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samedi, mai 09, 2009

 Stop jumping the shark OOC-ing

This post will not make sense to you if you do not watch Bones, or House, MD.

I don't really watch much TV - just get the shows, and watch them. I don't follow many, because of my tendency to grow slightly (just ever so slightly) obsessive-compulsive about them. So I only follow a couple at a time. In the past year or so, it's been Bones, and even more recently, House MD.

They are KILLING my shows with the jumping of the shark, and characters behaving OOC. It's terrible. I'm not sure if ratings are down, or if they've just run out of storylines, but I just finished watching Bones, and suddenly Brennan wants a baby (after having listed ten billion biological imperatives NOT to procreate), and she wants Booth's sperm to do it. The resultant conversations between Booth and Brennan, Booth and Cam, Brennan and her team, Booth and Brennan and Sweets - all completely uncomfortable to watch. The only real conversation occurs between Angela and Brennan - but that's only because Angela's been pushing the Booth angle hard since the first episode (Bones is now in its fourth season.) The whole thing is TERRIBLE.

To make things worse, they're leading off to the final episode of the season with Booth having a brain tumour, with one more episode of nonsense to go. I just hope that I don't see anymore Family Guy Stewie in Booth's hallucinations.

Speaking of hallucinations, we kill House's amazing series of vicodin-sponsored cutthroat bitch subconscious. But end up with House and Cuddy getting their freak on. Which is completely hot, but the OOC thing is driving me insane with annoyance. I will sign the social contract that engages me as a TV watcher, and suspend my disbelief for the period of time that I watch the show. However, I cannot condone illogical leaps - like detox taking ONE NIGHT? House should have had the shakes for a week, and he should have been very, very nasty to Cuddy. Mean, horrible, like he was back in Season 3 when he was shouting at her and telling her she'd be a really bad mother (3x09).

And at the end? "I always want to kiss you." From Dr. Gregory House? Impossible. Replace "kiss" with "enter a workplace-unacceptable euphemism for 'have wild sex with'" and you might get closer to what the character might really have said.

It's the proverbial 20-minutes before the show ends, and I'm left with one episode left per show. I'm cringing at how bad they might make it, and how much I could possibly bitch about it. Interesting thing is that Brendan Fehr will be making an appearance, as well as poor Ryan O'Neal, and the other interns. Brennan might decide to have a team of interns under her, which would (sigh) make it like House and his interns.

Maybe it's the Hugh Laurie - Stephen Fry connection between the two shows. Why are they mirroring each other?

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[Stop jumping the shark OOC-ing]
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