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lundi, février 14, 2005

 Crappy Day

Mistake 1) On a Feb 15th deadline, I spent the weekend doing things which I really shouldn't be doing, then skipped Sunday School to do more things I didn't really need to do, fell asleep in the middle of the day, stayed up till 4 in the morning watching DVDs, then got up early to go to school.

Bad thing 2) Climbed up five flights of stairs to apply for a hostel room only to be told that I HAD to move in within 5 working days of my acceptance (I wanted to move in during March), then

Brain fry 3) stayed in the library burning my brains on an optional essay (the 15 Feb deadline) which ended up being truly heinous and unsalvagable. I'm going to have to enter it anyway, but I am truly ashamed of it, and it won't win what it's supposed to win.

Idiot me 4) Was late to dinner with Weilong because I couldn't tell which buses were NTU internal shuttle buses, then

Idiot me 5) went to class half-knowing that I didn't do my homework. Half-knowing because there was homework, but it was not mentioned at the previous class so maybe it got cancelled somehow.

Idiot me 6) Got to class and found out that I didn't owe a single piece of work - I owed TWO instead, a questionnaire and a research proposal. (I thought we were one week behind, so I thought I was safe.) Somehow managed to wing it, except that

Incompetent and narrow-minded teacher 7) my proposal (buying content online: television show consumption in Singapore) got shot down because the teacher wasn't familiar with the Internet. "Why do you only focus on tv shows? Why don't you ask people what they download?" is what she asked. So because my teacher is *sigh* a technical idiot, I have to be magnanimous and stoop down to her level. Read - change my topic so that she actually understands it (download patterns by Singaporeans under-25.)

I'm exhausted 8) So the day is finally over, and I'm on my way home. I got to NTU at 930am. Finish class at 930pm. I phone my mother to tape Desperate Housewives. I'm exhausted. But I still need to post that essay I slogged over. So I drag my sorry ass to the SAM machine to weigh it. It's gotta be postmarked tomorrow, and sent to Switzerland. I tap on the screen, and suddenly it says

Infinite postage cost 9) that I have to pay $6.95 in postage should I want to send it via air mail. Surface would cost $2. Email would be free/negligible amount. Facing a (6.95 x infinity) increase in cost, I decided that I would just email it. Only problem is my computer won't connect to my scanner after I reinstalled WinXP. But I have another scanner, so I could install it I guessed. We even had the CD-ROM beside the scanner: what more could you ask for? I plug in the iPod and avoid staring and listening to Desperate Housewives on TV mobile so that I could get home to watch it "untainted". I get home, and

Blue Screen 10) discover that my mother taped an hour's worth of blue fuzzy screen, because she didn't switch the channel back from the DVD channel I was watching last night.

Exhausted, gonna cry 11) By this time, I'm exhausted and ready to cry at the drop of a hat because I'm just tired, and it's been a crappy day. I grab the extra scanner and try to install it but

Evil CD-ROM 12) The CD-ROM doesn't want to be read because of an MS-DOS error or other. So I have to download the 6MB scanner driver which may or may not work from the epson website. I started downloading before I started writing this post, and it's only at 82%. Do you think it'll work? (It works, but very badly.)

So I had a really, really suckky day today.

[Crappy Day]
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