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dimanche, mai 06, 2007

 Spider-man 3: Emo-Spidey

Given that I love love love the Spider, have all the episodes of Spider-Man: TAS, as well as the Spider-Man CGI series that came out after the first movie, I'd say Spider-Man 3 can do no wrong in my eyes. So overall, I love it, but I understand the flaws that come with it. But it still rocks for me, cos I'm one of those juvenile fans that the press always talks about.

Spoilers ahead, read with caution.

1. Everyone cries. This film is very emo. Exploring the "inner-self" and "getting in touch with your feelings" seems to have affected everyone - Peter, MJ, Harry, Aunt May, Eddie Brock (Venom), Flint Marco (Sandman), the police commissioner etc - everyone's emo. With just cause, but still! It's an ACTION flick, not a chick flick! I was amused.

2. Hair equates badness. Long hair over your eyes means you're bad, good guys comb their hair back. I was most annoyed at this - it's like Superman/Clark Kent's glasses. Do you think we're stupid?

3. Wasted villians. Venom is killed? What about Carnage? Poor Marco Flint! He's got a kid and a story to tell! Why let him go with the wind? And the new Goblin (who's actually supposed to be the Green Goblin, since his daddy was supposed to be the Hobgoblin, but everything's messed up in the movies) - why did you kill Harry? Don't you know that we love James Franco because he's HOT and DRRRTY, the way that clean-cut Spidey isn't? (Drrty Spidey just looks like an oily mafia hanger-on, with the greasy hair and the black suit and black shirt.) Not enough that you made Topher Grace look FUGLY with that haircut, you KILLED him as well, so now we have to do without two really hot dudes in the movies? Tobey's cute, but he can't carry the whole thing, not with the mopey 'tude.

4. The girl, the girl, the GIRL! Gwen Stacy should have been given more screen time, given that she's The Original Girl. Either that, or she should have DIED because of the goblin (come ON, give us some comic continuity!) and Spidey breaks up with his premature MJ romance because he's consumed with guilt which would SO FIT IN with the theme that Sam Raimi was goin for. You've killed the villians, get the GIRL RIGHT.

5. Doc Connors, Doc Conners, wherefore art thou Lizard? After appearing in three movies with nary a twitch in that direction, perhaps the correct answer to ask would be: WHENfore art thou Lizard? When? And I think taking away the discovery of how to contain the Martian Symbiote from you was a terrible crime.

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[Spider-man 3: Emo-Spidey]
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