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dimanche, novembre 30, 2003

 Life sucks

that's it.

[edit - thanks keemin & kris for the words. makes a world of difference. *hugs* ]

[Life sucks]
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vendredi, novembre 28, 2003


And according to the (pastry) gospel according to Laurel, international pastry chef extraordinaire, Conrad Hotel's pastry kitchen is real gross, big time. You go girl, give us the dirt on the dirt. (Hey, if you ever get tired of cooking, you could work for the National Environment Agency checking kitchens ;) )

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 todayFROMwork - (D'uh) Toyota, Part Deux

After having a great lunch with Estee and Mayee today, Mr. Toyota got returned. But not before threatening to NOT START! Woo hoo. Must have been the rain, or the humidity, or a bad hair day for it - I thought that the van was doomed for sure when I tried to start it today! "uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-bfffm. uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-bfffm." 'O-kaaay then,' I thought to myself. 'I'm supposed to get this heap back to number 2 Geylang Lorong 3, and it won't start? And the speedometer's off? And the weather isn't doing me any favours? Riiiight.'

I have pictures though! Will post them up (along with the giant tomato if it's still at AMK, I promise, estee!) as soon as I get them out of the office digicam. My colleague was thoroughly amused when I told her I wanted to borrow the camera to take pictures of the van.

All this after an interesting morning of trying to unobtrusively help someone print her thesis using the office printer, as well as PDFing the entire thing. (But i did some work too, mommy...)

[todayFROMwork - (D'uh) Toyota, Part Deux]
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jeudi, novembre 27, 2003

 IT Girls

[IT Girls]
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mercredi, novembre 26, 2003

 More fun than you can shake a stick at

Today at work, I had to take a cab to Geylang Lorong 3 and collect an old Toyota goods van that the Conservatory was renting for two days. To say that it was an adventure is putting it mildly. Firstly, it was an old van. An old, old, van. So it was kinda tired and worn-out. But I can handle that - it wasn't anything a good cosmetic do-over couldn't fix. But it was also old on the inside, meaning it was a manual drive. Again, that I can handle - my dad owns a manual car, after all. The trick was this: it had an inverted version of the usual configuration of gear locations, with NO fifth gear, and the gearstick was located on the side of the steering wheel.

The usual state of manual gears
in cars look like this:
But this Toyota did the wild thing:
where R is reverse, and X is NO GEAR

So it was quite an exciting time, trying to even start the car up and put it in reverse to take it out of the parking lot. I think the scruffy man (who apparently owned this pathetic excuse for a vehicle) was rather worried for the tin heap. I saw him eyeing me rather warily as I gingerly turned the steering wheel toward THEFAST&THEFURIOUS road.

And that was another thing - no power steering! Wrestling with the road for the first time, since I've been a power steering kid almost all my life. And to think I used to think it was fun trying pretending to be in the car, in charge of the steering wheel. Now I know why my dad used to come out of the car perspiring after trying to park in a particularly difficult spot.

But is that all, you ask? Surely this little anecdote is at its sorry little end? That's what I thought too - hey, got the car on the road, working the gearbox pretty hard, but hey, I'm going forward, aren't I? Then I looked down, only to find that I was driving at a whopping ... ... 0 kilometres per hour. All the time. Yep, the speedometer was broken, and the junk-on-wheels didn't have an RPS (revolutions per second) monitor, which meant that I had to rely purely on hearing to tell if it were time to change gear, risking an engine blowout should the engines overheat.

Good day? Maybe.

Exciting? Surely.

Do it again? Definitely.

[edited slightly because i'm an idiot; thanks marcus!]

[More fun than you can shake a stick at]
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dimanche, novembre 23, 2003

 Some stuff which made me laugh like I was insane

1) Make One Cookie!
Thanks to QY. :)

2) Would you like to walk on the brink of orgasm every second?

Funny stuff written by correspondents from Singapore?!? Gotta read it to believe it. [this is a joke, for people who don't get it.]

Thanks to Marcus.

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[Some stuff which made me laugh like I was insane]
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 Flutist. Asshole. Whatever.

Hey you! Flutist. Asshole. Whatever. Do I tell you how to play the flute? Do I? DO I? Then DON'T tell me about computers. (Oh, you mean that's a mouse? Ooh, I'm so impressed, I'm about to swoon! And you mean I can like, see pretty pictures once you press this little button? Oh my gosh! I didn't know! No, I swear! I only spent my formative years fooling about with a 256 running on DOS, and the last four years of my life getting a degree in InfoComm studies, but sure, you can tell me about how I can "connect to my computer from at home", yeah, sure.

Remote Access using TELNET you f**king, f**king moron.

[Flutist. Asshole. Whatever.]
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 I have a song dedication to moi!

from kris:
[ music | cake ]
- Including [*]Beckett references! Does Cake rule or WHAT?

I'm not feeling alright today, I'm not feeling that great
I'm not catching on fire today, Love has started to fade

I'm not going to smile today, I'm not gonna laugh
You're out living it up today, I've got dues to pay

When the grave digger puts on the forceps [*]
The stonemason does all the work
The barber can give you a haircut
The carpenter can take you out to lunch

Now, I just want to play on my panpipes
I just want to drink me some wine
As soon as you're born, you start dying[*]
So you might as well have a good time

Sheep go to Heaven, Goats go to Hell

Libellés :

[I have a song dedication to moi!]
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samedi, novembre 22, 2003

 The Rock of Financial Planning

Today I met up with this financial planning dude (this word has been stuck ever since I went to airport to meet Estee - dude, she kept using the word)

Restarting that sentence again:

Today, in my continuing pretense to be an adult, I met up with this financial planning guy, and let me tell you, don't meet one of these people unless you're feeling pretty damn good about yourself. It is DEpressing, to say the least. According to their calculations (which will sober you up even if you're stone-cold drunk), it is too expensive to live - and you want to have fun? Spending cash is not an option because the time to save for your retirement was ten years ago, and you still wanna get that ipod?!

But even before boring old retirement funds, we talked about what kind of protection I'd like to have (again, stop sniggering.) Meaning what kind of illnesses I'd like to be covered under. Meaning: what happens if you get cancer, or kidney failure, or be like I-need-a-new-liver Andrea d'Cruz-Png? I would say that I wanna die now, but apparently it costs about $4000-5000 just to die in Singapore. Funeral expenses and government audits and stuff like that. Which, apparently, I have to save up for. Just bring me to Senoko and incinerate me already! It's not like I'm gonna be taking this body to heaven.

(and immediately after hearing this piece of sobering financial news, I comforted myself by buying Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano's [The Dream Catchers]. I'm halfway through it already (had to wait for a wedding to start today; family friend - I don't see this kid for 10 years and next, she's getting married and asking me the hated "when-is-it-your-turn question?!)

Ooh, about the wedding (girls will love this) - he proposed at London's Heathrow airport. She then quit her job (she's a lawyer) without telling her parents, and went on holiday (her family presumed) to Gibraltar. They got married in Gibraltar (southern tip of Spain!), and took their wedding photos in Seville - very simple stuff, all done in an afternoon, but still, Seville! And yes, he's Singaporean! I think that's what makes it so unbelievable.

[The Rock of Financial Planning]
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 Updates Updates

Full week this week - and every week. Got back my french exam (Tr�s bien! Woo hoo!), started on French future tense (so that I can stop only saying things in present and past), watched a couple of movies, got pissed off at work (finally! It took quite long this time huh?). Some notes:

1. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not watch Le Divorce. I am so not kidding.

2. Watch Chestnuts: Unloaded, coming this December.

3. Yeah, you're right, Matrix: Revolutions kinda sucks, but that's alright.

4. No, I don't have the definitive answer to "What the heck is going on?" And no, I don't understand how Neo can get into the matrix without jacking in (stop sniggering), nor why Neo sees another level of the matrix.

5. Please don't offer me your explanation. And then end off telling me that it was a night of serious intellectual conversation.

6. Don't insult me by telling me that your explanation is the be-all and end-all of explanations, because the Watch-Out-Ski brothers didn't release one.

7. Of course everybody knows that they have *no* idea what they're doing.

8. Welcome home, Estee!

[Updates Updates]
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mercredi, novembre 19, 2003

 right hand down!

A little frustrated today because my right hand seems to be suffering from some sort of fatigue; it "feels" tired and though I can type and use the mouse with it, it feels kinda "sick", so this message was brought to you by my left hand.

[right hand down!]
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dimanche, novembre 16, 2003

 Words of Inspiration From The Dying

Someone surfed onto my blog from googling "Words of inspiration from the dying". Apt. Very apt. (addendum: I would change that phrase to the name of my blog, except that none of this shit is actually inspiring anyone.)

Speaking of dying, Jill died. Jack is now living alone. As he always has been, actually, since he's a fighting fish.

He's looking well, coping remarkably with the loss.

"Que sera sera," he says. "Life goes on."
Jack without his Jill
Today I went and got Jack six pals to talk to. I hesitate to name them because of obvious reasons.

('Huey Duey Louie Bluey Suzy Doozy?' I think to myself.

Six Neon Tetras
[for people who want to know how Jill died, highlight:]
I fed her, my maid fed her, she ate too much, her stomach exploded. Gross, I know, but she wasn't too bright.

[Words of Inspiration From The Dying]
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 Cheering For Change

Cheerleaders aren't just about short skirts, pep and pompoms anymore. The Radical Cheerleaders, an international network of mostly young female activists, define their sport as "protest plus performance. It's activism with pompoms and middle fingers extended." The left-wing Radical Cheerleaders have used the same moves employed by high-school pep squads to demand livable wages at an Alabama Taco Bell...read more

[Cheering For Change]
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jeudi, novembre 13, 2003

 two to three

Crystal gives me 2 months at this job - 3 at the most.

I'm beginning to agree with her. Today's just bad, with the Vietnamese translator hijacking my computer in the morning, early long lunch, and now absolutely nothing to do. Nothing. Apparently this is the lull period, and I'm supposed to be grateful for it - but I'm bored to tears, and it's making me lethargic, which sucks.

Yet I'm strangely fine with all this.

[two to three]
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 iTune, uTune, everybodyTune

A new form of bigotry is emerging (only one?) from iTunes: playlistism. Walk around like you got the cool-thang all together? Your playlist might show that you're a total cultural void. Get judged by your taste in music.

[kris - sark's from alias.]

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[iTune, uTune, everybodyTune]
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lundi, novembre 10, 2003


From [Dead Drop]:
"Sark is like the good-looking guy in high school who knows how cute he is, and won't take 'no' for an answer."

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vendredi, novembre 07, 2003

 Jeux d'Enfants (literally, "the playing/games of children"

This week is a week of pure exhaustion - I'm out every night of the week till next Monday, when I have a brief respite from French due to my teacher being unable to make lessons next week.

I managed to catch Jeux d'Enfants [translation given: Love Me If You Dare] at Alliance Fran�aise after class on Wednesday - last ticket, thanks to Mayee. It's about two kids playing a long-standing game of dare. It's a little bit bizarre love story, but well, it's French, what did you expect? It'll be commercially released in December, so catch if it you...uh...dare. :)

[Jeux d'Enfants (literally, "the playing/games of children"]
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Slight job irritation today: (excerpts from a ICQ lament with adeline sim)

we're having a concert at the esplanade today, and was to take pix for the students. i went down yesterday to take some shots, but the kids weren't dressed in concert attire, so i couldn't take any formal shots. i ended up just shooting nonsense pics, you know, like people hugging each other etc, stuff that you and I would take. the students asked if i could send the pictures to them. i said yes, cos i didn't see why not.

today I asked if I could send the pix to them. someone (my sup?!) said that only she and the director could send out pix, cos they want to control the image of the conservatory students.

I get their point, but my problem is: what difference does it make if i send out these informal shots to them versus them taking the pictures themselves? and i was using my own personal digital camera - i even charged it at home!

idiots. if i were a student i would like to have some shots of me and my friends during rehearsal. but no. i probably can't even send it in my own private capacity because they'd probably say NO TOO, because the students might ask my sup to send them pix next time, and if she says that she cannot, and they say "but xxx last time send us wat", then I'm in hot soup, and then i'll be called in to explain myself. esp when i've been explicitly told that only my sup and the dir can send pics to the students. then i have to explain to them that it was on my own camera and my own personal account that i sent it from.

i suppose i can't be friends with the students then huh? since I'm only connected to them in a professional capacity like my job enabled me to meet them, so i have to be on-the-job with them all the time. if they are reasonable people then i don't think that they will mind, but if they were reasonable people they wouldn't be limiting the people who send out pictures to the students in the first place. so then i'll have to explain myself and probably create a lot of irritation in them. then they'll probably do something like tell me "I don't care, don't send pix to the students again. Why? Because I told you so."


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lundi, novembre 03, 2003


Also had an interesting night out last night, watching Tanguy, french film about a guy who refused to move out of his parents' place even after turning 28. Claire was the only one on time for the movie; I stumbled in about 5 mins past, Felice scrambled by me at about 10 past, then Evan and Mayee. The story: he's studying for his PhD, his parents secretly hate him being there and try all sorts of ways and means to get him to move out, even to the extent of getting him his own place, but he hyperventilates and has an anxiety attack - on the first night that he's there. He eventually moves back in, but their secret is out - they want him to grow up and move out. He then sues them. Things come to a head and he finally takes off for parts unknown - to China. They do reunite in the end, happily-ever-after-ly.

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 Porn Font

Font sites are exactly like porn sites, I realise. Perhaps even worse. At every click, www.1001fonts.com opens up another popup window. If you try to close it, it opens up another window for www.fonts.com. The next version of IE had better have an option that lets users stop popup windows. Opera has that great function, but too bad it doesn't render the newer webpages very well.


Az&Vic - I really wanted to go! But was sleepy after church, so I missed the fishies... :(

[Porn Font]
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dimanche, novembre 02, 2003


Shawn Colvin: "I don't know why trees are so tall... I don't know why I don't know anything at all."
Me: I know a couple of things, like:

1) The government is pushing the whole entrepreneurship thing. Which I applaud.
2) The government is pushing the whole technology thing. Which I applaud.
3) The government is pushing the whole technology thing to the Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) so that they can have a slight advantage over the mom-and-pop/mama-store businesses. Which I applaud.

What I don't know, I didn't know was when they did that, I would be receiving some email from my friendly neighbourhood... ... putu piring man. You have to see this email that I got to believe it:

Hajah Maimunah Putu Piring Pandan / Kueh Tutu
5 pieces for $2/-
Stall No. 185 Geylang Serai (Opposite Macdonald)
The ONLY Putu Piring with PANDAN FLAVOUR.
Selling only this Ramadhan season.
So come down now and try this great delicacy.
Can't get it anywhere in Singapore, Selling it only once a year.

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