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vendredi, octobre 27, 2006

 I. Am. Worried.

1) I love my friends, ALL of them, even the annoying ones, the deluded ones, the evil, bitchy ones... but why do they ALL HAVE TO GET MARRIED IN OCTOBER/NOVEMBER?!? At last count, it was 7! That's like, one every week!
2) Work and study is not making me a happy bunny. My balance is waaaay off.
3) Why the day only 24 hours long?
4) I think I have forgotten how to do readings, and write a term paper. No, I don't think, I KNOW that I've forgotten.
5) Does anyone know how to negate the need for sleep altogether? Sleep is wasting my time.

[I. Am. Worried.]
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jeudi, octobre 26, 2006

 Geylang: Hari Raya!

Getting ready for Hari Raya is like CNY - lots of bazaars, lots of new clothes, lots of gold.

[Geylang: Hari Raya!]
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 Testing out new camera phone - courtesy of Serene

Pretty nice huh? I'm glad that I am able to the difference between a crap VGA to a 1.3Mpix camera phone! was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to manage my expectations. :)

[Testing out new camera phone - courtesy of Serene]
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 Pretty fireworks

20th September 2006 - Fireworks, taken on my old VGA camera phone. As seen from the top of the top of Singapore's New Asia Bar - my first (and probably only) time there.

After which I reached the height of cool (which I could never aspire to again), and crashed a helipad party hosted by Institutional Investors, as the other Bank staff sort of just milled around in a drunken stupor downstairs, too wired to go home, not believing that the Meetings were about to be over.

The view from the top.

[Pretty fireworks]
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mardi, octobre 24, 2006

 Sad, Faddish pipes

Liang Court's pipes seem to be having some sort of psychological breakdown.
Or naming disorder.
Or something.

[Sad, Faddish pipes]
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lundi, octobre 23, 2006



of couse, just how happy the day will be
depends on which camp you side, you see.

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dimanche, octobre 15, 2006

 Adeline's iPod: Dead On Arrival (DOA)

She passed it to me and begged me to do my worst to it - it was making a relentless clicking noise, like the hard disk was trying to spin, but failing to. I thought it was a hard disk failure, and told her that it could be fixed with an expensive HDD replacement.

However, upon opening up the iPod (with the help of scotch-tape to prevent scarring, and a flat carving knife for the major incision), the failure was not the hard disk as suspected, but the motherboard. That discovery sealed the iPod's fate - cannibalism.

The HDD now resides in Adeline's room as an extra HDD, and I am in possession of a spare 4G iPod casing and a useless motherboard.

[Adeline's iPod: Dead On Arrival (DOA)]
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 I want to paint this

Why? The combination of her sexy pose, obviously siren, plus the outstretched arm not reaching to you, but like casting a spell on you, the wild hair juxtaposed against the flames which fan out in mimicry of her crown, and the utter deliciously evil look on her face. Mandy or Mer, could you suggest a medium? Oils? What would be good for this?

[I want to paint this]
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 Cobbler, Cobbler

Quite some time ago (like sometime in JULY), I had a pair of shoes that needed their heels changed, and I decided to get them changed in between appointments at Bukit Merah. This guy treated my shoes so roughly as he was removing the heels that he damaged the sides of my shoes, and they had to be repaired as well. Granted - they were sort of falling apart on the sides already, but I was planning to get rubber glue and do it myself. The repairs and replacement of the heel cost 1/3 of the cost of the shoe!

Next time I'm going to Ang Mo Kio - the uncle there changes high heel rubber soles for only $3.

[Cobbler, Cobbler]
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samedi, octobre 14, 2006

 Mustafa/Geylang have interesting stuff

Some pictures from a long-ago trip to Mustafa with some friends.

Mustafa is a place where strange things jostle elbows on
shelves together, such as Buddha and the Virgin Mary.

Pencilcases were simpler back in those days - the more compartments you had on your
pencilbox, and the more buttons you had, the higher up the social ladder you were.

Apollo Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream - one large pack of 10 for 70cents!

The essential buy-and-never-wear item for shoppers in Singapore - the
Singapore Air batik print nightgown/cheongsam/samfu/pyjamas/necktie/slippers etc.

[Mustafa/Geylang have interesting stuff]
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mardi, octobre 10, 2006

 Win an iPod!

I took the TIG Youth Survey!

[Win an iPod!]
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lundi, octobre 09, 2006

 How do men feel when they’re in love?

This is really funny, in a sweet way:

Q: How do men feel when they’re in love?
We’re not psyched always. I remember when I first fell in love with my wife I was like, “Oh, God, not this. This is the worst,” because I was out of control and wanted to spend all my time with her.

- Greg Behrendt, author of He’s just not that into you and It’s Called A Breakup Because It’s Broken

[How do men feel when they’re in love?]
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Psst! Have you heard of the newest search engine to venture into the open waters?

It's got unusual functions (you can arrange the sort order), and clicking on the link URL (in green) drops down options like opening in same page or in a new window.

No prizes for guessing which megacompany owns this.

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dimanche, octobre 08, 2006

 McDonalds Game: Highly Addictive

Amanda introduced me to this game, and I'm lovin' it! Thank goodness I'm not much of a gamer, so I'm not completely hooked, but it's an excellently programmed game! Takes a while to load, but it's worth it!

It's a little bit in the style of Sim City and Dune 2000, where you manage a whole load of stuff at the same time, and where you can accelerate the time to see the impact of your actions.

Good for kids who think "go and work at McDonalds lor" is a viable employment fallback plan.

[McDonalds Game: Highly Addictive]
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vendredi, octobre 06, 2006

 Blackwater Rafting

You've heard of whitewater rafting, but I want to go blackwater rafting. Read someone else's account of this fun activity here, and you'll see why I want to go.

[Blackwater Rafting]
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 Pondering out loud: Stale Water

I always bring a huge mug of water in my Shark Cup up to my room to drink as I surf and unwind after each day. I'm not a huge water-drinker, so I always have leftover water from the night before. I dump it and refill the mug every day.

Most people would think this a normal thing to do - the water's from the night before, so just get a fresh glass for the next night. But everytime I throw out the water, I think about the phrase "stale water".

Can water be stale? I throw out my water because I open my windows and there's a lot of dust that flies in and settles on the top of the water, which makes it gross. But barring that happening, I always wonder if it's justifiable if I throw out water, just on the basis that it's "stale", or from the day before.

Can water truly become stale? It gets dirty, no doubt about that, but stale?

[Pondering out loud: Stale Water]
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lundi, octobre 02, 2006

 Life is a Highway

I'm so incredibly busy that I don't understand how everything's just flying by me with nary a breath to take. And yet despite my worrying about church, worrying about school, and working really hard at the bank, I'm still feeling happy, and putting in a full 8 hours of sleep each day (I refuse to compromise on this for as far as I can take it.)

And sometimes - a lot of times - music's the only thing which can express what I'm feeling. For this sentiment, it's Life Is A Highway, cos I want to ride it all night long. And if you're going my way... all the better for both of us. Mich & Rie - thanks for being on the road with me. You make the scenery so much prettier.

Life is a highway

I wanna ride it all night long

If you're going my way

Well, I wanna drive it all night long

Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts (Cars OST)
- although the original by Tom Cochrane sounds better

[Life is a Highway]
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dimanche, octobre 01, 2006

 Whither 2006?

It's October already???

[Whither 2006?]
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