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vendredi, janvier 30, 2009

 Singapore's Monetary Policy and a Chicken McSpicy

me.me.me. says:
cos sg exports are too expensive for the rest of the region
so we HAVE to depreciate a little

mcspicy.lover says:
i never tot they would dare to do it

me.me.me. says:
actually i think they do it all the time
a little push here
a little nudge there
balance the sheet
exports cheaper
imports more expensive
cost of living increases
populace complains
let the dollar appreciate
COE goes for $2
people happy
exports down, profits down,
let dollar depreciate
wash, rinse, repeat as necessary

mcspicy.lover says:

me.me.me. says:
(i sincerely hope that i did NOT just acurately describe the econ policy of sg)
(need someone in MAS to verify this... haha)

mcspicy.lover says:
the only thing i know is that my Mc Spicy meal has increased from $4.90 a few years back to $7.15

me.me.me. says:
did they add more ingredients

mcspicy.lover says:

me.me.me. says:
did they upsize it for you without asking

mcspicy.lover says:
took out one level of chicken
haha that happens sometimes
but that's coz the auntie knows me
she knows i'll upsize it no matter what

me.me.me. says:
so was it an increase with ceteris paribus
or are you skewing it to your argument

mcspicy.lover says:
it's an increase in price without an increase in the size or ingredients of the burger

me.me.me. says:
maybe the increase was due to all those scientists who studied hard and who advised McD to make their meals healthier
healthier always costs more.

mcspicy.lover says:
the oil doesn't ooze out anymore
there was a time
when it was flowing
gushing out
when u pressed down on the chicken

me.me.me. says:
okay... TMI.

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[Singapore's Monetary Policy and a Chicken McSpicy]
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mercredi, janvier 28, 2009

 Turn me off

A bit sad to be amused, but hey, it's been a bit of a slow day at work (everyone else is on leave.)

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[Turn me off]
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mercredi, janvier 14, 2009

 Twilight: The Movie

Twilight: The Movie.

Too good to mock, too bad to praise. Extremely intrusive and overly-dramatic scoring amused me much.

Michelle must have been really tickled in the movie as Diana and I kept leaning over her to mock the mockable bits of the movie, like the part when Edward finally entered the school canteen - which looked like the set from High School Musical, except done up in very 'cool' colours like green and blue. The music was completely hilarious - in fact, I would go as far to say as the music paralleled the writing in the book - over the top, repetitive, and completely drama-queenish.

Only in a teen movie would you give a rock star's entrance to the overly-foundationed male protagonist.

There really is nothing much to say about the show - it didn't really deviate from the book since that would have alienated most of Meyer's constituents (read: the under-21 females), and the material they were working with simply did not have a sufficient plot to impress anyone. Definitely a movie for the fans.

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[Twilight: The Movie]
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lundi, janvier 12, 2009


Happy (belated) new year! Living life has kept me rather busy, and 2008 was a rather long year for me for various reasons, but I'm glad to say that I'm climbing out of 'rest and hibernate mode' to explore the outside world again. Yes, I do understand that my concept of 'rest and hibernate mode' differs greatly from what most of the world views these two ideas, but there is a great difference from being busy, to moving forward in life. I will probably always be busy, but moving forward in life... that's another matter altogether. 2008 kept me busy treading water frantically, but 2009... I've got a good feeling about it. I have loads of ideas, and I want to write them down, but something always comes up! You know how it is.

Those of you who are in the know will also understand the pic I've chosen to accompany this post. I'll be writing about it in a short while - in the meantime, akan datang - do leave me a note to say hi if I haven't seen you in a while!

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