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lundi, avril 28, 2003


{*} I'm a monster.



Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

Perhaps I should pick better tests.

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 Love at 7-11 / The Sea

{*} Well, Love at 7-11 was sold out - sorry to the scores of people who wanted to see it... my bad.

{*} The Sea - It was good. Really good. Film Fest rux!

Review by some guy on rottentomatoes.com:

by Kevin N. Laforest, Montreal Film Journal
Rating: FRESH

A day in the life of a spectacularly dysfunctional family, Baltasar Kormakur's follow-up to "101 Reykjavik" is unpredictable to say the least. It starts with a bang but soon settles into an almost boringly low-key drama about how an old man, whose fishing and processing company has been holding together a small Iceland village, is being bullied into selling his fish quotas to a big corporation by his own son. As we meet the rest of the family, each member quirkier than the next, "The Sea" shifts to a bittersweet but comedic tone, before ultimately escalating into over-the-top melodrama drenched in alcohol, unhealthy sexual urges and old grudges bursting out. This makes for a wildly unbalanced film, hardly subtle but intense.

[Love at 7-11 / The Sea]
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dimanche, avril 27, 2003


{*} New term for the month: Hasbians.
According to my friend,
anyway, hasbians is a term to describe lesbians who've decided to fall in love with men n start a relationship with men. interesting huh! well, some might turn heterosexual but others juz remain as bisexual.

{*} Movie reviews today:-

Today 4pm Film Fest: A Tree of Palme
PG narration: sweet story about relationships, regrets, and letting go.
R(A) narration: pre-pubescent love, love between a human and an android, Oedipal complexes galore, wierd phallic-looking objects everywhere... need I say "Jap movie"?

It was pretty nice - I really didn't expect the show to be put together so well, considering that it was (1) a film fest show, and (2) a film fest show Japanese cartoon. I was thinking it would probably be some badly-stitched together plot with the occasional good CGI segment, but it was surprisingly good - and lengthy: 2.5 hours! A little dense though - a lot of characters, and a lot of sub-plots... I was sitting mortified that they would just white-out and write "The End" at the most inappropriate places - which would be very typical of a film fest film actually...

Can you watch it? Nope, most film fest shows only show once. (there are some exceptions, but most of them show only once.)

A Tree of Palme

Today 945pm Orchard Cineleisure: Willard
Rating: All we like sheep, go Baaaa-aaaa-aaa-aaad.
General mood is very Addams Family meets Harry Potter, plus a bit of Dark City, if you've actually watched that obscure film. Willard's actually okay, but it just went a little psychotic and too dark in the end... I would have preferred a different ending, but that's just me. Don't watch it. It tries to be scary, but is pretty much... not.

Non-creepy Crispin

Tmrw: Love at 7-11 at 7pm, and The Sea at 915pm. Akan datang!

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jeudi, avril 24, 2003


{*} Well, that's it for me. Ending school on a really really really bad note really sucks. but well...no more school, no more books, no more teachers' angry looks. With nowhere else to turn but the Real World, no one else to run to but God.

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mercredi, avril 23, 2003


{*} ohmigoshI'mgoingtofailphilo.

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mardi, avril 22, 2003


{*} The good news : one exam down! One left to go!
The bad : my head really hurts and I don't want to study anymore for the day, which leaves me only one day to study for philo! Should I risk it? It's open book, and I'm confirmed not going to get an A...

{*} Oh, and today, a like totally wierd thing happened after the DigiMediaMgt paper. Azhar, Nurul, Yenling, Shan and I were waiting for the lift (lazy bums that we are) to go up to the 5th floor, to walk to the canteen. We wait, the lift opens, and there's someone inside. She takes one look at us, covers her mouth and nose with her hand, and runs out of the lift. Azhar was markedly not amused. WTF?!?

{*} This, of course, after the excitement over an extremely hot Shan. 38.4 degrees celsius. You go grrrrrl! *wolf-whistle* :-)

{*} Following the ten-day closure of the Pasir Panjang vegetable wholesale market thanks to the SARs scare, my mom is thinking of hoeing our garden a little, reclaiming this little overrun patch of grass which used to function as my "science corner" in primary school, to plant vegetables. When told, ICM buddies told me to plant Japanese Occupation crops - sweet potato, tapioca, yam. I think my mom and my ICM friends are nuts, but have good points.

Me? I just think they're going to implement martial law soon. (Azhar has offered to fulfil our protein needs by rearing fish (giving up his ornamental ones for the moment), and Vic has offered poultry.) I think the ICM honours class could form a nice commune if we wanted to.

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lundi, avril 21, 2003


{*} Download recommendation: James Taylor The Water is Wide - because my church's choir sang a version of the tune and reminded me again why it's one of the most beautiful songs I love.

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{*} This week has not been a good week for cards.

My matriculation card - the very same one which I was bequeathed with on that matriculation day not-so-far-yet-so-long ago - just went belly-up and died on me. No more borrowing of books just before the library closes. No more zapping notes on a whim. It just...died. Pleading with it, begging it to come to life again and resurrect itself ("...oh come on, for crying out loud, not even in the spirit and in honour of Easter?"), using an eraser to clean the not-so-smart smart chip did absolutely nothing to restore the once-efficient life I led with the power of this card.

Oh woe was my life the day that I found out! The pain of being separated from the infinitesimal joy of possibilities afforded to me by the magical card... gone, just like that! Which books to borrow, which books to zap, should I get coffee by the vending machine - these essential life-defining questions rendered meaningless! Indeed, my very existence in the university called into question with the demise of this primal silicon chip! It was a disMaying and dismal day.

With a heavy heart, I made the trek to the computer centre, where the lady tried her very CPR-best to breathe life into the car(d)cass, but alas! It would not be denied its death. With a heavy heart, I clumsily made arrangements for its burial (and subsequent replacement) and returned to my cold seat in the library.

For two days, I lamented the passing of an era. I bellyached about the sheer irony of it all - a new card in my last week of school? - and bemoaned the unbearable possibility of me receiving the new matriculation card decked out in the new "corporate colours" of the university (oh, the the visual horror of a two-toned white and orange card!) to my friends around me (and to some not around me, thanks to SMS and mobile technology.) What of the faded photograph of me at 19, fresh into the university, the tattered and torn plastic, the dirty brown colour of the card - the Romantic results from four years of the mandatory shoving of this card into various orifices provided by the kind offices of the university?

Bereft of the card during those two frightening days, and finding myself still a card-requiring student, I found myself relying on the kindness of friends - once, discovering I had a missing page in my readings, and needing a to zap a single page, two Primary One classmates (I kid you not!) came to my aid, offering the page on their account. Friends offered their own matriculation cards up for my consumption, assuring me that they (unlike myself) had neither the great desire to be identified by the university, nor the need to be implicated by their central-library reading habits - or lack thereof. But in the midst of this heartwarmth, another gruesome tale to tell:

I borrowed a card from a friend, who for now, shall remain anonymous (though I fear that after this tale has been told, he shall remain anonymous no longer.) Let us say that his name was TE. TE lent me a cashcard, which I felt better at borrowing because it was merely a cashcard, lacking the full institutional implications of a matriculation card. I used this card to zap some readings, during which the card worked fine. Imagine the chagrin I felt at the Digital Library computer cluster when the card took offense at the printing machine! "Card locked", the LCD screen proclaimed the victor of their quarrel to me.

In desperation, I took the card to AS7, my place of refuge during my thesis-crises, asking the uncle there to help me check the card. Strangely enough, it worked on the card-readers and the card top-up machine there, but refused to allow its data to be trespassed upon by any value-deducting machine. Resigned to my fate, I decided to seek a refund for the cashcard on my own time, and get another similarly-valued one to return to TE.

He has not uncovered my deception as of yet.

Two days later, I found myself on the same road back to the computer centre, along the way my mind an elegy for the card which once was. I presented the slip of paper I was given at the time of the original card surrender, and was handed - oh my! - a brand new shiny brown card! No corporate colours, no change in photograph - it was as if the card had been reborn - except that it was clipped on top of the weary cadaver of the old card.

But what of the old card? my reptilian brain Gollum-whispered-asked. It was useless - deformed and no longer functioning. The new card is new, and shiny - look how it gleams enticingly, inviting you to partake of all the pleasuresss it offers, reminding a jaded year four of how things once were.

Yes, the other Smeagol-part of me replied. The old was useless - nothing but a piece of metal-and-plastic trash now. The new card - a breath of freshness during my last week of school - allowing me to relive again, with the hindsight of four university years, those first few moments again more appreciatively.

I walked out of the computer centre smiling gleefully at my new card (because to grin gleefully would invite stares in the Engin faculty), pleased, oh so pleased -

And realised at that moment how very much of a gurl I truly was.

Reacting to the acquisition of a a bright, shiny, new thing, free-of-charge must be a biological reaction in females, my mind compensated for the momentarily loss of my senses. But still I have to plead guilty to the fact that it did wonders to lift my black (okay well, dirty green at least) mood. Clutching my shiny-new-free acquisition, I returned to the library to show it off to everyone who had suffered the two traumatic matric-card-less days with me. Great envy and "maybe-I-should-spoil-my-card-too" comments followed, which increased my guilty pleasure in the new card.

Unfortunately my pleasure only lasted as long as it took for me to take a bus - only to discover that my concession ezlink card was dead too. And just after I had gotten my electronic bus stamp on Monday. Phooey.

{*} Aftermath

I replaced my bus ezlink card today at Buona Vista MRT station without incident - they refunded $48 of my $52 bus stamp, gave me a brighter picture on my card (the current one is awfully dark), and replaced it for free, all within the space of 15 minutes.

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dimanche, avril 20, 2003



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{*} Re: Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. Verdict - not too bad, scenery and costumes were believably grimy, people suitably grubby; naked people all round... a little late and a little long, very bad dubbing, very bad sound, and very very thick accents = demand english subtitles next time.

{*} In the spirit of the little blogging community I am part of:
You are the fox.

Saint Exupery's 'The Little Prince' Quiz.
brought to you by Quizilla

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samedi, avril 19, 2003


{*} ALL RIIIIGHT! Three cheers for me! I've finished the Last Essay Of My Undergraduate Career!

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{*} Tee hee! In an attempt NOT to do the philo essay (or rather, one of the time which I was highly distracted away from the task), I found something I wrote in JC! (Needless to say, full of irritation and angst, and a little euro-centric, but well.)


Our education system
Full of zest
Sets the tests
Trains the best
Dumps the rest

Then the best
Leave the nest
For the west
'Cause they're stres'd

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vendredi, avril 18, 2003


{*} Philo essays suck.

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jeudi, avril 17, 2003


{*} For those who are still confused over the ISC-thing - my personal trip to Europe is cancelled, but fortituously replaced by a free trip to Switzerland.

Since 1989, the 250 students who attend the ISC-Symposium as participants have been selected on the basis of a competition that is posted in more than 600 universities throughout the world. The students elaborate their thoughts on our general topic by means of an essay, video or multimedia show. With regard to the form of their work, participants are given maximum freedom; we look for creative and unconventional ideas that inspire both thought and action.

Competition entries will be judged by an independent jury according, for example, to their originality and professionalism, as well as the feasiblility of entrepreneurial ideas. The 250 best authors will be invited to the ISC-Symposium, where the competition winners will receive the ISC Wings of Excellence Award, worth USD 15,000.- The prize-winners will present their outstanding work to the full assembly. In so doing, they will reinforce the idea of an exchange of thoughts between generations and nations.

The student competition is made possible by close collaboration with Bertelsmann AG and Swiss Reinsurance Company.

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{*} I'm feeling absolutely sentimental about NUS these couple of days. Considering that it's only going to be one more week exactly till I'm out of school, I find myself cataloging stuff - "One of the last times I'll get to [do this] at [this place] with [this person or that]." I thought that I would miss the people more than the places, and I do, but today the 37litterateurs mourned the passing of an era - the demise of The Room, and Banishment of Ban - which led me to think, yeah, I would definitely miss the space in which I tortured myself, spending time with the abusive thesis.

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mercredi, avril 16, 2003


{*} A Myth came true today. Congrats, you! I'm hopelessly excited still, and as giddy as if I were the one on the receiving end.

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lundi, avril 14, 2003


{*} My Film Fest picks:

Country: Italy Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini Apr 18 PG
Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo
Internationally hailed by critics as his masterpiece, Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Gospel According to Matthew is a visually stunning, emotionally stirring interpretation of the life of Christ, based upon the writings of the Apostle Matthew. Pasolini's vision is both deeply religious and determinedly political, with the Messiah portrayed as a peasant outcast, driven by anger at social injustice. Convincing performances by an entirely non-professional cast, impressive cinematography and an inventive use of music, from Bach to Billie Holiday, combine to great effect in this landmark of world cinema.
1964, 137 min

Country: Italy Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini Apr 19 R(A)
I Racconti di Canterbury
The second part of Pasolini's Trilogy of Life is based on the 14th century stories of Geoffrey Chaucer. Plunging with gusto into some of the blackest and bawdiest of the tales, Pasolini celebrates almost every conceivable form of sexual act with a rich, earthy humour and weaves a visual magic that draws on the work of artists such as Breugel and Bosch. A particular delight is the use of a largely British cast, including Hugh Griffith, Jenny Runacre and Tom Baker, while Pasolini himself takes on the part of Chaucer.
1972, 110 min

Country: Finland Director: Aku Louhimies Apr 20 R(A)
Film buff Iiris dreams of romance of the type she sees in old movies, but her efforts at dating are a disaster. When her bohemian mother visits Helsinki and moves into her flat, Iiris seeks sanctuary with a friend, who introduces her to Marko, a film director who can quote from Taxi Driver and speak like Yoda. They move in together, but can a monumental, silver screen-quality romance stand up to the nitty-gritty of real life? With numerous film quotes, Lovers and Leavers is a delightful romp through life on and of screen.
2002, 119 mins

Country: Japan Director: Nakamura Takashi Apr 26 PG
At the base of a huge tree, Fow, an ancient botanist, lives in a hut with a malfunctioning wooden robot named Palme. A wounded warrior arrives at the secluded outpost just ahead of her marauding pursuers, she passes a capsule to Palme and makes him vow to deliver it to Tamas, a world deep underground. Like the Pinocchio myth dragged screaming into a mythical, surreal future, A Tree of Palme explores the meaning of humanity. On his perilous journey, Palme encounters people a lot less mechanical but a lot more soulless than himself. Alarmed by the transience of existence the faithful robot weathers a succession of trials and battles to fulfil his quest.
2001, 136 min

Country: Taiwan Director: Teng Yung-Shing Apr 27 R(A)
LOVE AT 7-11
Escaping her abusive, good for nothing, jailbird boyfriend, Hsiao Feng runs away and takes a job at a 7-11, hoping to settle into a more simple life. The highlight of her day is the daily routine of the disciplined Tsai, a writer, lyricist and filmmaker, who comes in at precisely 10:30 every morning, with the exact amount of change. But her triad-involved ex-boyfriend soon tracks her down and Hsiao Feng finds herself caught up once again in the middle of a tumultuous relationship. Longing for an escape and a chance at true love, she leaves her phone number for Tsai.
2002, 97 min

--- I've got pals to watch Matthew's Gospel, A Tree of Palme and The Canterbury Tales with already, but I want to watch Lovers and Leavers and 7-11 still - let me know if you're interested! :)

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dimanche, avril 13, 2003


{*} Hmmm.

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samedi, avril 12, 2003


{*} Yep, the blog layout's different... I'm getting itchy-fingered now... I should change colour scheme, no?

{*} And I hope that nus doesn't change the examination dates too much... it would just make things a lot messier. Holidays disrupted, international students not being able to go home on time, flights and trips have to be reshuffled etc.

{*} This post is so mundane.

{*} This page is freaky: http://www.burstnet.com. All my audio and video files are listed in some kind of auto-generated html page. I'm still trying to figure out how to do it.

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{*} Quote of the day today:

Socrates: Break time is at four, you get ten minutes. And, although you didn't ask, my brother says the hot new thinker is a guy called Slajov Zizek.

From here.

{*} For Nurul (data-entry momma):

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vendredi, avril 11, 2003


{*} Other Axis of Evil Wannabes by John Cleese

Bitter after being snubbed for membership in the Axis of Evil, Libya, China, and Syria today announced they had formed the "Axis of Just as Evil," which they said would be more evil than that stupid Iran-Iraq- North Korea axis President Bush warned of in his State of the Union address. Axis of Evil members, however, immediately dismissed the new axis as having, for starters, a really dumb name. "Right. They are Just as Evil... in their dreams!" declared North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. "Everybody knows we're the best evils... best at being evil...we're the best."

Diplomats from Syria denied they were jealous over being excluded, although they conceded they did ask if they could join the Axis of Evil. "They told us it was full," said Syrian President Bashar al- Assad.

"An Axis can't have more than three countries," explained Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. "This is not my rule, it's tradition. In World War II you had Germany, Italy, and Japan in the evil Axis. So you can only have three, and a secret handshake. Ours is wicked cool."

International reaction to Bush's Axis of Evil declaration was swift, as within minutes, France surrendered. Elsewhere, peer-conscious nations rushed to gain triumvirate status in what became a game of geopolitical chairs.

Cuba, Sudan, and Serbia said they had formed the Axis of Somewhat Evil, forcing Somalia to join with Uganda and Myanmar in the Axis of Occasionally Evil, while Bulgaria, Indonesia and Russia established the Axis of Not So Much Evil Really As Just Generally Disagreeable.

With the criteria suddenly expanded and all the desirable clubs filling up, Sierra Leone, El Salvador, and Rwanda applied to be called the Axis of Countries That Aren't the Worst But Certainly Won't Be Asked to Host the Olympics.

Canada, Mexico, and Australia formed the Axis of Nations That Are Actually Quite Nice But Secretly Have Some Nasty Thoughts About America, while Scotland, New Zealand and Spain established the Axis of Countries That Be Allowed to Ask Sheep to Wear Lipstick. "That's not a threat, really, just something we like to do," said Scottish Executive First Minister Jack McConnell.

While wondering if the other nations of the world weren't perhaps making fun of him, a cautious Bush granted approval for most axes, although he rejected the establishment of the Axis of Countries Whose Names End in "Guay," accusing one of its members of filing a false application. Officials from Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chadguay denied the charges.

Israel, meanwhile, insisted it didn't want to join any Axis, but privately, world leaders said that's only because no one asked them.

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mardi, avril 08, 2003


{*} Good news, bad news ...

I collected my bound thesis today!

Very Bad Previously-Unnoticed Typo on the first printed page - "2003-2004". D'oh!

Luckily it wasn't on the cover, just the first printed page.

{*} The Europe Saga continues...

ISC has offered to let us all hang around Europe longer by allowing us to request extensions for the air tickets, so yay! And Quantas has agreed to refund me and MayQi's air tickets, so yay again! And today, some guy from the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Council of Singapore emailed all the ISC participants to say congrats and blah blah blah some other stuff, so I've emailed the bunch of the rest to see if anyone's interested in travelling Europe together, so let's hope and pray that God makes it all work out fine too. I'm really excited, and I hope that nothing goes badly (like Switzerland banning Singaporean participants altogether or something.)

{*} No, I don't know where you can get a copy of my poster. :)

{*} And I'm still wading my way through the multitudes of films showing at the film fest.

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samedi, avril 05, 2003


{*} To the question: "What sort of body shop product am I?", http://www.powersugoi.net/quiz/ replies:

You are Unbridled Passionberry Born Lippy or Vitamin E Face Mist
You are sweet and cute. Just the right mix of sensuality and innocence, your good intentions always shine through. You are the kind of friend who really knows how to make it up to someone if you've done something wrong.

Goodness gracious.

{*} And to the question, "What sort of retro pinup girl are you?", the answer:

you have GOT to be kidding me.

You are the classy pin-up! You are everything
sophisticated and refined about the entire era.

You exude class and dignity.

See all possible results here.

I really wonder who comes up with this stuff.

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vendredi, avril 04, 2003


{*} After the post-thesis high, the inevitable has occurred - "I'm bored."

{*} Philosophy essay? What philosophy essay?

{*} For those of you following the saga of my trip, I'm still trying to cancel my ticket to London and get the refund... Keep your fingers crossed for me! Hopefully I can go do my Europe thing all on ISC's account - Colin told me he went to Italy for 3 weeks alone! Exciting stuff.

{*} Film Fest! Anyone going for anything?

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mardi, avril 01, 2003


{*} For the people who matter. Acknowledgements.

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