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samedi, juin 30, 2007

 St. Nicholas Girls: FIVE Tales (updated)

In debates, there are good days, and there are bad days. It's the same with debate coaching: you win some, and you lose some.

Today was a cute day: while dealing with teens stressing out preparing for the impromptu debate I had set them, I told the oppo team (prepping at the canteen) that the debate would start once I had finished my orange bowl noodles.

Seeing that I only had three strands of guotiao and one fishball left, J screamed from across the aisle: "EAT SLOWER! I BUY YOU ANOTHER BOWL!"

Being an hour early for dinner at Central with L, S and YL (also known as the SNGS Class of 1996's 10 Year Anniversary Reunion Committee) allowed me time to sit for an hour by the Singapore River, watching the sun go down.

I love the fact that I could sit by the river and just hang there, listening to my iPod. The place is pretty, nobody bothers you, and between 7-8pm, the weather is excellent for just sitting and taking in the beauty that is the city. And it is beautiful!

There's just something about being beside a body of water which makes things more pleasant. I used to work at a building which overlooked the harbour, and lunchtimes spent in the office were really great because the pantry/kitchen had a lovely view.

This spot is also a spot where you can simply sit down and (if you tilt your head up a little), have a relatively clear view of the sky.

Finally finally FINALLY meeting up with Yunyu. Seeing as how she had three concerts at the Esplanade which I couldn't attend, and that she was here for a month while I was in Cambodia, our paths only managed to cross at 830am on Wednesday morning, just before she left to go back to Australia.

She claims to be "batshit crazy", but honestly, I love this girl not for the insanely fantastic music she produces, but for the fact that in Sec 1, she sat beside me and basically saved me in chinese class. I would ALWAYS be called on to read from the textbook, and it would INEVITABLY be the "x.4"th chapter in the 课本, which WOULDN'T HAVE ANY F**KING HANYU PINYIN, and she would mutter the entire paragraph two words ahead of me so that my poor brain didn't explode in the classroom.

Meeting YY, my primary 3 best friend of sorts, after about... a decade of not seeing each other? She and I would both hang out together, our parents would send each other back home, and the shared history together meant that we both remember each other's FULL addresses, especially since both our postal codes were the same at that time - 2057! The catching-up was extremely fun, and I was only sorry that her family didn't join us, but when they move back to the YCK area, I'll definitely go bother them for a dinner or something.

It's amazing how little we change: K just sent me this via email, with the message: "this is so you", and you know what, she's completely right because I am loving it like nobody's business. Bad boys bad boys!

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[St. Nicholas Girls: FIVE Tales (updated)]
Sngs Alumni @ 30.6.07 { 1 comments }


Wow...Yunyu and...uhh...I know her but what's her name again? OHH, Lorraine...=)

hahaaa...was your chinese needing that much help?...=) this is cool...catching up with old old friends...

By Blogger Silvia Liu, at 13 juillet 2007 à 03:06:00 UTC+8


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