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mercredi, avril 11, 2007

 Paul Wolfowitz and Shaha Riza: Screwed locally, screwed globally

the At the same time that my status as a Singaporean status is getting royally screwed over by our loving government (that I've never voted for or against since I'm always in a walkover constituency without opposition), my status as an employee (no matter how temporary) is also being completely screwed over by my warmongering big big boss, as he promotes and pays his (now ex-) girlfriend gajillions - /rant ok, that's an exaggeration, but my income for 2006 was S$13K and I'm not even eligible for income tax YET I get the minimum Econ Restructuring Shares or Singapore Shares because I live in MY PARENTS HOUSE /rant - and now, the shit is really, really hitting the ceiling for him because someone leaked it to a great agency called the Government Accountability Project, which is a place where whistleblowers can go to report ethical crap like this.

Why don't we have this in Singapore? Obviously the time has come for us to set in place a Corruption Investigations Board which is INDEPENDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT. Separation of powers, anyone? HELLO? Have we stopped pretending we are a democratic country? And now we're banning yet another "politically inflammatory" film because it could "undermine the government"!? HELLO?! I think YOU are the one that needs the reality check - you NEED TO BE UNDERMINED, YOU ARE ASKING FOR IT. You bet your ass I'm angry.

See the beautiful train wreck begin to unfold:
22 Mar 2007 Examiner.com Wolfowitz, Riza call it quits
28 Mar 2007 Washington Post Where the Money Is
04 Apr 2007 Washington Post Still stepping out: World Bank prez Paul Wolfowitz and Shaha Riza
06 Apr 2007 Washington Post 'Outrage' at World Bank Over Colleague's Generous Salary
09 Apr 2007 Wall Street Journal Wolfowitz Responds to Controversy Over Staffer
09 Apr 2007 Washington Post Flap Over World Bank's Generous Raises Goes Global
09 Apr 2007 Washington Post Wolfowitz accepts responsibility for promotion
10 Apr 2007 Associated Press Bank Chief Helped Female Friend Get Job
10 Apr 2007 International Herald Tribune World Bank president defends friend's reassignment
10 Apr 2007 New York Times
World Bank Chief Seeks to Quell Favoritism Talk

The credibility of the WB as an institution has been damaged more in these months by this man's appointment, than anything the WB could ever do to promote its anti-nonAmerican intolerance, like NOT HIRING ME FULL TIME WITH BENEFITS. And you want us to SIT DOWN and SHUTUP while you give your GIRLFRIEND MASSIVE pay increases? And you DARE to tell us that this is not something which should be done because we're not allowed to whistleblow your sorry white ass? You, who on Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11 was videoed as licking your comb, then spitting on your hand to smooth your hair before meeting the press?

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[Paul Wolfowitz and Shaha Riza: Screwed locally, screwed globally]
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