she reaches the end of the room where he is. Could establish that she’s always been intrigued by his silence and attracted to his attitude. While she’s doing that the rest of the party could fade off or something. So by now both are either drunk or very high, then they start to make out. We could show him unzipping her dress and her taking out his belt slowly until the light fades. (Pse, I asked Freida about this, she’s okay. But Violet is the one in charge of the scripting so gotta check with her. And gotta check with actors oso. See how first.)

Party scene, loud music and lotsa pple. Druggie in a corner of room.
Probably a comic relief scene since the previous scenes are quite heavy, emotionally charged.

DJ appears behind the table (acting as a booth)
DJ: Yo yo yo! Gather round people cos TJ’s in the house! Listen up people cos TJ’s in the house. Who’s in the house? (pple echo “TJ!”) Yo who? (echo again!) alright funky dudes and dudettes, let’s party this night away! (and whatever funny stuff that can be done. The creative juices usually flow during rehearsals)
PG enters and adjusts her dress. She puts on a smile purposely and starts mingling with the people. Guys flock to her and she’s getting really high with socialising with them. Druggie notices her and follows her with his eyes.
DJ continue doing his funny stuff to entertain crowd
Then after a while, getting a little tipsy, PG stumbles onto druggie guy.

Scene 6: Druggie’s home situation (Mrn)

He enters with guilt written all over his face and tons of stuff on his mind. The first thing he hears is his parents quarrelling…as usual. This time it’s about the affair and his mother accusing his father of sleeping with the secretary, which he obviously denies. He tries to ignore it for a while, then they start to turn on him, asking where he went and why he looks so smashed and all. He finally blows up at them, yelling at his mother for being such a slut (toy boy), his father for being such a weak dick (avoids problems by hiding behind work) both of them for being irresponsible (don’t care if he lives or dies and only talking to him about their problems and never talking about his) and trying to control his life when they can’t even control their own. He storms to a corner, possibly slamming some things around and starting to drink again. They fall into shock for awhile then start to fight over who was a more responsible parent. This happens for a while until he passes out.

Slight change
Parents are onstage having dinner. Angry, uncomfortable silence,(actors take note) when they talk, they don’t talk to each other but at each other.

Mother: Could you please pass the salt dear?
(Father passes her the salt without looking at her. Mother looks fed up at his lack of response. Just then Druggie stumbles in full of problems, alcohol and probably drugs)
Mother: Hello son. Why are you so late?
(He ignores her and just slumps in the seat looking very troubled. She goes to get a plate for him)
Father: I’ll be home late tomorrow.
Mother: Again! Why do you always have to work so late? (starts clearing his plates and hers)
Father: I’m busy at work okay? I need to secure this million dollar deal this week and obviously it will take more time because it’s more important.
Mother: Yes of course. Everything is important to you. Everything but this family.
Father: The family IS important to me, that’s why I work so hard.
Mother: (Slams the plates on the table) Yah on the table with your secretary. (practically spiting it out) Don’t think I don’t know what you are really doing in the office!
Father: what the hell are you talking about. What about you?
Mother: What? What about me? Don’t try to shift the blame on me because you can’t defend yourself. That’s what you do so well isn’t it?
Father: What about that man….no. That boy you are spending all your time and all MY money on. What about you and him?
Mother: We..e..ll….at least I’m not hiding it. Unlike you.
Father: I’m not hiding anything!
(druggie has been trying to ignore this all the while. But now he’s fed up with it all)
Druggie: Shut up. Both of you!! Why do you have to quarrel every minute, every second of the day? What’s wrong with you? You find it fun?
Father: Son you don’t understand……
Druggie: You’re damn right I don’t understand. Mom’s having an affair and what do you do? All you know is to spend all your time hiding in your office. Go ahead. Drown yourself in your office and go on feeding that…that sucker…that leech! You can’t even compete with A BOY for your very own wife! What kind of a weak freak are you? And you call yourself a man?
(mother has a half smug, half upset kind of look. Druggie turns to face his mother.)
Druggie: And what are you looking all smug about, you slut? What kind of a sick paedophile are you anyway? That guy is…what? 20? 25? He’s probably less than half your age! What do you think you’re doing? Trying to feel what its like screwing your own son? Huh?
(mother has a half smug, half upset kind of look. Druggie turns to face his mother.)
Druggie: And what are you looking all smug about, you slut? What kind of a sick paedophile are you anyway? That guy is…what? 20? 25? He’s probably less than half your age! What do you think you’re doing? Trying to feel what its like screwing your own son? Huh?
(mother slaps him)
Mother: Watch your words young man! Don’t you start to disrespect your parents!
Druggie: (cynical laugh)Disrespect? Have you ever given me a reason to respect you? Stop trying to control my life! You can’t even control your own?
(slams something down, and storms to a corner where he drinks until he passes out. In the meantime, his parents start to fight over who ought to have been more responsible.)

Scene 7: Druggie confronts Party girl (Pse)

Party girl and stressed girl are doing a project with one or two classmates. They are kind of having fun and joking and all, although you can see that party girl also has things on her mind. Druggie appears behind Party girl and classmate sees him, and teases her about the guy staring at her with a lovelorn look. She turns around and her expression changes. He comes nearer and tries to talk to her but she completely ignores him. Classmates have started feeling uncomfortable. After a few attempts he gets frustrated and leaves. Then stressed girl asks Party girl what she is doing with a guy like him and why she stooped to such a level, knowing that he’s bad news and all. Party girl reacts violently. Classmates excuse themselves and leave. Both girls hardly notice. A huge argument ensues. Stressed girl tells party girl that she’s wasting her life with all these guys and that she’s no longer just a social butterfly, but she’s earning the reputation of a slut, that people around are gossiping and concluding that she sleeps around with all the guys she dates that’s why they dump her etc. Party girl suffers a full blown attack, then she accuses Stressed girl of being perfectionist, not just in her work but also in her expectations of people, and for being judgemental, ‘holier than thou’, and that all she’s probably trying to get is her mummy’s approval but obviously she’s not getting it. And no wonder, cos she’s such a pain, snapping at everybody around her. Who would want a daughter like that? Party girl leaves in fury and stressed girl is left alone, breaking down totally.

School scene, party girl, stressed girl and classmate doing project

SG: So how much of the readings have you covered?
Classmate: Huh, a lot. (a little sissified?)
SG: well, define a lot.
Classmate: A lot loh. Aiyah, I got read lah. You relax can? Working with you like working with my army sergeant. (saluting and speaking in different manly voice)Yes sir! No sir! 15 pages sir! Reporting for project duty at 1400 hours sir!
SG: stop it. I’m not that tyrannical
Classmate: No sir! Not tyrannical sir, just unreasonable, sir!
SG: What! (laughs in spite of herself) Am I unreasonable, PG?
PG: (distracted) huh?
SG: Down 10 private, for not paying attention to your tyrannical master chief. (druggie enters)
Classmate: wah sey, now master chief ah? (suddenly stops as he noticed druggie) Eh…master chief, you got admirer leh.
SG: What?
Classmate: There, that guy there.
SG: Oh please. NO way. God forbids.
Classmate: why leh? He quite cute what? Or maybe he looking for PG….ey, got some guy looking at you ah.
PG: Who? (noticed druggie and looks away almost instantly)
Classmate: Orh….I know already….that one your boyfriend rite? Then you quarrel rite? Aiyah, quarrel only, don’t so petty lah. He looks sorry already. Aiyoh, now coming closer somemore.
PG adjusts uncomfortably in her seat.
Druggie: PG, can I talk to you?
PG: There’s nothing to talk about. Go away and leave me alone.
Classmate: Aiyah……he already…….
Druggie: (firmer voice) PG, pls. We need to talk.
PG stares into space, her face rigid and cold. Classmate and Sg looks uncomfortable.
Druggie: PG……about that night……
PG: Shut up and go away ok!!!!!!!!!!!
Druggie got the message and left, hurt and confused.
SG: what’s that all about?
PG: None of your business.
SG: Well, and I’m glad. Wouldn’t want to be involved in someone else’s business, esp with someone like that. (points in the direction druggie left) I mean you are so wasting your time and your life. And I can’t believe you would stoop so low to actually be with someone like him. I mean he’s all messed up with his life, and you are going to head in that direction if you don’t watch yourself.
PG: What do you mean I’m stooping so low? There’s nothing between me and him alright? Don’t point those dirty accusing fingers at me now.
Classmate: Err…I think ah…I think ah….I think I better go huh….(creeps out quietly)
SG: dirty fingers? Oh look, the pot’s calling the kettle black! Who do you think you are? Some social butterfly that flits from one guy to another? Some picture perfect, prim and proper little lady who’s out to charm the pants off the guys. Oh, wait, that’s right! The pants did come off! You don’t know what people are saying about Little Miss Pretty are you? They are calling you a slut! Wait, slut is actually a nicer term to replace the other terms they have used against you. They say you are just outright cheap, entangling guys in your nets and then getting them to sleep with you and then you are done with them you just get rid of them. Is that why you have problems getting dates recently? Maybe you ought to read up on your own scandals!
PG: Stop it! Stop it! You just enjoy delivering that speech don’t you? Makes you feel good huh? Makes you feel high and mighty huh? Miss Perfectionist! This world isn’t just created for you only, take a hint? Who do you think you are, throwing out all that high and mighty accusations against me! This world isn’t perfect so live with it! And you are no better, who are you to judge? Who are you to set the standards to which I should or should not live? In case you didn’t realise, you seem to have set the standard for everyone around you, which is why people cannot stand being around you because you are just such a cynic, and walking around with that ‘holier than thou’ attitude, snapping at everyone who fails at your standard of perfection. I’m surprised your parents lived through this with you? Or are they not? Are they sick and tired of you already? Is mummy dearest disapproving of your character? Maybe you would like to start living for a greater cause than just grades!
SG: You have no right to throw that at me as well!
PG: Well, I’m sick and tired of talking to you. Go live your own perfect and lonely life! (leaves)

Sg sits there, looking pale and extremely shaken at the argument, at how much truth if carried and how much sense it made.

Scene 8: Non Christian guy and Christian girl get together (Dmn)

Christian girl is sitting by herself in school doing her work or something. Non Christian guy kind of barges in and stops at the table, saying ‘I need to talk to you’. She tries to leave but he physically stops her and confronts her with why she’s avoiding him. She knows he likes her and he knows she likes him, and what can he do to make her accept him. She doesn’t say anything. Then he gets all emotional and tells her about how he can’t sleep or eat just thinking about her etc. Then she says finally how much she likes him and somehow they get together. (Dmn, please work this out in a super non-cheesy and non-cliché way. Dunno how but we know you can do it)
Scene 8  (Non-Christian guy and Christian girl get together)

Characters:              Christian girl (Pm)
                                Non-Christian guy (Ian)

[Pm is trying to do her homework, but is very distracted. She gives up after trying to concentrate for a while. Finally, she goes back to try and do her work. Ian enters and walks straight towards Pm, in a confrontational way.]

Ian: Pm, I need to talk to you. [plonks down next to her]

Pm: [shocked] Wha…? [starts to pack her stuff] I can’t talk now. I have to go, I have a tutorial…[starts to walk off]

Ian: [grabs her arm] No, Pm, I REALLY need to talk. NOW. It’s driving me crazy, I need to get it off my chest.

[Pm gingerly sits down, feeling very uncomfortable.]

Ian: Why are you avoiding me? You would walk the other way just to avoid walking past me, and you don’t study at the usual corner in the library anymore. I really thought we had something going on….that day, when we bumped into each other before my soccer practice…our conversation…it felt…special….so tell, me, have I been reading too much into things, or was there nothing going on at all? That’s all I’ve been thinking about these days…I can’t even bring myself to do my work…

Pm: I …I’m sorry…I didn’t know….[sighs]

Ian: Look at me, Pm. Ok, this is it. The thing is, I like you, Pm. I need to know if you feel the same.

Pm: [Takes a deep breath] I …I feel the same way, Ian. I like you too. I’ve been thinking about you a lot the past few days too. The reason why I was avoiding you was because I didn’t know how to handle this. The problem is, I’m a Christian, and you’re not. But I like you a lot, but I didn’t want to go against my religion.

Ian: Why would religion be a problem? Look, it’s no problem you know. I mean, I’m not gonna stop you from going to church or anything…you can still hang out with your church friends and all…I’m no barbarian, you know.

Pm: [Smiles] Yeah, cos I know….

Ian: So was that the only reason why you were avoiding me? [jokingly]Not because my breath stinks or I have body odour, or cos of this bad haircut?

Pm: [Laughs] Nope! In fact, I kinda like the haircut….
Ian: You do? But seriously, now that we’ve gotten this cleared and we know how we feel about each other …[takes a deep breath] Would you be my girlfriend?

Pm: [stunned for a moment] Huh? So fast ah?

Ian: Haha, fast? What do you wanna wait for? An auspicious date and a candlelight dinner preceding the Big Question is it?

Pm: No….but I sure don’t mind the candlelight dinner part!

Ian: Oh, you don’t do you? That can be arranged….come, I thought you said you were late for your tutorial? Let me walk you there.

[Ian takes Pm’s books for her and the two of them walk off stage as lights fade. Just before they’re out of view from the audience, Ian reaches out to hold Pm’s hand.]

Scene 9: Christain guy and Christian girl fight (Mrn)

(Actually I wrote the scene already. If you want the synopsis or whatever, just mail me and give comments also thanks!)

Both siblings are lounging around, on preferably some semblance of home furniture. The phone rings, both get up to pick it but Guy picks it up first cos he’s nearer.

Guy: Hello?(chirpily and chattily)….Yes?…Yah she’s here. Why?(expression changes to one of slight puzzlement) ….oh…(looks at sister who is desperately trying to cover up her impatience, with slight look of suspicion) erm…ok, yah hold on.

Girl: (pretending to be non-chalant) Hello? Yah. (looks guiltily at Guy who is still watching her, then turns away) mmmm…I think my brother wants to talk to me about something. I’ll see you tomorrow at the usual place. Ok? Bye….hmm? (smile creeps onto her face) yah you too….bye. (hangs up and tries to ignore brother, heading towards her room)

Guy: Stop. (a slight pissed off look on his face)

Girl: Huh? (stops)

Guy: What is going on?

Girl: What? Nothing. (heads to room again)

Guy: Come here come here…

Girl: knows she’s caught cos he will never let her go. Walks over to Guy and sits down) Better make this quick. I still got tutorials to do by tomorrow.

Guy: (gives her a “stop trying to avoid this” look) what is going on between you and him?

Girl: Huh?

Guy: Don’t try to act blur. I know something is going on. I can sense it

Girl: Oh. Er… really?

Guy: (This is going nowhere) Does he like you?

Girl: (Resigned) Yes

Guy: Do you like him?

Girl: (wanting to die or disappear, avoiding his gaze) Yes

Guy: Are you together? (hoping it’s a no)

Girl: (pauses, then nods her head)

Guy: (stunned) What? (long pause then speaking quietly) Why are you with him?……you know you’re not supposed to. He’s not Christian.

Girl: I know.

Guy: Then?

Girl: Then what?

Guy: What do you mean then what? Why are you with him?

Girl: Because I want to. Because I like him, and because he likes me. (getting increasingly agitated) Because I want somebody to love me the way I am. Why else do people get attached? What do you have against me getting a boyfriend? You think you are the only one entitled to a relationship? I am entitled to one too!

Guy: But….

Girl: That’s right. You’re right…you’re always right.  You always know best, you always do the right things. Why? What is it that you do that I don’t? I go to church, I serve, so what makes you better than me? The fact that you’re a guy? That you’re so much smarter than me? That you’re older? Is that it? I’m immature so I can’t make my own decisions right? So I’m younger, I know less, and I’m stupid……

Guy: What are you talking about? The point here is why are you with him? Do you know in the first place why you shouldn’t be with a non Christian guy?

Girl: No I don’t. Your ignorant little sister doesn’t know a thing…

Guy: Look. There will be problems okay. Problems that you can’t foresee because…

Girl: Problems! What makes you so sure that I can’t handle my own problems? You are not going to be there forever to protect your helpless, defenceless sister you know? Let me grow up. Let me handle my own life. Daddy and mummy can give you, the scholar, all their attention and all their approval. Cos you know what? I don’t care! I don’t need your disapproval or your advice, or your nose in my life. So butt out! (realises what she just did, stares in a stunned ‘what have I done’ look on her face before hurriedly picking up her things and rushing into her room(right) and slamming the door.)
Guy: Why can’t you just understand? I don’t want to see you hurt. Don’t you know? Different perspectives of God will lead to….(sigh)….you’ll see. (exit left)

Girl: (sits brokenly on the floor) God, no…. Lord I don’t believe this…where did I go wrong? What did I do wrong? (continues talking as she opens the Bible and starts praying)… …..no. It will work out. I’ll make it work out…. somehow….

Scene10: Breakup (Dmn)

Christian girl and Non Christian guy are seen on stage, talking on the phone on opposite ends. Guy complains that girl never goes to watch him practice anymore. Girl tries to explain that she had prayer meeting last Friday night and cell group on Saturday nights. He accuses her of not caring about him and his social image. What would his friends think when they see that his girlfriend abandons him when he goes partying with them every Saturday night? She gets upset because she felt that she’d sacrificed enough by not going out with her church friends anymore, and serving less in church so that she could go out with him after service on Sunday afternoons. He thinks that she doesn’t love him enough and demands that she comes out now. Transition takes place as they walk to the centre of the stage, acting as if they just met. She’s in a bad mood cos she feels he’s unreasonable and he’s in a bad mood cos he doesn’t understand why she can’t as a girlfriend spend a little of her time with him. After all, they hadn’t seen each other in 3 days. He starts being sarcastic to her about how some people feel that relationships can be built on the phone etc. She gets fed up and accuses him of being selfish. He retorts, accusing her of being insensitive and not being there when he needs her, e.g. when he did badly at practice and just needed somebody to talk to..etc. So she goes ‘You just don’t get it do you? If you can’t understand what my God means to me, then maybe you can’t understand me.’ So he’s all, ‘Yeah. Maybe I don’t understand. Maybe I don’t even want to understand how you can let something so trivial get in the way of us being together.’ She gets pissed by this and breaks up with him. (Dmn, please work out a rather drama but not too cheesy ending to the scene…make it heart breaking for the audience to watch oso)

Scene 10 (Christian girl and non-Christian guy break up)

Characters:              Christian girl (Pm)
                                Christian guy (Gb)
                                Non-Christian guy (Ian)

[Pm in her room on SL. Ian in his room on SR. They’re talking to each other on the phone. Voices are heard first. Lights slowly fade up. Pm is apologetic at first, but gradually becomes exasperated. Ian uses an accusing tone, but can see that he’s genuinely hurt. Ego bruised.]

Pm: It wasn’t that I didn’t want to come to your soccer practice…I told you I had cell group, and I can’t possible miss it again, since I’ve already missed it last week to…

Ian: So now you’re blaming me for making you miss your darn cell group lah?

Pm: It’s not that I’m blaming you, it’s just that..

Ian: Look, I’m just upset that you weren’t around that day when I really needed someone to be there, to talk to. I mean, it was really a rotten day, and the coach yelled t me in front of everyone…I just felt so low…

Pm: I told you I’m sorry! What else you do want me to do?!

Ian: And you weren’t even at home when I tried to call you after my practice….

Pm: I had to spend time with my cell group mates ok! I’ve barely spent time with them since…[stops herself] I haven’t spent time with them for a long time.

Ian: Are you kidding? A long time? You spend more time with them then you do with me! Whenever I ask you to go out with my friends on Saturday nights you’re always not free…

Pm: You know I don’t like those kinda places! The smoke, the loud music…

Ian: What THAT kinda places?! You make it sound as though they’re some kinda…

Pm: Ok, look. This is not going anywhere. Can we meet up to talk about this? we’ll meet at the usual place in about half hour ok? We take this time to cool down.

Ian: Ok.

[They hang up the phone. Ian buries his head in his hands, looks up, sighs and leave. Lights cross-fade to CS. Pm slowly puts down the phone. Stares into space and thinks. Gb knocks and comes into her room.]
Gb: Hey Pm, are you alright? I haven’t spoken to you in a while. I was passing by your room and I heard…er…I just thought I’d come in to see how you’re doing.

Pm: [makes an effort to smile] Thanks, gor…I’m ok. I can’t really talk now. I have an appointment. [starts to go get her bag and leave.]

Gb: Ok. But er…if you ever need someone to talk to, I’ll be here, ok?

Pm: [Nods] Thanks. [starts to walk out of room. Just before she leaves the room, she turn around] thanks for caring. [smiles. Leaves the room and walks into spot at CS]

[Ian is sitting on bench at CS already. Face lights up as he sees Pm. Stands up and walks towards her. Pm slowly walks towards bench and sits down]

Ian: Hey Pm, I’m sorry for blowing up at you…you’re right, the journey here did give me a chance to cool down to think things through, and I just think that…I just think that I’ve been a jerk.

Pm: Ian, you don’t have to apologize. I’ve been thinking about us and our few weeks together a lot. I really do like you, but I really think that this is just not working out.

Ian: What? But I ….

Pm: Ian, you just hear me out first can?

[Ian nods]

Pm: I think as much as we like each other, we are just too different. We have different ideals in life, different goals. For me, my relationship with my God means a lot to me. And for you, soccer and your friends are your priorities. Ever since we got together, though I’m happy whenever I’m with you, it’s changing some parts of my life that I don’t wish to see change. I have to serve less in church and skip some cell group sessions and prayer meetings to go out with you. And these things mean much more to me than you’ll ever know. I’m not saying it’s your fault. I wanted to do it too, cos I wanted to spend time with you. But after I’ve thought a lot about it, I realized that this is really not what I want to see in my life. I thought I could make a compromise, but I’m beginning to see how right my brother was, and that it’s impossible. I have to make a choice between my God and you….and I’m sorry…I .. I’m sorry that it’s gonna be my God. [looks away]

Ian: So this is a break up huh? Why? I’m sure there’s another way out…I’m sorry for acting like a jerk and causing you to miss church and stuff. It’s just cos I really wanna spend time with you, talk to you…but really, we can work this out. We can always meet less, so you’ll have more time to spend with your church friends, and…

Pm: Ian, I’ve made up my mind. I’m… I’m sorry.
[gets up to leave. Can see that she’s trying to stop herself from crying.]
Ian: [desperately] But Pm….[Pm continues walking offstage] Pm!

[Ian sinks down into bench and is really crushed.]

Scene11: Advice (Mrn)

See Druggie and Christian guy talking. Establish that druggie and Christian guy have been primary school friends but both took different routes to turn out differently. Druggie is desperate. He’s afraid that party girl is pregnant and wants to talk to her and apologise to her but she is totally ignoring him. Christian guy dishes out some advice then Non Christian guy shows up and asks what’s going on with Christian girl. Complains abut her attitude, how little attention she is paying him, starts to be a little insecure and wonders why she sometimes seems to be shunning him. Must establish his self-centeredness and bad temper. Christian guy tells him that its all because of different views of God and proceeds to tell him what God is to her and himself, sharing Christ. (make it in a non-clichéd way.) Both PRC, druggie cos he got nothing else that can help him, Non Christian guy cos he felt no peace, cos of the innate fear that all can be taken away, and that when he dies or even grows old, it will all become a memory, dust, worthless. He wants something stable to anchor to and sees Christ as it.

Pre-scene interlude. Voice over in the darkness.
Druggie: hello.
Christian girl: hello
D: Can I speak to Gbriel please.
C: Hold on.
Gbriel: hello…..hello?
D: hey.
G: hey watsup?
D:….u free?
G: why? You ok?
D: I need to talk.
G: when and where?
D: now….usual place
G: ok. See you there.
Scene starts. Both Ian and Gbriel sitting at a corner of the stage. Maybe a few beer cans or bottles. Both quiet. Then,…
Ian: Have you ever felt as if the whole world is falling apart, like you’re walking along the road and you keep stepping into puddles of mud. And the more you walk the deeper you go…and the deeper you go, the more you cannot get out, until…..sigh. (drinks)
Gbriel: What’s going on? You seem even more moody then usual, these days. You ok?
Ian: I think Diana is in trouble and I got her into it.
Gbriel: Trouble? What kind of trou….(looks confused)….oh no. You…did you…?
Ian: Spit it out alright?!….(totally troubled, doesn’t know how to say it). I…I…I think she’s…she may be…pregnant.
Ian: I know ok? I’m a terrible bastard. I…I can’t control my…don’t disapprove of me now! I need help! You’re the only one I can turn to. In fact, you are the only one that I’ve ever talked to.  Don’t…turn away now…please…
Gbriel: WHAT! Wait…wait…are you sure, I mean why? Oh my…(gasp) When did this happen?
Ian: I…I don’t know…it just happened…I know I shouldn’t have but it…it just…happened. I….I really don’t…
Gbriel: So what are you going to do now? Does anyone else know?
Ian: I..don’t know! If I knew would I be here asking for advice??…You are the only one who knows…I swear. You…you would never screw up like me. What is it that you do that makes your life so perfect anyway! Why…why is it that I got stuck with lousy parents who can’t take care of their own lives? Why didn’t they just kill me before I was born? Then I wouldn’t even be here to get into all this…(punches something)
Gbriel: You know that my life was similar to yours since we got to know each other in primary five. I really hated my parents for fighting everyday…beating me and each other up? How I had to protect my sister? Remember, that’s how we stuck together for so long, because no one could understand us?
Ian: Yeah. We used to get into so much trouble together…(cynical laugh) and here I am getting into trouble all over again.
Gbriel: Have you talked to her yet?
Ian: No. She’s avoiding me. Every time she sees me she’ll pretend I’m invisible and then ignore me totally.
Gbriel: I think that…
Non Christian guy enters
NC: hey.
Les n Gb: Hey.
NC: You guys…talking about something serious?
Ian: N..no..not really. Just about..stuff.
Gbriel: yeah? Watsup?
NC: Gbriel, you’re just the guy I want to see. There’s something I need to ask you…does your sister like anyone..or was she…with anyone? I mean other than me?
Gbriel: You… you think my sister two-timed you??
NC: N..nevermind I’m sorry. I just…
Gbriel: No wait. Wh..whatever made you think that?
NC: I..it seemed like she was trying to avoid me. I mean, she’s always got so many things to do and meetings to attend and she’s always going to church even when it’s not a Sunday. I…I don’t get it. How could she expect to be in a relationship with someone that she couldn’t spend time with? Did she even like me in the first place? Or was she just in for the ride? Or did she have someone else?
Gbriel: There was someone else, but it’s not what you think. You see, she actually thinks she’s made a big enough sacrifice for you, but she didn’t want to compromise the time she wanted to spend on God either.
NC: God? What’s God got to do with this?
Gbriel: everything. You see, the one that you were fighting against for her attention was God Himself. You see, God to her, and to me is like our father, brother and best friend rolled into one. He’s so close to us that life actually starts to become heavy and difficult when we stop making the effort to spend time with Him. We will start to miss out the company of the best possible counsellor, advisor, comforter, listening ear, encourager… the list goes on. Basically, she knew that it would be difficult trying to split the little time she had between the both of you, but she tried anyway, thinking that it was worth it. But I guess she just couldn’t cope.
NC: And so I have to suffer because of this?
Gbriel: I dunno. God means the world to me, but that doesn’t mean that I necessarily know or understand why He does the things He does. After all, He is the creator. He has a right to keep us in the dark if He chooses to or when we won’t listen anyway.
NC: What kind of a god is this? If he exists, why can’t He make us understand or just make things right in the first place? So things won’t ever have to turn out bad or painful. And why did he give us the ability to fall in love if it’s not supposed to happen?
Gbriel: …I can’t give you any answers. It’s not like I know everything. All I know is that if God didn’t give us a choice, we’d be in a prison. And God wouldn’t be a loving father. He’d just be a kind-hearted prison-keeper.
Ian: (having been thoughtful all the while) How can I actually talk to this God? Do you think He will even bother with me? I think I need all the support and advice I can get.
Gbriel: Yah. Talk to Him. I’m sure He’ll be glad to listen.
NC: ugh. Even you are starting to talk about religion. And I thought you were tough. Why can’t you handle your own life without dragging notions of God and the devil into it? These are just excuses for personal failure. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. In the end all will turn to nothing. Just live life the best way you can and make a name for yourself. That is the only way you can last beyond death…That’s it. I’m sorry I asked but this is really what I don’t want to hear right now. Not after Pmela….see you guys.
(NC leaves. Short pause)
Ian: You really think God will want to hear me talk?
Gbriel: Yah. Of course. In fact…(whips out 4SL  and starts sharing. Lights fade)

Scene 12: Quiet Time (Mrn)

Stressed girl and Christian girl are doing quiet time simultaneously. Both are pouring out their problems to God, asking Him why he let them suffer so much. Then as they read the Bible or pray or something, they have some revelation and repent for not trusting that he wants to give them the best. Finally, they will understand that for Christian girl, God loves her and that’s all that matters, and for Stressed girl, that he has a wonderful plan for her life and no matter how much or how little she does, she is loved by God and her parents as being the daughter that she is. Possibly some mother daughter scene a bit after that.

(lights will go on before each person speaks and after each ends. One on each side of the stage. Lights on  May Ann. She takes out a Bible and some QT material, slowly wipes the dust off it and fingering the pages, slowly turns the pages of the Bible. Lights down.
Lights on Pmela. She’s crying and looking at Ncguy’s photo. Then she puts it aside and picks up her Bible. A bit hesitantly, she opens it. Lights down.)

MQ: God, I know I haven’t been talking to you or listening for a pretty long time. Lord, I don’t understand. I study hard, I try so hard to please them but…

Pmela: Lord, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been trying to avoid You. I guess I knew I just wasn’t your will. But I don’t understand. Why is it that everybody, all the people I know has somebody who loves them so much but…

MQ: Lord, I try so hard. I never disappoint them. But I’m never good enough. My brother, he’s so playful…so blur. Yet he’s okay and I’m never good enough. What does it take for me to become the perfect daughter that they want? I don’t get it.

Pmela: I guess I’m just not good enough to deserve someone who loves me, isn’t it?  Rebelling against Your will, you must be so mad at me. I’m sorry Lord. I guess I probably deserve to suffer for this.

MQ: God, I need to hear your voice. They always say that you can always talk to God anytime and hear His voice if you listen hard enough. Please let me hear you. (looks into Bible and reads)

Pmela: Lord. If you would, Lord, teach me. Help me to understand why all this has happened. What’s wrong with me? (reads Bible)

MQ: Galatians 3:3. Have I really been doing that? But if I don’t make the effort, how am I supposed to get things done?
Pmela: Galatians 5: 1. Free? How can I be free from burden if I feel so alone? And all that pain in my heart…God, what do you mean?

MQ: Isaiah 40:29-31. but God how am I supposed to hope in You? I don’t understand. And what am I supposed to do if not to work hard in everything that I do?

Pmela: Isaiah 41:13. you’ll take me through this? But I know that you said ‘no’ from the start. And I disobeyed you. What am I supposed to do? What do you want me to do?

MQ: Luke 10:38-42….Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her. That’s true Lord. I guess I’ve been running around, trying to do too many things, trying to please my parents and to please You. And I’ve forgotten how to sit at your feet just to listen to you and rest in your presence. I’ve forgotten that I could even do that. But Lord, I still have so many things….

Pmela: 1 Corinthians 2:9. alright Lord. I know.  (flip the Bible as you talk) You’ve told me before, but I guess I was just too impatient…Ecclesiastes 3:11. yes Lord. I guess I must just trust that You have something good in store for me.

MQ: 1 Corinthians:16-17. yeah Lord. Now I see what went wrong. I guess when I tried to do so much, I was also abusing the body that you’ve given me. All those migraines, loss of appetite, sleepless nights….I was vandalising your temple wasn’t I? But I want to do my best. How can I not be stressed and worried?

Pmela: Luke 10: 27(first part)….is that all you want me to do?  But Lord, how? What do you mean? How do I love you with all that I have? I don’t understand.

MQ: Proverbs 3:5-6. trust in you? Yeah. I guess I never learnt to trust in anybody. Never believed that anybody can do the job as well as I could. My way. It was always my way and nobody else’s. So what do you want me to do?

Pmela: Proverbs 3:5-6. trust in you? Yeah. You’re right. I guess it was not impatience that caused me to rebel, but the fact that I didn’t trust that you’d give me somebody or that you’d guide me towards the things that you know are best for me. Never trusted that you could really love me as much as you say you do. How can I make it up to you?
(lights up on both)

MQ Be still and know that I am God?
Pmela: Be still and know that I am God?

MQ: I finally understand. Ok Lord. I’ll try. You know, I’m not used to it, and I may forget, but I’ll try.

Pmela: Alright. I hope I can do it Lord. I’ll need you to help me to hang in there. I need you to remind me that you do have something and someone prepared for me, in your time.
(both get up and leave the stage, picking up their Bibles with them)

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