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lundi, avril 25, 2005

 Paper or plastic? (aka Don't you think it's ironic that we get high on something which is totally legal?)

(This is a stupid response to Today's article on "Is Singapore a nation of plastic-bag junkies?")

To whom it may concern,

Paper or plastic? You're kidding right - you and I both know that plastic's going to win hands down in our polystyrene-loving city. And you know how I know this? Because I've bought from both Rotiboy and Breadtalk. Before you write this post off, let me embellish the tale a little: Rotiboy uses paper bags to hold its buns, while Breadtalk uses plastic.

Picture this: I buy from Breadtalk, and the counter staff shoves my Flosss bun into a semi-transparent plastic bag, dumps my Crouching Tiger Hidden Bacon into another, then puts both into another larger plastic bag. I pay, grab the bag, and go merrily on my way, whistling as I swing my bag by the handle.

Now, picture this: I buy from Rotiboy, and order two of their coffee buns. The counter staff hand me two paper bags, collects the money, and off I go. Oh dear. The bags, while cute and brown and quite possibly more environmentally-friendly, have no handles. Oh well, no whistling and no swinging, I suppose. I carefully fold the bags closed, and place them upright in my bag, reminding myself not to jostle for a place on the MRT as I make my way home. Along the way back, I decide that TV Mobile's been particularly annoying that day, and so rummage through my bag for my iPod. Found it! Oily. And slightly covered with crumbs. Because the paper bags, while being cute and brown and quite possibly more environmentally-friendly, not only do not come with handles that can be twisted shut (therefore averting the crumbs disaster), but are also porous! Which is good for my calorie-intake because those little buns pack a surprising amount of butter in them, but bad for my little Apple investment.

I am a big fan of decreasing our dependence on plastic bag usage - I refuse plastic bags when I buy small items, and I am all in for the introduction of brown paper bags in supermarkets. But apart from the differences between the two materials (I think it would be logistically impossible for a HDB housewife to go home from her local NTUC with four bulging brown paper bags without handles), the larger problem is that it's not been introduced by anyone yet. So yes, bring on the paper bag trials! Develop the world's first super-strong yet super-biodegradable paper bag! Patent it and ISO-9000 it! Put a bottle of NeWater in it and give it out during National Day!

Just... leave the trash cans in the streets please. I once held a chewing gum wrapper in my hand for two hours in Tokyo Japan, looking for a bin. (I finally threw it away at the hotel when I got back.)

[Paper or plastic? (aka Don't you think it's ironic that we get high on something which is totally legal?)]
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