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dimanche, mars 20, 2005

 Study hard, play hard

So now that I'm stuck working my ass off all week in the far flung corners of our little socialist Kingdom (read: NTU), the weekends are a time where I delude myself into thinking that I will actually STUDY when I come home. So I cart all these books and readings and pencils and paper into my bag (along with other unmentionables which come home to be laundered), then promptly disappear into the generic abyss called Orchard Road for the whole of Friday night and Saturday.

First, a total recall of class 31-97 leads to a pathetic state of affairs where only four meet - but hey, at least we got to know that one of our classmates led a hedonistic life of self-discovery for two years in the US before settling down in her current (fantabulously orange-coloured) job. We also discovered that the Raffles Hotel chef (sous-chef? pastry chef?) from France is quite the character. And if you think by saying "character", I mean "total righteous asshole of a poopy-head", you've got that right. But he's a French Paris-ian - did you expect class instead of crass? Michelle and I topped off the evening with That CD Shop buys - me buying FOUR $10 China imports of Robbie Williams (two albums, Swing and Best Of), Joss Stone (Body, Mind and Soul) and George Michael (Patience). How I miss the days where everything could be bought off the net... without cash. *wink*

(On the by-and-by, I have a HIDEOUS story about China chinese students to narrate, but I'm still in the middle of a situation, and the whole story would have a more fitting end when all the stupid little details have been ironed out. Suffice it to say that I was suitably olfactorily offended.)

Then on Saturday, Mr s.Tan invited me to watch a preview screening of Coach Carter with him, specially for teachers. We sat beside this middle-aged lady who was at first alone, then suddenly COMMANDED a bunch of youngish looking (what I presume to be) teachers to sit beside her. "Obviously a HOD," I whispered to Mr s.Tan, who pretty much agreed with me with a snigger.

A sudden pleasant surprise meeting with Ms Neo and merf pretty much stretched my day to its limits. A day which started with me expecting to eat a WHOLESOME, HEALTHY Subway lunch - thanks to the impromptu party - quickly developed into a gastronomic Amazing Race along Orchard Road: first, an APPLE (the $2000 kind, not the crunchy types), then Mos, then Coffee Club, then Cuppage food court, then Carrefour to buy a TUB of Ben & Jerry's and some shi lin chicken to top it off nicely. WHY DID WE EAT THAT ICE-CREAM?!

And now Mr s.Tan is starting to suggest training for next year's biathlon again. (That's just crazy talk, man!)

[Study hard, play hard]
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