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vendredi, février 18, 2011

 Trying out a new 'do

Testing out a few nights worth of curly hair to see how I like it:

This is such a narcissistic post that I might take it down after posting it, so catch it when I'm still ok with it being up.

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[Trying out a new 'do]
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mercredi, février 16, 2011

 Swimming with the Q

Look who went swimming with me on Sunday!
(or rather, look who I went swimming with!)

Kidnapped! Where are you taking me?


Q amused at mummy blowing bubbles
(kept trying to blow them too but ended up drinking loads of water)

Ahoy sailor!

I'd like the camera please!

Fascinated by the jacuzzi bubble jets

拍拍头, a song Q learnt in Chinese class

Why are we out of the pool?

Wrapped up as a dragon

Mummy, it's over?

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[Swimming with the Q]
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mardi, février 15, 2011

 My Work Space

This is generally what my work space looks like before I leave the office (yes, we all work till when it's dark out.)

Yes, that's my slippers at the bottom. The colourful cube is English Afternoon Tea.

Some people think it's strange to have my workdesk so impersonal and uninhabited, but I think that a clean desk lets me start afresh each morning.

Where's my work?
(1) in the cabinet (but not much, really)
(2) online in email
(3) in e-form on the server or on my computer desktop (again, not much actually)

I really dislike clutter.

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[My Work Space]
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mardi, février 08, 2011

 Relak One Corner? Relegated to the corner

I've moved house! Sort of... the Big Man In Charge says to move my team, so now we have (arguably) the best seats in the house - overlooking the garden! As I type now, I'm looking at the sun's rays hit the plants and the trees, and it's really, really lovely. Have a look:

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[Relak One Corner? Relegated to the corner]
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 Papering the kitchen cupboards

Over the last 2 days, we've discovered that my domestic worker has been a bit slack - for the last year or so. There's been a layer of grease that has been forming on every surface in the kitchen... which I realised was semi-permanent.

CNY provided the best opportunity (albeit inappropriate) time to clean up. I left Day 1 alone, but Day 2 and Day 4 were cleaning times!

The hob was the worst hit, with grease as black as sin sticking to everything. White venegar, baking soda, Mr. Magic Clean and other horribly harsh chemicals wasn't making anything cleaner. A lot of elbow grease finally did the trick.

I'm in the middle of cleaning out the cupboards as well (my mother is a hoarder who never clears the kitchen), and here's some pix of what I just did to repaper the cupboards:

In the beginning... there was this retro-looking cupboard,
green with envy at the other brown/blue/white furniture and
appliances around him. 'Oh how I wish I matched...' thought
the cupboard every day as he saw everything else being used.

Mr. Scissors and Ms. Ruler were dating and wanted to
complete their CIP hours and help the cupboard out.
So they decided to get paper and cut it down to size.

First successful sticking!

Second successful sticking!


Final one was a little bit harder
esp since the wood was still wet
from the cleaning I just gave it.

Oh well.

The final product - ta-da!

Doing things DIY means you can always fix something up!
This is the little lip that I gave the cupboard
which is always opened by scrabbling around the
base of the cupboard door, damaging the wood.

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[Papering the kitchen cupboards]
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vendredi, février 04, 2011

 The Sisyphus Watch

I love this.

And the name of the Guild it supports. This is philosophy geek chic.

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[The Sisyphus Watch]
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jeudi, février 03, 2011

 Love Letters on CNY day 1 (recipe for love letters aka kueh belandah)

After a very, very hurried spring cleaning yesterday, there were some kitchen equipment that I found that I wanted to try out. The most exciting one was the love letter maker. But I think my maid was more excited than me.
I went out to buy some ingredients, and thanks to continuity of business, my local Shop N Save was still open.

Here's my recipe for Chinese New Year Love Letters aka kueh belandah
1. 3-4 eggs (depends on your "feeling"), add
2. 150-200g sugar (depends on your preference. Mix well.
3. Add 500ml coconut milk. Mix.
4. Sift in 100g plain flour and
5. Sift in another 100g glutinous rice flour

You may need a mixer for the flour to really get mixed well.

Then you use a love-letter maker to bake the mixture. If you don't have one... then you can't make this :)

For people who've baked/cooked before: you don't have to worry about introducing air into the mixture, just mix everything into one happy mess (this is good for parents with kids who want to "help" since they can't screw it up... too badly.)

And of course, here are my pictures.

Get everything together...

Mix like mad

It will look like this (my sugar jar is empty!)

Start the cooking! The only way to know whereto place the dollop of mix, and how much to use isby trial and error - no other way, sorry!

Close the cover. Yes.

My first attempt. In the bin.

My second attempt. Not too bad.

Roll roll roll. It takes quite a long timeto cookand rolland cooland packthese love letters, soI can appreciate why it's so expensive. (and I also see why automation is so attractive.)


Trying other shapes.

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[Love Letters on CNY day 1 (recipe for love letters aka kueh belandah)]
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mercredi, février 02, 2011

 Chinatown 2011

Not many people know this, but I head to Chinatown every year on New year's eve/day (AM). I've been heading there alone or with a group of friends for many years now, and this year, the new year traipse was after watching Jack Neo's latest cinematographic offering, Homecoming. (It was a little too sentimentally schmaltzy for my tastes, but I was very impressed with 1. his acting, 2. the cinematography, and 3. the cross-border casting.)

As always, Chinatown's decked out in all its bunnyfied glory:

I have to admit that in the camera's lenses,
the bunny looked like the zao cai mao at first...
but do note that these pics were taken at 1.30am!

My two hapless passengers kidnapped for the visit.
All they wanted was a ride home.

The rain caused business to be a little less then robust,
but I think it all worked out in the end.

This is the most fun I've had buying chopsticks.
Ben: *rolls eyes at YM and me*

Time to go home!

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[Chinatown 2011]
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