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jeudi, avril 28, 2005

 Out Of Character? Maybe I'm changing... for the worse

Today, I did something very out of character. I remembered the time for an examination wrongly in the worst way - I thought it was an afternoon paper, when it was a morning paper. Yes, I wrote it down. No, I don't know how it happened. It just got stuck in my head that it was an afternoon paper.

So, around rolls 930am, and Jasmine calls me, a concerned tone in her voice.

"Hey girl, where are you?"

I look at the clock. 9.30am. I realise that one of the imagined scenarios in my head the night before was coming true - I had remembered the time for the examination wrongly.

"In hall."

"Exam's at 9.30!"

"I'm on my way."

I wipe my face, grab my glasses, a fistful of pens, and go out the door. Take two steps, come back, grab my watch. Take three steps, come back, grab my jacket, and off I go. Along the way, I'm thanking God for a million and one things:

1) Thank God I was all done with studying (or all the studying I wanted to do already, anyway, I wasn't planning on doing any "last minute essential readings" that morning);
2) Thank God I was already up - I had woken up at 8.30, and had just been lightly sleeping till about 9.20, when I really couldn't close my eyes anymore and was lazing around in bed, wondering about whether to get up early;
3) Thank God that I DIDN'T get up at 9.20, because that would have meant MISSING Jasmine's precious, God-sent phone call as I would have been showering in the bathroom for 10 minutes, and could not have called her back, as she would have been stuck in the exam hall without the telephone;
4) Thank God that I was in Hall 3 and;
5) Thank God that the exam was in Hall 7, which is next door, a two-minute walk away - or a one minute run;
6) Thank God that I got there only 2-3 minutes past the start of the exam.

For some reason, I was really calm. I don't know how to explain it - it's like the worst thing that could have happened, but there were so many other things which could have gone wrong too, you know? A million and other things could have conspired to make me TOTALLY miss the exam - or at least, miss the first half-hour, which would have effectively barred me from the exam.

I also now realise the extent of how screwed-up my life has become - a number of friends and colleagues who I mentioned this to have commented that it didn't really seem like "me" to do something like this. P.S. said that I "almost turned into (him)!" My office-mate, who has known me for a paltry four (incomplete) months, also said that I seemed like the kind of person who was on top of things, and not likely to do something like this. My mother, for crying out loud, expressed her immense surprise too. But trust me, nothing can be greater than the surprise I gave myself. I think I'll go do some meditating on my priorities in life. What's happening to me?!

ETA: I wanted to write about XXX2, which I went to see after (1) shopping at Zara, and (2) watching Singing in The Rain at home, which was the triple-mocha-expresso-like heaven which I so did not deserve after pulling the late stunt in the morning, but it didn't really seem to fit with the post, so I write about it tomorrow.

[Out Of Character? Maybe I'm changing... for the worse]
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