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vendredi, novembre 24, 2006

 Bintan, Indonesia

So it figures that the next excursion out of Singapore that I take is one where I'm super groggy from the lack of sleep and grumpy at having to lug a whole assortment of stuff which should have been packed in rollable suitcases (don't take it personal, rie), so I don't have time to take in the sights as I sit on a boat (yay! I love ships) and head over to Bintan, Indonesia as a favour to a friend. I was snoozing all the way.

The whole place is pretty! Very nice, lush grounds with lots of service and stuff around to amuse you - too bad diving season is over and won't open again until April (which means Nongsa = spa to Mich and Rie and me, sigh), but plenty of sunshine and sea and sand!

There's lots of wide open spaces, lots of sea breeze, and the whole place just feels like a wonderful escape from Singapore... which it is - just one hour away! I didn't really get the hotel rates, but they shouldn't be that expensive. I'm thinking of it as a getaway for a youth retreat or something, although something cheaper might doas well - I doubt that this will cost less than S$200 a night.

Oh, and I rather like this pretty tree that rested on an island in the middle of one of their parks which we held our games in. Too bad it started raining like mad in the middle of everything. It all worked out in the end; Sara's a professional, and kept her cool throughout. Me? I'm just glad I wasn't in charge that day. Feels so good to be part of the activities without being The Head for once. After too many church/youth/children's camps where you're expected to solve all the problems, it's wonderfully liberatingly refreshing to have someone deal with locations, wet-weather plans, authority figures and the like.

I hope everyone had fun. I know I did, despite PE getting horrifically sick (poor girl!) and someone being slapped in the face with a wristwatch (wrist attached) accidentally during a particularly rough game of (of all things!) dog-and-bone.

One thing struck me as odd though - I've grown up on a diet of crazy games like Whacko and the Blanket game, Dog and Bone and Captain's Ball, caterpillar crawl, tangle, leg-tying etc, but this seems to be the exception rather than the norm - or at least, in this group that came together. When SL explained the blanket-name game to Sara, it didn't seem as if Sara was familiar with the game either - which again, was surprising to me, and made me re-evaluate my childhood and the games that I played. I suppose being part of huge camp-organising groups like prefects/monitor/church and other christian groups really educated me on group games - something which education can't really provide directly.

Coming back on the boat that night (it was a one day trip) was as uneventful as the going - watching So You Think You Can Dance with the girls was fun, but after that we were all sleeping again, wanting to get home asap. Sara kindly dropped me off at Little India, where I promptly got semi-molested by an idiot (see prior post). Wonderful.

[Bintan, Indonesia]
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