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dimanche, novembre 02, 2008

 So you think you like dance? Check the dance burn on YouTube

You'll love (or hate) this real-life Step Up 2 challenge that was being waged on YouTube between John Chu & Adam G. Sevani (director and actor in Step Up 2 respectively), and Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux (of the Miley and Mandy Show, obviously not really widely available in this part of the world).

Chu/Adam came up with a real ball-buster of a challenge video: outright and in-your-face, and dedicated to M&M (or maybe Eminem?) to boot.

Check it:

It's a little bit of a pity that the video's so lo-fi, but I suppose they wanted it to be raw, and really shot on an iPhone (or something similar).

Of course the girls wouldn't stand for it, and took the party to the ... binary, I suppose. Since A/C had already declared the rules as "There Are No Rules", they engaged none other than Channing Tatum, the totally lanky/hot guy who was in Step Up, and made a guest appearance in Step Up 2.

Their video was definitely more slick than A/C's, with loads more editing, and definitely better lighting (being that lights kind of make or break a video), and flipped the proverbial bird back at the boys.

The boys shot a salvo back with their 2nd video: "This is just the beginning," Chu teases. I particularly enjoyed their improper use of a facial steamer (!!!) to announce Sevani's entrance!

Wired.com writes that this response is sorta like a game of "our Rolodexes are more stocked than yours", since it features appearances by Amanda Bynes, Chris Brown, Adam Sandler, Lindsay Lohan (woah), and even Diana Ross (!!!)

Bad form with the use of Miley Cyrus' "Nobody's Perfect" right in the centre, and Chris Rice screaming "Step yo game up!" - very nasty smoke!

By this time, the whole thing's garnered enough traction to make executives and advertisers sit up - so of course, it moves to you know, regular TV, in the form of a parody dance-off between Mike Myers and Chris Brown (LiLo is also in attendance.) And well, as far as MTV can be considered "regular tv".

Yeah, I thought the stomach roll thing was kinda gross too.

The latest response from the girls is a nice purple haze:

I don't know about having Carson Daly in the mix though!

I guess this is what young stars do for fun: pick fights with other young stars about how long their little black books stretch.

All's well that ends well: with a live dance-off at MTV's Teen Choice Awards, of course. I only hope that this started off as a spontaneous challenge, and not one of those lonelygirl15 scams.

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[So you think you like dance? Check the dance burn on YouTube]
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