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vendredi, mai 16, 2003

 Matrix and Me

{*} I am MUCH MUCH MUCH better, thank you all for your well-wishes and SMSes and calls and ICQs. Now I've got to contend with a HUGE ulcer that cropped up because (oh no!) my lower left wisdom tooth is coming out. I'm again praying that it won't develop any complications when I'm overseas.

{*} I'm leaving on Monday! That's just so soon. And I realise that I'm nervous whenever I leave the country alone without my parents. Talk about apron strings. But better now than never, I suppose.

{*} Ahhh. The Matrix Reloaded. Rather unfortunately, this sucked. If you haven't read it, don't read the rest of the post under the picture - they're all spoilers.

# I don't need to see so much kung fu. I know the kung fu is real. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss and whoever else worked really hard to polish up their jujitsu. Fine, good. Next!

# So Morpheus says that Zion shall survive the Sentinel attack. And then everyone has a rave techno party, and has sex? Uh, reality check please? [Adeline says: "i thought tt dance scene gratuitious too, but mebbe its supposed to highlight the whole we-are-humans-therefore-we-will-celebrate-sensuality-and-pleasure-coz-the-machines-can't point tt makes zion worthy of protection."]

# Why didn't Neo just go back into the city-door, and fly from that particular part of the Matrix? (Methinks he likes doing the Superman thing.)

# So Neo's a cold-hearted SOB who doesn't care about the human race, but only cares about Trinity?!? I can live with that. :)

# And the theme for Reloaded is... "that's what it was meant to be"? Or "I was made for this"?

# The Oracle's a rogue programme? It makes sense... and yet, doesn't.

I think that line pretty much sums up Reloaded for me: It makes sense... and yet, it doensn't - not really. Or perhaps, not yet?

# Now the scene is set for showdown, like a bad Western flick (add in the appropriate sound track here) - Neo vs. Agent Smith(s), otherwise known as Infinity. [ (c) Me 2003. ] Fighting for no other reason than - that's what Agent Smith was made for.

# The meeting with the Maker of the Matrix kinda reminded me of Dorothy meeting the Wizard of Oz, behind the (green) curtains. Revelations aplenty there too, but where's Toto?

# So in Revolutions, there are only gonna be the survivors of the Sentinel attack plus Neo & gang?

# What is with Neo being able to stop the Sentinels in real life? This is one story thread I'm the most keen on finding out in Revolutions, so they'd better answer the question properly.

# Zion "downloaded" Agent Smith (aka Infinity) too soon. Or that thread was very badly woven in - it sticks out like nylon on pure silk.

# Re: Fight sequence with 100 Smiths - "ManyMe"? Urgh.

# And what does the Matrix Maker mean when he says that Neo is a lie made up to fool Zionites? Aren't Zionites liberated eggs? Don't they already know the truth about the Matrix? I suppose any information comes from the Matrix, which is disconcerting because then (dis)information dissemination by the Robots then becomes more prolific, and just basically complicates things.

# They'd better re-use characters again. I wanna see more FreakyTwins, and more of Morpheus-Niobe. :)

[Matrix and Me]
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