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mercredi, avril 06, 2005

 The Wedding Date

Continuing on with my movie watching blitz (there's a bizarre momentum in all of this), today's movie I watched was The Wedding Date, with Debra Messing and that guy from the other wedding movie... uh... wait, let me google the movie... Dermot Mulroney.

My verdict? Give this one a miss, it's not even worth a $5 @ Clementi Empress viewing.

The movie is a total mess - the premise of the movie is a sort of reverse Pretty Woman - rent a guy (Mulroney) to make the other guy (who dumped you) jealous. The whole time during the movie, I was waiting to see how Messing and Mulroney eventually fall for each other. It never happened. One minute, they were business associates, the next minute... they're still business associates, except suddenly they're kissing and making out (amongst other things). There's this weird tension between Messing and her family, and there's a weird camadarie which builds between her dad and Mulroney, and then... nothing. I don't understand it - the premise was good, it was set in London, there were pretty people in the cast, and I'm very sure that there were some other scenes shot that could have tied the movie together better, but I think something went wrong in the editing room because the whole movie just sank/stank.

And it started so well too! With The Corr's "Leave Me Breathless", then Michael Bublé's "Save the Last Dance", then Maroon 5's "Secret", then Michael Bublé's "Home", then Michael Bublé's "Home" again... and I think that pretty much sums up the highlights of the movie. The Maroon 5 insert, in particular, which was played over certain (in)discretions in a boat (of all places.) Unfortunately, my enjoyment was short-lived due to extremely bad cuts in that scene. I don't mind not seeing... anything, but would it have been hard (dirty!) to run the track over the cut? There was no dialogue, there was no heavy breathing, there were no extraneous sounds to mess up a patch-job. Ah well. Not like a patch job could have saved this absolute flop of a movie.

And with this movie, I think I've exhausted all the English movie possibilities to watch (save the art house flicks), except for maybe The Pacifier, which I will watch because the oh-so-talented Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls will be making an appearance as a Principal (or something). Vin Diesel who?

[The Wedding Date]
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