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vendredi, avril 22, 2005


Continuing with my super-duper movie blitz (I hereby dub this year, the year of the movie for me), I watched Sahara today after regurgitating an entire textbook in three hours (exam lah.)

After weird duds like The Pacifier, The Wedding Date, Be Cool, with the odd Hitch, Constantine and Howl's Moving Castle thrown in, FINALLY, a movie I can give two thumbs up and scream - GO WATCH! Especially if you're into Matthew McConaughey - I don't really like him - too much teeth and that weird Texas (or is it New Jersey?) drawl just rubs me the wrong way, so I hate to admit that he's disgustingly adorable in this movie, with an extremely cool buff body to match. A little sunburnt though, but I guess it's alright if we take our eggs over-easy sometimes? The first time that we see him is when he shows off his unbelievable six-pack while climbing up a raft from diving. The next time we see him, he's in a hero pose being hauled up from the ocean floor with an algae-covered coffin, with "We're An American Band" (which, due to horrible enunciation by the lead singer, sounds a LOT like "American Man") playing in the movie's background. Equal parts rogue, ex-Navy (SEAL?), bad-boy, sweet-talking charmer... and his pairing with Steven Zahn (whom I haven't seen since You've Got Mail and Out Of Sight) is just ... disgustingly adorable. It's not exactly an Ocean's Eleven caper flick, but it comes close - think Ocean's Eleven with two boys trapped in men's bodies, in the desert. That's Sahara.

Come on, would you not kill for abs like his? Useless artifact

Don't think too much - it's not a movie where you should expect too many cheem things to happen. There's explorers from NUMA (National Underwater and Maritime Agency) who are in Africa, a crazysexycool guy who's really into Civil War ships (Matt. M), and Africa. Oh, and Penelope Cruz, who's a doctor with the WHO. She doesn't really need to be there, except to be the gurl. So much for female emancipation.

There's a part in the movie where this great exchange takes place (I'm paraphrasing since I obviously don't have the script with me):
Steve Zahn (Z) - You know the guys you meet at your high school reunion, who's got a dead-end job which will last him till he drops dead, who married a shrew, and has three kids who hate him?
Matt M (M) -
Z - Well here we are, two grown men, in Africa, out in the desert, on camels, looking for contaminated water, in order to save half the African continent...
M - Yeah?
Z - So when's the time when we sit down and evaluate our decision-making priorities?
I think I snorted up a whole noseful of bubble tea during that exchange. I love it! I want to be them! They've perfected the blinkless attitude which I love and taken it to a whole new level of cool.

Ooh, another totally snort-worthy moment: Z, M and this other researcher guy (tech nerd, all movies need them) are on an external expedition, M makes a decision to stretch the expedition to search for a sunken ship, effectively ruining their trip to dive in Australia.

Nerd guy - Aw, man! But I was hoping to meet a girl on the Australia trip!
Z - (with a mock-excited expression) Naaah - Africa! Plague! Civil War! Ship of Death! Yeah!

(After typing this out, I realise that it only works if you see it with Zahn's inflection and expression. Oh well. You had to be there.)

The movie's worse than Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd in terms of Chance and Coincidence, with M and Z always running into the good doctor, and how Z and M are supposedly ex-Navy personnel, I don't know - they don't really care much for authority, and keep blowing things up. And M is a super duper ultra huge busybody - there isn't a helicopter he won't follow, a door he won't knock on, a camel he won't ride... it doesn't take suspension of disbelief to a new level, but it comes close. BUT IT'S FUN! And the music? Superbly chosen to match the sequences. Excellent stuff.

I apologise for the lack of ... restraint? ... in this post; I'm slightly delirious from the aftermath of the exam this afternoon.

ETA: Oh, one thing which really bugged me: Penelope Cruz wears a HAT. Now, I have NOTHING against hats, I LOVE hats, even when they look like chickens are sitting on top of your head. But she wears a HAT. To the BEACH. In her bikini. With her sunglasses on top. Now that's just WRONG.


It's a HAT. On a BEACH. In a bikini. WITH SUNGLASSES.

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