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mardi, juin 14, 2005

 Youth Camp Night 2005

Youth Camp Night 2005
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Well then. More than six months of planning, and in four days, it's over. And what a blast the four days were: cold showers at 2am in the morning (nothing like freezing your blood in your veins for a good night's rest), walks to the beach in the dead of the night (with a pit stop at 7-11), talking talking talking the night away, movie marathons, hyperventilation... you name it, we've probably got it.

I'm so glad that it went down alright with everyone; granted that the facilities of the Sentosa Campsite really left a lot to be desired, but it was the best that we could afford on our really really tight budget, without increasing the camp fees to an astronomical amount. We definitely could have gotten a cheaper "campsite", but that would have meant holding it in the middle of the city, in a hostel/hotel type place, which would have really limited the space for the type of interaction and games we wanted. In Sentosa, at least we got the beach and the trees and the space to play "Amazing Race" as one of the R&R games.

God's presence was definitely around us during the camp. We've prayed for many things to happen, and for this camp to be the first step towards something larger than ourselves - perhaps even the first step towards a combined youth ministry - and I'm pleased to bits that people are exchanging MSN contacts and emails and are generally getting to know each other better.

The photo's from a pageant that was held on camp night - and thanks to Jacob, almost became an xxx-rated affair - fancy that, a church camp becoming xxx-rated! Only Jacob. I thought that the R&R committee did an excellent job in planning and executing games - it definitely wasn't their fault that this whole hunky Navy battalion just had to have an outing on the beach the day that we were supposed to play outdoor games that day. All the girls were definitely distracted by the tanned bodies and quite amazing pecs that were on display.

I really hope everyone had a good time. We'll start planning for the next camp once the nightmares have faded from the memories of the camp committee. :-)

[addendum] And it's very fun hearing scandal after scandal of people... especially of a very dear brother of mine avec another sister. Like I told Beverly, my antennae is not broken, it simply doesn't exist, so my knowledge of this scandal is preciousss indeed. :) So exciting.

[Youth Camp Night 2005]
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