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mardi, février 23, 2010

 Images of Singapore: 2010 year to date

Jan 2010 - Remote-control shopping by brothers, Bugis G2000 sale
Occasion: B&Y's wedding

Jan 2010: Celebrating success with old friends
Occasion: Fuschia Lane's Vivienne's solo showcase at Ion, "Eternity"

Jan 2010: discovering that mushrooms can be unhealthy
Occasion: finishing up paper at Fatboys.sg; fried mushrooms are yum

Feb 2010: happy shopping @ heartland Chong Pang
Occasion: found a coatrack for the office; $38 bargained to $26, not a bad deal

Feb 2010: candy slammin'
Occasion: kayohing around the customised candy shop at United Square, B1

Feb 2010: Gai-gai Chinatown at 2am = fairly fun still
Occasion: getting mom's willows for her at $5 a bunch = satisfaction and good start to the new year

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[Images of Singapore: 2010 year to date]
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jeudi, février 18, 2010

 The Butterfly Circus

You have to watch this.
Bring tissues.

The Butterfly Circus
Winner of the Doorpost Film Award 2009

Featuring Nick Vujicic, the man behind "Life without Limbs"

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[The Butterfly Circus]
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mercredi, février 17, 2010

 Boots: a girly post to great footwear

Friends who see me often know of my long-standing love for boots. I bought my first after falling in helplessly in love with a pair that winked at me in a corner store at Bugis - but fool that I was, I almost let it get away, and took my time walking around Bugis village before coming back to it finally, and buying the dusky brown, knee high pair.

They were flat boots, made of PVC, cost $59, had a zip at the side, and had some criss-cross strips at the ankle. My mother taught me to calculate the worth of something by dividing the cost by the number of times you use something - and let me tell you, these boots were worth every cent I paid for them, and more. They looked something like the pair on the left.

The PVC started to give way some time at the 1.5 year mark, and I went looking for a new pair.

But alas! Heel-less boots in Singapore are pretty hard to find, especially heel-less boots without tacky tassels or other embellishments. Worse so if you want to find one with a zip, and on a budget. While Boots v.1 slowly disintegrated, I frantically searched Bugis and Far East Plaza for a pair - to no avail. I even shopped very hard in Bangkok when Rie and I went - but no cigar.

I finally gave up the search for a sturdy pair, and bought v.2, a high-heeled, black pair at Dunamis (Far East Plaza Level 2.) These were also PVC, and cost about $69. They've been serving me very well for the last 1.5 years, but like all good things, they're coming to an end soon - I can see signs of stress around the creases, which will soon open up into irreparable tears.

I'm fairly sad to see this pair suffer equipment depreciation, as the zip, which goes all the way down, allows me to squeeze my fat calves into them AND manage to zip my jeans into the boots without too much trouble.

So I've been in the market for another pair of flat, knee-high boots for the last 3 months. To date, my shopping has yielded one accidental catch: a gorgeous pair, tan, leather, knee-high, and made from real leather, on 70% discount from Mango. They've got no zip and have a heel, both of which don't meet my criteria, but honestly, you can't say no to a 70% discount on a well-made pair from a good brand. For $99, it's a steal.

However, the object of my footwear affection remains elusive. Shopping with Ben at Bugis (as he searched for his white wedding shoes) has yielded nothing, and Dunamis only has has stuff with either tassels, or no zip. I have to admit that there are some pretty ones available at Bugis (best variety available in the Village), but it is impossible to squeeze my jeans into the boots without the zip. I did not realise how hard it was to find boots with zips till I went looking!

So if you see a high-cut flat pair, plain, or "manly-looking" (as Ade will say), with a zip, let me know! Heels will only take you so far - after that, it's your calf muscles all the way.

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[Boots: a girly post to great footwear]
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 Physics is fun

... when you're no longer tested on equations!

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[Physics is fun]
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dimanche, février 14, 2010

 Let's have an open relationship

I love this, from Wired.com (which I always love):

Look at Tux advocating open relationships!
Highly not advisable, relationship wise, but the joke rocks.

Happy New Year/Valentine's Day everyone!

Edited to add an excerpt from another wired.com article on Tux:
But even after the penguin had been officially adopted and named, not everyone was thrilled with Tux. Some developers muttered about the "cutesy" logo -- and they are correct in thinking it's inappropriate, claims Tony Pagano, a former teacher at the School Of Visual Arts who taught corporate logo design.

"A logo is supposed to communicate something about the company or product. What does Tux communicate besides cuteness?" Pagano said. "Tux makes the mental association of 'Toy' when people look at the image in advertising or product packaging. It's misleading. Linux is not cute."

But Slashdot's Miller believes that Tux is a "great" logo because it has sex appeal.
"Women are strongly drawn to Tux, they love Tux," Miller said. "That's why Linux developers are always smiling."

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[Let's have an open relationship]
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lundi, février 08, 2010

 just in the nick of time: 10 ways to a geeky girl's heart

I like tech and I can hold my own when discussing the latest intel chip, and don't get me started about macs and their... okay I have to stop here before this post becomes an anti-mac rant - the point: this is one of the best valentine's day posts I've seen in a while: Wired.com's Geekdad tells us the 10 ways to a geeky girl's heart.

Best suggestion of the 10? #5. Be able to have interesting conversations on any topic. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert in everything, but be willing to discuss unusual topics. Know nothing about fossils? Be willing to have her teach you what she knows, and ask relevant questions. If you try to learn something new each day, you’ll always have something new to talk about.

Some days I wish conversations would go beyond the usual 1. soccer 2. computer/iphone/mobile phone 3. job/government bitching, 4. guy's obsession (could be cars, or a particular genre of music only), or 5. the latest movie (which I have not watched.)

Not that they aren't fun, but most new-guy-friend conversations tend to run those treads. :\ Mental gymnastics are fun, and stretching oneself is good too.

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[just in the nick of time: 10 ways to a geeky girl's heart]
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dimanche, février 07, 2010

 Happy times

This is one of the happiest photos I've seen in a while.

When you're having fun with friends, you really
have to take photos to remember the feeling.

Esp. now that they're getting rarer.

From this very, very talented guy:

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[Happy times]
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vendredi, février 05, 2010

 The Fall: No back button

definitely not theologically-correct (Adam was not
that smart to smell a trap), but funny anyway!

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[The Fall: No back button]
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jeudi, février 04, 2010


Two years old, and still such a beauty.
Have you met GINA?

Context over dogma.

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