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vendredi, mai 30, 2003


{*} Thanks y'all for all the messages and stuff; it's a wholly new feeling to actually NOT have Internet access, and then come back to receive 8 messages! I feel so loved. :)

{*} From the pages of my travel journal :-

In the morning of overnight prayer in NUS 2001, I went to school via my usual route through Clementi, and, on a whim, bought a piece of soap and a towel just in case I wanted to bathe at the end of the event (which was being held at the Sports Hall). I did bathe, but thought it was an unneccessary purchase at the time, since I didn't really really need it - the towel was thin - about half the fluffiness of the towels I usually use at home, and to buy the bar of soap just for one use was just dumb.

How wrong I was. About the towel, at least.

Though the towel's threadbare state left much to be desired in terms of drying efficacy, it also made it perfect for travelling, since it dried quickly. Who wants to travel with a half-damp towel stuffed somewhere in their backpack stinking up the clean clothes - or worse, hanging on your backpack (in an effort to dry it more quickly?) So this little mistake of a towel has travelled with me to wild, exotic places like Sentosa, and will now be making its little pathetic way around continental Europe with me. Not bad for a mistake huh?

{*} Yes, Nurul, WE ROOL THE SKOOL! Heh.

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mardi, mai 27, 2003



2nd Upper!!!

I'd like to thank God for the miracle, and for everyone for praying! And to think that I was about NOT to check because I was so afraid I'd ruin my holiday...

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vendredi, mai 23, 2003


Yes, ladies and gents, I am currently in Switzerland, the keyboard is all weird with the z and y letters inverted. Weather has been wierd and all, raining and dreary one day, and sunny and hot the next (toda�.)

Feeling like a fish out of water, actually; the conference seems to be just filled with business people paying money to network; the students seem to be here more for ego's sake; so that the organisers can boast that they have students from all over the world... but I am glad to be here I suppose; where else can you possibly get the chance to fly halfway around the world for free? And stay with a cute french host? (I will post pictures when I get home � )

Okay, gotta run; there's a queue for the 'net.

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lundi, mai 19, 2003


{*} Leaving on a jet plane tonight! Pray for journey mercy as I travel to and around Europe and the UK! My accomodation for the 31st of May is also still not settled, so please pray that I can get accomodation! It's quite a crucial night for me as I start touring the next day already :)

Love all of you, and will miss all of you more than you'll know. I will blog/email when I can.


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{*} Travelling Bug:
So Singapore hasn't been declared SARs-free yet - but looks like I'm cleared for takeoff. Don't think they can turn us back in mid-air.

19-25 - Switzerland
25-30 - Cambridge
31 - London

1-15 - Europe Tour
15-17 - London
17 - London-Switzerland/ Switzerland-Singapore
18 - Arrive back in Singapore 1815

And that's that - a rough sketch of my itinery in Europe/UK.

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dimanche, mai 18, 2003


{*} None of us knows and this makes it a mystery: if life is a comedy, then why all the tragedy? Three and a half pounds of brain try to figure out what this world is all about,

And is there an eternity?

God if You're there, I wish You'd show me,
And God if You care, then I need You to know me
I hope You don't mind me asking the questions
But I figure You're big enough

Lying on pillows we're haunted and half-awake: does anyone hear us pray "If I die before I wake?" Then the morning comes and the mirror's another place, where we wrestle face-to-face with the image of deity.

When I imagine the size of the Universe, and I wonder what's out past the edges; then I discover inside me a space as big, and believe that I'm meant to be filled up with more than just questions...

Big Enough by Chris Rice

Thank God God's big enough to take my questions and doubts about life, the universe, and everything, including Him.

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samedi, mai 17, 2003


{*} Travel plans HEADACHE!!! Sigh... so leychey this whole thing... no wonder people take tours.

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vendredi, mai 16, 2003

 Matrix and Me

{*} I am MUCH MUCH MUCH better, thank you all for your well-wishes and SMSes and calls and ICQs. Now I've got to contend with a HUGE ulcer that cropped up because (oh no!) my lower left wisdom tooth is coming out. I'm again praying that it won't develop any complications when I'm overseas.

{*} I'm leaving on Monday! That's just so soon. And I realise that I'm nervous whenever I leave the country alone without my parents. Talk about apron strings. But better now than never, I suppose.

{*} Ahhh. The Matrix Reloaded. Rather unfortunately, this sucked. If you haven't read it, don't read the rest of the post under the picture - they're all spoilers.

# I don't need to see so much kung fu. I know the kung fu is real. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss and whoever else worked really hard to polish up their jujitsu. Fine, good. Next!

# So Morpheus says that Zion shall survive the Sentinel attack. And then everyone has a rave techno party, and has sex? Uh, reality check please? [Adeline says: "i thought tt dance scene gratuitious too, but mebbe its supposed to highlight the whole we-are-humans-therefore-we-will-celebrate-sensuality-and-pleasure-coz-the-machines-can't point tt makes zion worthy of protection."]

# Why didn't Neo just go back into the city-door, and fly from that particular part of the Matrix? (Methinks he likes doing the Superman thing.)

# So Neo's a cold-hearted SOB who doesn't care about the human race, but only cares about Trinity?!? I can live with that. :)

# And the theme for Reloaded is... "that's what it was meant to be"? Or "I was made for this"?

# The Oracle's a rogue programme? It makes sense... and yet, doesn't.

I think that line pretty much sums up Reloaded for me: It makes sense... and yet, it doensn't - not really. Or perhaps, not yet?

# Now the scene is set for showdown, like a bad Western flick (add in the appropriate sound track here) - Neo vs. Agent Smith(s), otherwise known as Infinity. [ (c) Me 2003. ] Fighting for no other reason than - that's what Agent Smith was made for.

# The meeting with the Maker of the Matrix kinda reminded me of Dorothy meeting the Wizard of Oz, behind the (green) curtains. Revelations aplenty there too, but where's Toto?

# So in Revolutions, there are only gonna be the survivors of the Sentinel attack plus Neo & gang?

# What is with Neo being able to stop the Sentinels in real life? This is one story thread I'm the most keen on finding out in Revolutions, so they'd better answer the question properly.

# Zion "downloaded" Agent Smith (aka Infinity) too soon. Or that thread was very badly woven in - it sticks out like nylon on pure silk.

# Re: Fight sequence with 100 Smiths - "ManyMe"? Urgh.

# And what does the Matrix Maker mean when he says that Neo is a lie made up to fool Zionites? Aren't Zionites liberated eggs? Don't they already know the truth about the Matrix? I suppose any information comes from the Matrix, which is disconcerting because then (dis)information dissemination by the Robots then becomes more prolific, and just basically complicates things.

# They'd better re-use characters again. I wanna see more FreakyTwins, and more of Morpheus-Niobe. :)

[Matrix and Me]
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mercredi, mai 14, 2003


{*} A couple of years back, I was in San Francisco, where I had my portrait done by a street artist. When told I hailed from Singapore, he immediately word-related - "Singapore! Where they cane you for chewing gum, right?"

And then yet another couple of years ago (two, I think), I was in the UK travelling around England, Scotland and Wales. The people around there, when told I was from Singapore, exclaimed: "Singapore! That's in China, right?"

I think it's time we cleared some some misconceptions, folks. After Goh gone and went all pally with Bush Jr, chewing gum ain't banned no longer, pardner. They wined, they dined, they FTA-ed together!

And the WHO has congratulated Singapore on the steps they have taken to eradicate SARS, commending us particularly for our "level of transparency in reporting on the SARS situation in the territory, a degree of cooperation that would be valuable from all countries (read: China.)" THIS MEANS THAT SINGAPORE ISN'T IN CHINA!

For crying out loud, get a newspaper and a map.

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{*} Thank you so much for all your well-wishes and get-well-soons and drink-more-water and eat-your-medicine and see-doctor-NOW-lah! messages - I totally appreciate them, and yes:

1) I am trying to get well soon;
2) I am drinking a lot of barley water;
3) I am eating my medicine (chinese poh chye yan pills okay! dun play play!);
4) I saw a doctor on Monday at 1030am!

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mardi, mai 13, 2003


{*} Ooh, ooh, for those Alias fans out there who are ALSO looking for jobs, a quote for you! Thanks to televisionwithoutpity.com:
By the way, does anyone know how I can become a certified Rambaldi expert? There's a school over on Fullerton that offers certification for massage therapy, but I haven't seen anything about Rambaldi expertise.

And while we're on the subject, can a layman actually BE the most knowledgeable person on the subject of global organized crime? I mean, can you get a degree in that and put it to use in the corporate world? Or do you just have to maim and kill people and take over small countries? I mean, like, is it practical knowledge?

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lundi, mai 12, 2003


{*} I am sick. 38 deg fever on Sunday, and my stomach was feeling really really bad all the way till today; queasy and all. I suspect either food poisoning or stomach flu; please please please please pray that I will still be allowed to go to Switzerland - if they decide to quarantine me, I won't make it through the ten days period - I have 8 days in Singapore left.

{*} And in a fitting end to Mother's Day, my mommy took 1/2 day leave to bring me to the doctor's this morning. C'mon everyone - awwww....

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samedi, mai 10, 2003


{*} ... and today, another disappointment because I'm stupid. I can't work in the UNDP (different from the UN) because again, I don't have a third language that's either

French or Spanish.
French or Spanish.
French or Spanish.

I'm going to try to work my way toward working in the UN... hopefully I don't get too swallowed up by the working world, and the pursuit of $.

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vendredi, mai 09, 2003


{*} In honour of Zurich, Switzerland, a quote from Marc Chagall:

" In our life there is a single color, as on an artist�s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love."

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jeudi, mai 08, 2003


{*} Woo hoo! 150 visitors in a week? You love me, you really love me! (*blearh*). Someone found my blog by googling "dinosaur soap". Check it out.

{*} I took 9 hours to do my first resume for my first application (Design Manager at P&G), 4 hours for the next (Arts Education Administration Officer at NAC), and 2 hours for the last (Admin Officer for Office of Corporate Communications at Republic Polytechnic). Am very very very sick writing resumes.

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mercredi, mai 07, 2003


{*} Not-So-Secret Wiretaps:

USP Student:
ministers of state are ranked below full ministers, and so are not automatically included in the cabinet
only some of the more 'promising' ones are
fyi =)

oooh...okaaaay! :)
you should put that in the tag-board
so that more people will know of your brilliance :)

USP Student:
nah, i wanna b humble
it's just something all usp scholars shld noe since we'll be the future rulers of s'pore anyway

and you should put it up there too... haha...

USP Student:
nay, it's a surprise we usp-ers are keeping for the moment =)

(don't you just love the history function on ICQ? Heh.)

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mardi, mai 06, 2003


{*} Woo hoo! I'm going! Unless WHO says otherwise! 19th May-17th June, I'm outta here!

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lundi, mai 05, 2003


{*} Had lunch with the Swiss Ambassador today. First time I had one of those high-class high-class type of food, with the huge plates with a tiny little serving of whatever (I had trout for an appetiser, and a mushroom risotto for main course, strawberries in cream and icing sugar for dessert, lime juice for a drink.) All this at the Swiss Club - which is somewhere near the end of Swiss Club Road.

Of course, in the morning, it was a little crazy, me waking up at 8, going to the auntie at Ang Mo Kio to get her to cut and hem my pants legs, and get better heels (50% off! Only $19.95!), get home, take bath, change, put on makeup etc, then get to the Swiss Club. But I think the lunch was worth it... yummy. The representative from the ISC, as well as some alumni who came to talk to us told us that when we got there, we would remember the food most of all - apparently the programme is simply littered with tea-breaks and lunches and tea breaks and dinners and tea breaks, and did I mention tea breaks? And apparently the food is just simply amazing... someone told me to stop eating. Now. And to start eating again once I got there. Woo hoo!

{*} The jury is supposed to be in sometime this evening regarding whether or not Singapore participants will be able to go - we're obviously hoping for a good reply. :) Apparently Dr Balaji SADASIVAN, Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Ministry of the Environment (Ang Mo Kio) will be confirmed coming with us if we get to go, and Mr MAH Bow Tan, Minister for National Development & Deputy Leader of the House (Tampines) will also try to make it to the conference.

[And because this is a blog which aspires to public service, what do you mean you don't know who these people are? Go find out! (This is obviously here because I myself didn't know... I'm just finding out. The way I see it, Singapore has two bunches of people you always hear from - the Parliamentarians, and the Cabinet. Parliament guys are from constituencies, like they apparently are supposed to be the mouthpieces of the common man (yet, I know not who my MP is.) --- ooh! Members of Parliaments! I geddit now! Even as I blog! Then if you're an extra shiny piece of government equipment, you get put on display in the Cabinet, where you're the Minister for {portfolio}. Woo hoo! Another block of information for daily living falls into place.]

But I don't get how come Mr. Mah Bow Tan is mentioned in the Cabinet listing, but not Dr. Balaji, since he is the Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Ministry of the Environment . Anyone care to explain?

{*} Bad news for my travel plans though - the 20 day tour package that I was eyeing is totally full-up, and the next best one, the 15 day trip, is filling fast. I think I've really got to make a decision soon regarding my travel plans, but I'm really sad that the 20 day tour package is full... that would have taken me to pretty much every part of Europe (except Spain) that I want to go... but oh well, 15 days *IS* 2 weeks and a day, and maybe 21 days is a little too much perhaps? If I do the 15 day thing then I can see my aunt in Cambridge and maybe Dimin in Edinburgh! Though she'll be coming back to do her big wedding bang in Singapore - and she's invited me to Hawaii where she wants to hold her wedding! So exciting huh?

{*} I have bought three pairs of shoes in a week.
One because I wanted to buy them.
One because a pair broke while I was out wearing it.
One because I needed formal-looking (read: closed toe) heels for the abovementioned meeting with the Ambassador and the NYAA staff (National Youth Achievement Award, from the National Youth Council).

And I think I still want to keep buying! :)

[for those interested in seeing the Zara shoe I'm lusting after, it looks like this:
object of my shoe lust

(NUS and NTU people may have trouble viewing the image; I'm sorry but I can't get around the firewall they have, dunno why.)

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samedi, mai 03, 2003


{*} It's officially confirmed - the ISC-Symposium (the people who are sponsoring my trip to Switzerland) have dis-invited China participants. We're hoping that they don't dis-invite Singapore students too :(

Dear XXXX,

For the past few weeks, unsettling news about the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) has reached us daily. The International Students Committee (ISC) has followed the spread of SARS very closely and we are deeply concerned about the frightening development of this illness and its effects.

The personal health and safety of each individual participant of the ISC-Symposium has the highest priority for us. Therefore, the ISC has not failed to intensify its contact with the World Health Organisation (WHO), The Swiss Federal Department of Health and the health authorities of the State of St. Gallen.

The experts from the health authorities have now informed us that, based on the high risk of infection during travel, participants from the WHO designated SARS affected countries should therefore be strongly advised not to attend the 33rd ISC-Symposium.

Aggravating the entire situation for the ISC, the cantonal government of St. Gallen stated in their directive of May 2, 2003, that "the ISC is not permitted to accept any Symposium participant departing from a WHO designated SARS affected country immediately before the Symposium or any participants who have travelled in one of the SARS affected countries - People Republic of China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - within 10 days prior to their arrival in St. Gallen."

The ISC is obliged to accept the inevitable and to conform to the directives of the authorities and so it is with our deepest regret that we must inform you that we must withdraw your invitation to attend the 33rd ISC Symposium. As your outstanding contribution qualified you for participation in this year's symposium, we are doubly sad not to be able to welcome you to St. Gallen.

As much as we understand your disappointment - surely enormous - and though we also share it, we cannot alter this decision. The cantonal government of St. Gallen can find no alternative to this situation - also in the interest of your health and your safety. We hope that you will understand that no further demands can be made against the ISC because the SARS epidemic is an act of God and as such beyond our control.

We are fully aware that each student who takes part in the competition for the ISC Wings of Excellence Award makes a considerable contribution both to the content and the success of the ISC-Symposium. Therefore, after the Symposium we will send you a certificate stating that your work belonged to the 250 best contributions of 2003. Naturally, you will also be accepted into the organisation of ISC-Symposium Alumni. Because it is a matter of great concern to us that each winner of the contest have a chance to be heard, we have decided to publish your contribution on our homepage at www.isc-symposium.org. In addition, we will compile all the papers of the ISC-Symposium on a CD with videos and narrative and send it to you.

Dear XXX, we are sincerely sorry not to be able to meet you personally at this year ISC-Symposium. You know that during the past weeks, the ISC made every effort to make your participation in the Symposium possible, but, sadly, this terrible disease has intervened. The entire situation makes us feel miserable. Having to withdraw invitations to the most brilliant minds is utterly depressing and constitutes the blackest day in the history of the student competition. We hope and we pray that you and your family are well and that the terrible threat that is looming over your country will very soon dissipate. We hope to stay in touch.

With our best wishes,

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{*} Oh my gosh!!! For those of you who know her, Dimin's engaged! :) :) :)

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Four university students have agreed to pay the RIAA thousands of dollars each to settle online music piracy charges. The RIAA sued four students separately last month
for running services that searched computers connected to their college networks for MP3 song files. Despite the settlements, the students did not admit any guilt.

Drinker Biddle attorneys Howard Ende and Melissa Klipp said their client, 18-year-old Princeton University student Daniel Peng, was one of the students who reached a settlement, but that he had not admitted any guilt.

"I don't believe that I did anything wrong. I am glad that the case has been settled amicably, and I hope that for the sake of artists, the larger issues can soon be resolved," Peng said in a statement.

"It is unfortunate the recording industry, in trying to protect their profits, used the legal system to intimidate students who are often their best customers," Peng's lawyer, Ende said.


(of course, one has to wonder a little about the bolded statement - I mean, if these guys are downloading all the stuff from the 'net, are you sure they're "best customers"?)

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vendredi, mai 02, 2003


{*} Eh? I think I lost a post somewhere... anyway. Shall repeat it then.

{*} Thesis update!
My supervisor has asked me if I want to "rework" my thesis into a journal article! Woo hoo! But that means that I'll have to look at my crap again...urgh. Not to mention do more research because the ASEAN Secretariat did email me new information which arrived after I handed in my thesis.

And Mr. Jamus Jerome Lim emailed me to request a soft copy of my thesis - of course I emailed the piece of nonsense to him. He actually looked through it, and commented on it in an email to me:
Although I must admit that I did not read everything in your thesis in detail, it looks very thorough, and is certainly a contribution to the literature. Although it does not delve deeply into the economic aspects (something you have singled out for further research in one of your closing sections), I think - at least at the implementation level - it is driven more by political bandwagoning that economic considerations per se.

Still, it remains an interesting (and open) question as to whether they manage to pull off the entire project according to schedule (my view is that it is optimistic, and given the financial crisis and now the real impact of SARS on East Asian economies, the possibility of this seems even more remote). What's more, the initial glitter of the ICT holy grail seems to have lost some (or most?) of its luster.

Everything seemed like such a blur when I was writing my thesis - those three months seem lost to me, when it was just 7am wake up, 8am in school, 10pm get home, 12 or 1 sleep, then repeat the cycle again for three whole months. But now when the dust has cleared, people who were nice to me during my haze seem nicer, and the evil people just seem... small and inconsequential. (Have I just become more forgiving? Or is it jaded resignation to the evil on earth?)

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jeudi, mai 01, 2003


{*} After talking to someone about Dante, a test is suddenly found:

The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to Purgatory!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very High
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Moderate
Level 2 (Lustful)Moderate
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

Okay, well, admittedly it isn't the best test to take, but these days seem to find me bored more often than not...

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{*} Okay, should work passably now... even when my server goes down, it should display a little bit of colour here and there.

{*} Okay, I redid the page, but I am getting complaints that some people can't see the background green-ish graphic, like Kris. The people who are accessing via NUS and NTU, you might have a problem seeing the background, meaning that this page is blindingly white. It's a problem with a blocked IP; apparently my hosting server's IP address triggers off a block in the NUS and NTU servers... which means no proper way to view the site. Sorry. Will try something... hope it works.

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{*} Yep, revamp! Pardon the wierd formatting; all will be sorted out tmrw.

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