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vendredi, février 28, 2003


{*} Attempt at finishing first draft of thesis by Saturday (i.e. tmrw) is failing fast.

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jeudi, février 27, 2003


{*} YAY!

http://www.recklessfaith.com is up! :)

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{*} Something to chew on...

What makes you think human beings are sentient and aware? There's no evidence for it. Human beings never think for themselves, they find it too uncomfortable. For the most part, members of our species simply repeat what they are told - and become upset if they are exposed to any different view. The characteristic human trait is not awareness but conformity, and the characteristic result is religious warfare. Other animals fight for territory or food; but, uniquely in the animal kingdom, human beings fight for their 'beliefs'...we are stubborn, self-destructive conformists. Any other view of our species is just a self-congratulatory delusion.


{*} And Vic got asked this question:

"So did you do a factorial analysis to test the loading of your questions in relation to your construct?"

Am I glad I'm not fooling about with spss now...

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mercredi, février 26, 2003


{*} Acute (a-cute! a-keewt!) burst of cutting and pasting of very required information has resulted in a suddenly very bloated thesis of 7207 words. Very bizarre.

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mardi, février 25, 2003


{*} My advice for the people who intend to watch Chicago...

If you've watched the musical when it came to Singapore, don't bother watching the movie. If you do, the only thing worth watching is a surprisingly nimble Richard Gere prancing around in his underwear. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger are... alright. Passable. In my opinion, the (broadway) show wasn't translated into the film medium well enough - I'm tempted to say that the broadway medium doesn't translate to film well, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here...

If you've NOT watched the musical, then by all means please go watch it! It's fun enough.

{*} An unsuspecting victi.... I mean interviewee actually emailed me back to say:

"Sure. Would be fun."

Uh-huh, you asked for it! :)

{*} Exciting newsflash of the day- I've just registered for a domain!


It's not up yet coz I haven't paid the moolah yet, but soon!

{*} Random trivia for the day:

Did you know that penguins live in the South Pole and Polar Bears in the North?

Which means that any cartoon which shows polar bears talking to penguins is wrong!
Funky huh?

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{*} Slight panic occurring after the reception of this email from one of the selected 25:

Hi May Ann,

I would like inform you that The e-ASEAN Task Force has been came to the end of its term since 31 December 2002.

The Task Force is now been dissolved.

A new body will be formed later and resume the similar role but only consist of Private sector as the advisory body to the ASEAN.

This puts a kink in the works. (!!!!!)

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{*} I think an Irish Richard Gere with closely-cropped white hair is kinda sexy. Am I sick?

{*} Went to see the sinseh today. She didn't do anything much, mentioned that a muscle was probably out of alignment, massaged the heck out of my hand while trying to push the muscle back; told me that I should study all the way and become a buo shi since I can study etc etc etc. Told me also to make sure that I practised writing words using pen and paper since everyone seems to have chicken scratch for writing since the advent of the computer. (I tend to agree with her.) Oh, and also told me that I should use a stress ball whenever I stopped typing, just to exercise my hand a little. Well... okay.

In any case, the hand's a little better today; still in the makeshift splint I made for it (yes, it's pathetic, but what can I say? I'm pathetic!) - thanks for the SMSes, calls, prayers, tsk-tsks and other sympathetic noises.

{*} CDs I want but never seem to get around to buying (and anyway I already have half of the album downloaded into my harddisk):
Annie Lennox's Medusa and Diva albums
Her slower songs get me all introspective and stuff. Love the old (and new!) Eurythmics stuff too - guess I'm an 80s disco girl after all, what with my preference for a spot of Wham! now and then too. :)

{*} Current Music:
Annie Lennox - Downtown Lights

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lundi, février 24, 2003


{*} YAY! Tagboard's up and running!

See the left column for my tagboard! :)

{*} And will all my final year friends PLEASE remember to register for commencement? Please?

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dimanche, février 23, 2003


{*} Kris is positively fuming over the lousy ending that Pullman pulled at the end of the His Dark Materials trilogy, and I can totally emphatise why. Should I be sorry that I introduced the books to you? So sorry about the agony... but I totally lost it too at the last few chapters when I realised what was going to happen (when the book turned to the language of inevitability when those daemons went to talk to the Serafina Pekkala)... cried my eyes out - and then once again when I read the ending again... Mary Malone played the Serpent because she was the one who told them about love and how to Fall; in the book all that was Biblically "bad" (like the Fall) is "good" because the Biblical concepts are totally inverted... which is why instead of a Monarchy, they need to build the democracy of a Republic...

Don't worry about not understanding it though, I am personally of the opinion that Pullman screwed the last book up - he introduced too many new characters into the book, killed too many old ones, varied too many myths that we hold canonical - any one of these would be alright, but he went and used all, hence overkill and confusion for us. Just try to enjoy it, yeah? They do get to ghost-meet each other in the botanic gardens once a year on midsummer's day... which is small consolation of course, but that's better than nothing, don't you think? Argh, I hate it too. *sniff.* Console yourself with the red bikini. :)

{*} Current music:

Dave Matthews Band, Satellite

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{*} It's been four days that I've stayed off the 24-7 computer routine that I sort of developed when the brainstorms for my thesis hit me, and yet my right hand still hurts. I've narrowed the problem down to my right index finger - I can bend all the others without any problem, but I get a pulling sensation when I bend my index finger. I've rubbed deep heat into the back of my palm (while watching Harrison Ford save the world from evil Khazakstanian terrorists), splinted my finger (with a pen and two hair-rubber bands no less!) and am currently typing with nine fingers.

To those who've expressed concern (yes estee, the things I do for the sake of academia...), prayed for me and my poor hand, told me to go and see the sinseh, offered to send me to the sinseh, recommended accupuncture and all sorts of other scary treatments, stayed on the phone with me for four hours to prevent me from doing any work on my thesis (you know who you are)... thanks. A lot.

{*} On the other hand (pun fully intended), although the work on the thesis has been considerably slowed down due to this debilitating illness (ha.) that I have, I'm still very excited about writing my thesis - which is unusual, given everyone's constant groaning and moaning about the writing. I suppose everyone is sort of still excited about their thesis, but I guess it's the writing and the analysis now that's giving everyone a headache (and me a handache).

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samedi, février 22, 2003


{*} my hand hurts so bad that i am using my left hand to type and boy, am i pissing myself off.
so slow.

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vendredi, février 21, 2003


{*} The Lysistrata Project Singapore

About The Lysistrata Project

The Lysistrata Project is a worldwide theatrical event, bringing theatre artists together in cities all around the world for a communal expression of concern for our globe on the brink of war. Actors, directors, writers, designers and arts administrators in each of the 38 countries involved will gather on the 3rd of March 2003 to mount 605 pure or semi-dramatised readings of Aristophanes� 411 B.C. hit comedy Lysistrata.

In this riotous Greek comedy, the women of Athens decide to put an end to the Peloponnesian War by abstaining from sex with their husbands until a peace treaty is signed. A play of biting social relevance in ancient Athens, Lysistrata is no less poignant today.

And Singapore's going to be doing it in ZOUK on Monday, 03 March 2003 - that's right, 030303. There'll be two readings, one at 730pm, and another at 10pm. Admission is free, but you really should donate to the charity that's going to be there... probably the Red Cross. Visit the website and see lah.

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Jamus Jerome Lim is my hero. Not only did he agree to the interview, he said that if the answers were too long to type out, we could arrange a phone call interview - and he's in the USA!!!

Where's the logic in that? Two NUS professors turn me down, and one guy from the USA says yes! Hello?

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jeudi, février 20, 2003


{*} I have been typing so much that my right hand hurts. My mother says it's RSI - Repetitive Stress Injury. My personal doctor (hey jian yi!) says I have to rest.

{*} I saw a few wierd things today:

A man being hit by a car.

Not too badly, but still, he was hit. The lady (yes, it was a lady driver) looked equal amounts of pissed and distraught.

A car crossing two lanes, cutting in front of my bus, trying to charge into a slip road leading to Balestier Road, ALL IN THE SPACE OF 5 METRES.

He didn't make it (the slip road, I mean.)

Mad woman on the bus.

So I'm taking the bus home, standing in a transisland bus because there's no room. This lady presses the bell and starts to alight when the bus stops. This other lady suddenly stands up, says "B*TCH! YOU B*TCH!" in a really loud voice and hits the glass panel of the bus' open alighting doors before sitting down again. Bizzaro.

Guiness Stout ad in TODAY:

bet she's got a boyfriend
you can do it
he's 6'5"
you can do it
he's a psycho
you can do it

you can when you believe [guinness].

I'm going "what?"

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{*} Jose Tongzon is off to explore the world for three weeks and has declined an interview, Simon Tay worded a terse reply:

i study asean and was the main editor for that book
but i am no expert on e asean
why not try the author of the chapter on technology
> (whom I am going to try) or the ida

and Jamus Jerome Lim has not replied.

{*} On the other hand, I spent the WHOLE of yesterday emailing ALL the delegates to the e-ASEAN task force - and let me tell you, even my net skills were put to the test. See the people on this list? 25, that's right, TWENTY-FIVE people I emailed with careful words yesterday, most with unique email contents.

What does this mean, you say? It means that I spent the better part of yesterday:
1. Tracking down these people through either their individual ministries from their country websites,
2. Formulating email that would flatter and request for interviews at the same time.

Tracking these people down was a monumental task. Especially the ones from the countries who have different languages than us. I go to a website, and it's in (let's say) Thai. I click on the "english" tab to change the page to english. Fine. Everything works. English usage is a little funky, but hey, it's a foreign language to them, so I can understand. I go to the search engine to look for a particular ministry, or a particular person. I click "send" to process my request, and the search engine returns my search results....

in Thai.

Then I have to contend with some of these people being shifted about ministries here and there, so one day they can be in the postal department, the next, they're the head of the Ministry of Communications. It was very hard on poor ol' me, yes it was...

Some people I found off totally unrelated websites - like their university alumni websites, or some non-governmental organisation's websites. Made me wonder about the whole notion of privacy - I mean, I don't know these people, and I'm not likely to meet them EVER (I think), and yet I can gain direct access to their mailbox. Freaky.

{*} Out of those 25 emails I sent out, I got four bad email addresses which bounced back (but two of which somehow got through despite the bounce - one of those vagaries of technology that everyone finds wierd), and (as of now-now-now kinda now -tm mayee-), I have THREE YES RESPONSES! One from the Philippines, and two from Vietnam! Hip hip hooray for my three interviewees!!! PTL!

Mr. George Lim, Senior Vice President, Philippine Long Distance and Telephone Corporation,

Mr. Nguyen Huu, Deputy Director-General Chief of Electronic Commerce Department , Ministry of Trade, Vietnam, and

Mr. Trieu Minh Long, Manager of International Cooperation Division of Science-Technology and International Cooperations Department - Dep't General of Posts and Telecoms Department of General Posts and Telecoms, Vietnam.

I know, that last one's a mouthful huh?

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mercredi, février 19, 2003


{*} * G U L P *.

I've just asked for interviews with Jose Tongzon (NUS Econs lecturer, author of "The Economies of Southeast Asia: Before and After the Crisis"), Simon Tay (Associate Law Professor, with the scary initials LLB (NUS), LLM (Harv), Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore), co-editor of "A New ASEAN in a New Millennium"), and Jamus Jerome Lim (co-editor of the blue book you see featured on the left side of this blog.)

I'll probably behave like a blithering idiot, fumbling with my notes and mumbling through my stuffed nose as I take notes with bad handwriting. This, of couse, is my attempt to jinx the possibility of it actually happening to me. I'll keep you posted on whether the utterance worked.

It never rains, it always pours.

{*} Thesis update:

3660 words for chapter 1, and a skeletal structure.

Well, waddya know.

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mardi, février 18, 2003


{*} Hip hip hooray for Opera!

They're taking a stand and fighting against microsoft scum!

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lundi, février 17, 2003


{*} Oh my, it's true, Fuzzy!

Google's taking over the world!

{*} Also, calling all TECHNOPHOBES.

My friend Julian is looking for people who DON'T download and/or stream audio clips (MP3s lah) for his thesis experiment. If you're a luddite, please help him by contacting him.

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{*} Do I have anything to post today?

*thinks for a bit*


That makes two days with nothing to post. Have I stopped thinking or what?

{*} On the other hand, I'm writing my thesis.
From 987 words this morning, to 3115 words tonight, and still counting.
Can I be just a wittle itty bit proud of myself? Not even just a little?

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samedi, février 15, 2003


{*} My dad's take on the SMU vs NTU/NUS issue:

"...of course their students see things from a different perspective.
They're all upside down."

My dad, of course, is from NIE.

{*} I'm featured as one of Fuzzy's friends!

I'm a Fren of Fuzz!

I hold my statue of the penguin proudly, and take my place beside Nurul on the red carpet.

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{*} The height of self-reflexity must be listening to Better Than Ezra's I Do.


Someone out there's listening to the same song
Feeling the same way that I do

Always makes me wonder if someone out there's listening it too. And singing along with me.

{*} On PDAs*:

Today, I took the 96 into school, and sat behind this couple whose faces were about 3 inches apart. Which is all fine and dandy, no crime in that. Then.

She pinched his nose and wiggled it about, whispering something to him.
He pinched her nose and wiggled it about, whispering something to her as she giggled.
She pinched his cheek and cooed to him.
He pinched her cheek and cooed to her.

Of course, by this time, I wanted to bash their heads into each other.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor sings Murder on the Bus Floor...

*PDA = Public Displays of Affection.

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Shows I wanna watch currently: (but will probably end up not watching anyway)
Final Destination 2
My Lucky Star - it's chinese! but the title looks offbeat enough for a laugh.
They - this is a horror flick, and GV doesn't seem to list it anymore. I suspect it's fallen into the growing category of "shows I wanted to watch, but was too busy being a nerd in the library/computer labs to bother".

Stuff that will be coming out soon, and I think I want to watch:
The Hot Chick - I'm not too sure about this one, I think I saw a trailer on it that looked interesting, but I wasn't paying much attention. If it's going to be some kind of Adam Sandler-isque show, then maybe not.
Lord of the Rings 3: The Return Of The King - Oh yeah sure, it's only going to come out in like, November or December (by which time I would have chosen a road to tread on for the first faltering steps into my new life), but hey, I'm definitely going to watch this one, nerd or no nerd. They can upgrade all libraries to look like the library@esplanade, but I'm still going to watch this show!

For the people who have been asking me what happened to me on Thursday, I'm working on a form of storytelling which won't cause me much grief as I recall the incident. Thanks for asking; the nauseating feeling of being tainted will pass.

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vendredi, février 14, 2003


Yesterday was a good day. Yessiree. Mostest Excellent.

Happy Valentines', everyone. Hope you guys feel infinitely better than I do at the moment.

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jeudi, février 13, 2003


Current thesis word count (including all sorts of other junkets which seriously needs filtering) : 2788.

Actual words which I will probably keep and use : 1110.

Not too bad, considering I just switched topics two weeks ago, and am currently suffering from self-diagnosed anthrax poisoning.

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mercredi, février 12, 2003


Thanks to katze, I now know there's a book called We Blog. How truly alarming. More fodder for my newly-acquired obsession. (or as MasterOfPain69 (tm) put it, my reason for existence.)

People send me links via ICQ, and I totally agree with m3dia - it's amazing what people do when they have the time. First,"I Want A Fat Babe". Then, Total Annihilation.

On a relatively same note, here's a piece of bad fiction, pulled from archives of conversations between keewt and me on icq:

"On reflection, Angela perceived that her relationship with Tom
had always been rocky, not quite a roller-coaster ride but more
like when the toilet- paper roll gets a little squashed so it hangs
crooked and every time you pull some off you can hear the rest
going bumpity-bumpity in its holder until you go nuts and push it
back into shape, a degree of annoyance that Angela had now
almost attained."

Maybe I should think about renaming this site (already?!) CrookedToiletPaper.

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Heh... BlueStars just left a note on my Xanga blog telling me not to be so philosophical and just read her blog. How nice of her.

And I just spoke to MasterOfPain69 (tm), looking for help on distinguishing between passive voice and active voice... and (amidst telling me that illness was extremely attractive in the 18th Century), he told me he could finish his thesis in a few days (albeit non-satisfactorily). I should be afraid. Very afraid.

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lean mean driving machine

This spoils the whole look of my page, but will you
just look at your baby in carbon blue instead, Willis!

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mardi, février 11, 2003


Woo hoo! Another day, more school, haven't done ANY Philo readings in two weeks... amazing huh? I never thought I'd see the day where I would be two weeks behind my readings AND STILL not plan for a day to catch up on them. But gosh... computer ethics? Morality? It's all too confusing... I find myself taking the stance of Deism(? is that the right term, Dr. Nuyen?).

I mean, if you don't have a base-line to start arguing from, then how are you going to measure anything?

On a good note; Reddy said that if Karmakaze doesn't allow us any leeway in the contract negotiations, we can stop negotiating with him, and REDDY will be our client. No money of course, but hey, no more dealing with this total bleephole of a guy. Bah. Maybe Vic and I can do up the ICM website, but that would sort of leave some people in the lurch, which isn't a very nice thing to do, I guess. Especially not since they were sort of "conned" by grreddyfreddybeddie (tm nurul) coz they did ask him if a working knowledge of HTML and graphic design was required, and he said it wasn't (when it really is).

Hi mokkie! *waves*

And Eh-durh-leene has just called my blog "keewt"! I think I like that word much better than its mommy.

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Gosh. I love my blog. I can't believe it just took half a day to set up. And with me coding in the html with the css and all. Granted, it was made supremely easier with Dreamweaver's F12 function to preview stuff, Yahoo Geocities for hosting the other pages and the guestbook, and (hmmph) backblog for offering free comment tags. Don't worry backblog people, you'll be out of the doghouse in a week or so.

But I'm so proud of it anyway! Seems silly huh? I guess I got lost somewhere in the whole anti-instant-gratification movement without realising that sometimes, instantaneous results are supremely satisfying.

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Hmm. backblog's back. But I'm still leaving my guestbook where it stands. Just in case.

Dognabit! Now I've gone and made m3dia think about migrating servers... oops... but then again, he's the one who started me on this blog thing... :)

Don't give up, m3dia! We can't have the likes of B getting an honours degree and you don't! C'mon! That would so reinforce the idea that being good don't count for nuthin'! I can't take it... people try to explain it all the time with Christianity and stuff, and sometimes I believe, but sometimes when it comes to things like the greedy greddy project, I really start to wonder if there's any virtue in being good, besides wanting to have friends...

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lundi, février 10, 2003

 So much for backblog

Allllriiiiiiiiiighty then. No comments available?

Hmmph. So much for backblog.

[So much for backblog]
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Where the heck is BACKBLOG?! The only justification I can think of for blogging is the comments that come along with it!!! Where is my comments provider?!?!


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Oh bother. I've just realised that I've not done ANY work all day from 10:44am when I woke up. It's 8:39pm now. I am such a bum.

Time for emergency measures to be taken - I have to switch off poor lil' ol' Fujitsu here for a while so that I can at least finish Networked Readiness.

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Heh. Have decided to link straight to sherycrow.com. I hope she doesn't mind. Whatever the case, I'll switch to my own image hosting later on; this is only a stopgap measure.


Libellés :

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Well d'oh! Silly me. No remote linking due to the zillions of ebay users who have been linking sites like nobody's business (or rather, like everybody's business). Oh well, will wait till tomorrow then.

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Alright, I think enough is enough. I'm going to stop work on this blog till I know for sure that Singnet will allow me to host stuff on their servers, then maybe I can get my stuff in one place, but still using blogger. Just that Singnet takes one day to remove my data off their servers, and probably another three days to put stuff on it or something... bah. And only 2mb for all my trouble.

Will probably still post more later. Helooooo everyone! *waves*

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Hmm. It seems like blogger doesn't like to show images off geocities webspace... perhaps I'm just being paranoid, but I got the same response from xanga... after a few refreshes, the pictures linked refused to load, even though I know for a fact that they're there.


Hmm. Just uploaded the files again, and there she appears again. Must think of migrating soon; all this switching servers thing is quite enough to make one go slightly dotty.

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This is WAAAAY TOO COOL! Am I a nerd or what? I got the comments thingy working (thanks to Backblog, and am dancing in the aisles. Well, metaphorically, at least.

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Goodness. I wanted to put up something so people could post comments to me, but Rate Your Music is no longer accepting new subscribers! Whatever will I do??

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Bargh... I'm DEFINITELY migrating to my own server soon. It would make things so much simpler if I could host my own images and stuff.

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Suddenly am highly excited about this blogging business - mainly because I wanted to fool around with the formatting of the page and stuff, and was forced to stare at some html to do it - and suddenly, CSS made a whole lot of sense! I suppose Java class did help me (Mr. Yuan Bo, where are you now?!?), what with all the "class definitions" and stuff (how non-computer science people do learn how to do this is seriously beyond me!), but hey man! I dig the lingo!

This page is still undergoing some construction, and I'm trying to get my own server space to do more stuff like this, so if things look a little funky, please just keep reading and well... stay tuned for the next revamp! It's a lot like the pre-adolescent daemons of Pullman's Dark Materials - the page won't settle down in a definite shape till I'm ready to.

Back to staring at HTML!

And Julian's trying to persuade me that I've got Ricin Poisoning... "flu-like symptoms", he types. "Very telling."

Oh well. At least if I die I don't need to write my thesis.

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 Bye Bye Xanga

Excellent. Got sick of Xanga.com being all closed and stuff - everyone had to be registered with Xanga to post. It's so frustrating not to have people from the great unknown be able to post on your blog! Bah. So here is what I've posted so far... -

Sunday, February 09, 2003 9:20 AM
Oh bother. Keep forgetting that I want to take part in the ISC Wings Of Excellence competition. Need to write an essay on Seeking Responses in Times Of Uncertainty. How can I write an essay about that now?

Sunday, February 09, 2003 6:06 AM
Hmm... I just "found" two other people (other than m3dia) who are from icm and are also on Xanga blogs. I read them, and got to thinking (in a drug-induced haze, mind you) about the whole notion of blogging and privacy.

What prompted this thought? Well, I guess blogs are like online diaries of a sort - semi-private entries to yourself and to people around the world. So as you post your thoughts and feelings online, you're "exposed" in the sense that all your thoughts are published on the net for the whole wide world to see, and there can be no mistaking what you're feeling (unless you write in some sort of obscure language, or your prose is really convoluted, sort of like Judith Butler's prose). And yet you're still sort of "shielded" from censureship (not censorship) because you're hidden in the anonymity that the 'net provides.

But what happens if someone you know in the real world reads your blog online? Like me reading BlueStars and Babymentos's blogs? I know them from real life, but we're not close-close in the sense that we hang out together outside of class time. And now as I read their blogs, I feel that I'm invading their privacy, and that I should really stop reading because it's really none of my business. I don't blog; have never blogged before this, so I don't know how blog protocol works... maybe Nurul knows...

Anyway, back to the issue - I'm not close-close with BlueStars and Babymentos, and I feel that the stuff that they're posting is too personal for someone like me to read, especially since I know them in real life. What should I do? What sort of computer ethical morality bullshit should I apply here? I guess there's nothing else to do but ask them... it might sound stupid and all academic-like of me, but I do think that these are philosophical questions worth asking:

1) Should I stop reading their blogs because I know them in real life?

2) But they post their blogs with the full knowledge that everyone can read their thoughts online, so aren't I "covered" under this blog-clause?

On a totally different track, front page of The Sunday Times - most Singaporeans (apart from NS men and people in the military service) don't care about the terrorism risk in Singapore. D'uh! If national policy and politics are going to be top-down where you don't bother to engage the people, then of course they're just gonna not bother about anything that's important! You tell people from the birth of the nation that "the government will take care of you, don't worry", and now you want them to take an interest? You can't have your cake and eat it too! People won't bother if you've got them in a nice "I'll just think about myself and about how to attain the 5Cs, thank you very much" rut.

Hmm. Anyhows. Back to Networked Readiness from the Harvard International Development Institute. Or something like that.

Sunday, February 09, 2003 4:09 AM
and yes! my second blog entry! amazing! i never thought this would come to pass...

on the minus side, I'M SICK! I think it might be the combination of butter-lemon chicken from Swensens' and my total b*tching about the Greddy project situation... whatever it is, my head is pounding and everything aches... very painful just listening to my fingers clicking on the keyboard...

hey there! julz has left me a comment... haha...yep, time to b*tchb*tchb*tch about anything and everything... hopefully not too much, since my body seems to have an adverse reaction to it.

Gonna go away now to stuff my body with h20 and other dangerous sounding pills...

Saturday, February 08, 2003 6:00 AM
hey there baby! new new new blog to rant and rave all to myself... or not.

what's on today? nothing much... spent a truckload of money, banked in my savings and hongbao money, and am now late for Nagoya prayer meeting at Jiamin's place. I so don't feel like going, but Chiharu, Masami and Kengo are there. Bother.

thesis state: currently working on Networked Readiness Levels framework for comparing ASEAN countries... the rankings are as follows:

1. Singapore (duhhhh...)
2. Malaysia
3. Thailand
4. Philippines
5. Indonesia
6. Vietnam

Countries not in the "with IT" club (haha, can't believe I'm so witty huh?) are: Brunei, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. See the pattern? No money, no webby.

Should eat dinner soon. Have sore throat from eating Swensen's fried stuff at Thomson Plaza just now. Can't believe that my tolerance for fried stuff is now so low.

Other work than thesis? Hope that Carmazzi suffers from TTSICMSITA syndrome - Trying To Screw ICM Students In The Ass syndrome - you get a whole load of pain, and leave with a painful feeling up your own ass.

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