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mercredi, octobre 01, 2003


(yeah Kris, I am. but you know how it is...)

Hey peeps,

I'm off to Malaysia for a couple of days; my grandma is in the hospital (my mom was a Malaysian before she married my dad) in Perak. She's old, she's 91 at least, she's got Alzhimer's, doesn't recognise anybody, I don't know her at all (language barrier plus she contracted Alzhimer's just as I started speaking - or more accurately - learning some basic words in hokkien) so I'm not broken up about it, but she still is my grandma.

So see you guys in a bit. I'll be back on Sunday for Jessie's baptism (ZB + QY+anyone else who knows Jess, it's at 3pm at Buona Vista Swimming Pool if you wanna come support her - her mom, aunt and grandma and maybe brother may be coming down, she requests that we pray that they come with open hearts... SMS me if you need anything more, I'm still on global roaming.)

Technolust, jobhunts, and other guilty pleasures...

I have been offered the position of Administrative Officer in the Yong Siew Toh Music Conservatory. And I think I'll be offered a job teaching at Republic Polytechnic. Taa-daa! Life is suddenly brighter with the prospect of buying that lovely 10/15/30gig iPod looming closer and closer.

Object of desire:

Probably will be taking the Music Conservatory job, and very happily because:
1) The people seem very nice
2) It's a small school, so clear line of control/command
3) It's on familiar territory (though the con of this means arts canteen food for the next couple of years...)
4) I think I'm going to like it because the JD sounds quite fun and happening - marketing/PR, events organising
5) I met a couple of them informally for coffee on Tues, and the student affairs officer was wearing a colourful martinique shirt, and - get this - JEANS. Oh, if this job lets me wear jeans into the office... oh. my. (lions and tigers and bears!)

The only con - money. I don't know how much NUS will be offering until the Office of HR gets back to me. But if I get job satisfaction and am still excited about my job after a couple of months overall, then I think the money was well given-up. Praise God or what?! And this only after I gave up being anxious about finding the 'perfect job' and just told Him heck, I think there's a lesson about trust somewhere in here you're trying to teach me - and well, there it is. Maybe not the perfect job - what's the perfect job anyway? - but still - wah-hey!

In more other happy news...

I was in Mango today, and bought a very very very pretty shirt... for $35. Head rush! I can't stop smiling. Mainly green, has nice patterns on it, but of course, the fun thing is the price tag. And the size tag.

Still more shi...stuff

Well worth reading -- the Onion parodies workplace productivity and the Internet by "reporting" how a 48-hour Internet outage plunged the nation into productivity. LINK HERE

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