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lundi, avril 18, 2005

 House of D...isaster? Despair? Decomposition?

(CNN) -- David Duchovny claims he wrote the screenplay for "House of D" in only six days. It shows.

The situations that drive the plot -- about an American artist living in Paris who, in an effort to come to terms with his past, describes his youth in New York's Greenwich Village to his Parisian wife and his 13-year-old son -- are completely contrived and totally lacking in any logic whatsoever.

Creative license is one thing, but this story is a car wreck.

Okay, my love for Duchovny knew no bounds when I was in secondary school, but seriously, this guy should just go back, finish his PhD in comparative literature or something, and just be glad that he got pretty good mileage out of The X-Files.

Why, oh, why, did you title the film "House of D"? That's just a cry for help, man. Why did you do that embarassing photoshoot with the teacups? And the other one with the lycra pants? And yet another one with the other shiny pants? Why did you agree to act in Playing God? Why did you not rise to Pitt-like fame after Kalifornia? What possessed you to star in Return To Me? Why didn't you get a part in the next Julianne Moore movie after macking with her in Evolution? How is it possible that your agent did not get you anything good after The X-Files? And don't you dare even think about signing up for that X-Files II movie that I know is coming out after that Fight The Future one - CHRIS CARTER, YOUR MONEY HORSE IS D-E-D, DEAD, STOP FLOGGING IT, LEAVE IT ALONE. How did a person who wrote a masters thesis on Samuel Beckett get such a horrible review? 17% on rottentomatoes, Dave - that's a huge smelly online splat! for your movie - and I'm suspecting that Robin Williams might have had something to do with the 17%.

Why couldn't you have just stayed in our minds as smoulder-mulder? *sigh* This self-mutilation has to stop. Don't you have kids now? Are you insecure because your wife's getting interesting big-screen parts in Spanglish, and you're... a househusband? There's nothing wrong with that, it's alright if you stay at home and get the kids to do their homework. Just... stop this self-abuse, please.

[House of D...isaster? Despair? Decomposition?]
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