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lundi, janvier 17, 2005

 Lions vs Indonesia: 2-1 to Singapore!

This is how the stadium looked like as we baked in the sun at 530pm, just chilling BAKING IN THE SUN and making fun of everything. Music was blaring rather loudly through the speakers in front of us - a mixture of 2003's hits. Robbie William's Rock DJ, Kylie's Spinning Around etc - you know the general date area.

Some practice Kallang Waves later, the sun was still taking some time to set. Die Hard Fans had broken out their pom-poms and were starting to show off their dexterity with the tools of the trade - a huge drum, long air clappers, scarves, Lions mascots etc. The announcer was also making us practice other stuff like shouting randomly, announcing No Smoking policies, more Kallang Waves... he had a rather strange accent, like it was a fake, put-on one, and when he announced the logic behind the No Smoking in the stadium rule, he mentioned something about "There are families and chewwen attending this event, so please be considerate."
Hello, how many chewwen do you have?

The Slacking Blogger and the Policy Queen trying out the camera
phone, with Wilma accidentally captured on film bits and bytes.

A closer shot. The Slacking Blogger and the Policy Queen before anything happened on field, like how some Indonesian and Singaporean fans scaled barrier fences to fight, and how the Indonesians turned their backs and their butts on us when the Kallang Wave reached them (I do believe that some of them actually mooned us!) I'm ashamed to say that I too partook of the general boos and derogatory noise making when the other team arrived, and booed the referees at the end also... and generally yelled variations of "WAYANG ONLY LAH!" and "OSCAR PERFORMANCE VERY NICE! GET ON WITH IT!" when various people got pummelled on the pitch. However, the refereeing was sometimes ridiculous - a foul occurred in front of my seat, and the ball had been in play on that flank of the pitch for a while now, but the referee was busy LOOKING THE OTHER WAY. What happened?

"Relak lah, still got time! Eh, why you so shiny?"

The crowd behind me... (the cross before me)
These two obviously don't see eye-to-eye...

Play ball! It was a tremendously exciting first half, with the two goals - great stuff! Unfortunately, the toilet kept me from watching Aide Iskandar get sent off (what happened to you, Captain?) and from seeing the other couple of yellow cards which got us so pissed off at the referees - but at least nobody scored. The National Stadium needs to put more screens around and in the toilets - missing 30 mins of a game is insufferable punishment for a small bladder!

WE WIN! 2-1! WE WIN!

The Lions/boys take a very deserved Victory Lap, and show off their new hardware acquisition to us. I'm rather glad that they didn't take the traditional route and play Queen's "We Are The Champions"... somehow or other, that song has passed its expiry date - a fact I'm rather sad about, but play it as we win and it smells musty and yellow somehow. And while it invokes a rather sweeping feeling of majesty and grandeur, it's somehow become "too slow" for the games of today - Ricky Martin was used instead for the victory announcement. (Followed by my favourite song!) Rather unfortunately, we were fed techno after the first two. The return of the Ah Beng DJ!

You can't really see it, but trust me, it reads

Shiok sendiri! *dance*

According to Nurul, this term refers to the very entertaining yet embarassing dance that some people do during periods of high emotion (especially when Ricky Martin songs are played.) The movement goes like this: you shift your weight from side to side as you shake your hips up and down - it's like pivoting your body weight on your pelvis. At the same time, raise your hands and punch them in the air, alternating the punching up and the pelvic see-saw. Shiok sendiri! (literally, happy/shiok by yourself/oneself. I love this term!)

Julian is the amazing man who managed to get tickets for us - how, I don't know. And he didn't want to accept money for the tickets too, preferring to fob us off on the "next time you pay lah" or "World Cup tickets you buy lah next time," - utter rubbish of course, it's not like we buy tickets every week to watch matches together. We're all financially struggling in our own ways, so we should all pull our own weight when it comes to expenses, and you're taking our filthy money whether you damn like it or not!

The aftermath of the match was a rowdy, high crowd, intent on Singing all variations of the OleOleOle song with Ricky Martin. That's an exaggeration, but had Ricky been there, I'm sure he would have been singing along with us too - in his free Tiger-Lion (feline family?) t-shirt.
(this entry will change slightly tmrw as I need to sleep now.)

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