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vendredi, juin 17, 2005

 Congratulations Mer & Ben!

In the custom of pre-mobile phone days, I had a five-hour long chat with Merlyn today on the telephone, complete with toilet breaks and call-you-back-later breaks. Almost as if to prove how long we've not met/talked, she told me that she's gotten engaged! Going on a month now! Teachers and their insane schedules... tsk tsk.

She was waiting to meet me in person to show me the ring and to tell me in person, but we were out of contact for too long and she couldn't wait any longer, so she just said, in typical fashion: "Guess what. I have a ring on my finger." Good thing she told me now - so I can to start shopping for a fabulous dress that will still fit me two years from now. (Or find and adhere to a strict, strict exercise routine between now and then. Can anyone say "fat chance"?) Ooh, and I told her to start planning the seating plan properly.

A significant portion of the five-hour telephone call was spent on things like "Oh no! You'll have to PAY YOUR OWN PUB BILLS NOW!" and on stuff like, "Eh, you will own a fridge!" "I already owned a fridge when I stayed in hostel wat," "No, but now you'll own a big, grown-up fridge, and HEY! You can buy those sexy matte-silver fridges, like the one on The Nanny!" and other things like "You'll have your own address, and everything will be addressed to YOU, not your parents liao! Eh, apply for HDB already or not?" A little silly, but these are the symbols of growing up to both of us...

This sort of ties in to a similar discussion I had with Ade over the whole growing-up thing - I commented that her pant-shirt ensemble looked good, and she said that it just makes her look like she knows what she's doing, but she still feels like a kid inside. This tangented into a discussion on how many people in Shenton Way/Tanjong Pagar actually have any freaking clue what they're doing.

CONGRATS MER! (gnoliew will be pleased to hear but might be slightly peeved, if his "red bomb" posts are anything to go by...)

[Congratulations Mer & Ben!]
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