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mardi, novembre 27, 2007

 Chris Rice - Big Enough

God if you're there, I wish you'd show me, and
God if you care, then I need You to know me
I hope you don't mind me asking You questions but I,
I figure You're big enough

Too many questions, and not enough time to sit down and have a good time to retreat and reflect and get answers from God... just sit and get answers. My body is sick at the moment, but it's time to also get some remedy for being spiritually sick.

I. Need. A. Retreat.

Jeremiah 29
11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you," declares the LORD, "and will bring you back from captivity. [b] I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you," declares the LORD, "and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile."

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[Chris Rice - Big Enough]
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lundi, novembre 26, 2007

 Game Day Central: Children's Camp 2007

Children's camp always leaves me wiped out and sick, but I'm always so blessed to see everyone - not just the kids, but the teachers and the youth helpers - learn more about God's grace and goodness to us.

The cutest part of the camp is, of course, finale night, when all the children perform. 250 children, and about 100 helpers (including teachers, assistant teachers, aides, kitchen, rotation leaders, and ad hoc helpers) for 4 days, and it culminates in a really rocking concert where the children are signing and singing their hearts out.

There has been a suggestion that next year's camp be chaired by the youth.

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[Game Day Central: Children's Camp 2007]
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dimanche, novembre 25, 2007

 A Series of Unfortunate Events: Highly Unstisfactory Ending

The end of this series was highly unsatisfactory. One of the greatest disappointments was the sheer lack of resolution of any relationship in the series (apart from the kinship felt between the Baudelaire children, which had already been established in Book 1.)

Before you write in and tell me that certain answers can be gained by reading this or that book (like The Beatrice Letters, or Horseradish). Imo, this series should be complete by itself, and no extrabiblio material should be required.

(Spoilers ahead)
Let's see the various relationships that never got resolved/ were rather unsatisfactorily resolved imo:

1. the Baudelaire children and parents - no resolution, no final letter, no love, no chocolates (only bitter apples). The kids just collected a journal to continue, and a baby. Yay.

2. Baudelaires and Quagmires - so Isadora and Duncan got spirited away, and Violet had a thing with Quigley, and Klaus got his heart broken by the traitorous Fiona, and then... they all never met anyone again. Yay.

3. the Baudelaire children and Count Olaf - so at the end, we see that he was in love with Kay Snicket, and we see his soft side - a whole generous TWO SECONDS BEFORE HE KEELS OVER AND DIES. Such revelation. Who is the father of Kay's baby? Yay.

4. Count Olaf and Kay - what's the story, dead dude? No answers. Yay.

5. the readers and Lemony - so he's the missing brother, later found to be alive (since Klaus wasn't named Lemony), and then? Yay.

6. the VFD eye - story? Hello? Why the eye? Why VFD? What does it REALLY REALLY stand for? What's the story behind the schism (besides teaching kids a new word?) Yay.

I am most displeased.

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[A Series of Unfortunate Events: Highly Unstisfactory Ending]
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mercredi, novembre 07, 2007


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 Explorations in identity

I started out in ff not with Harry Potter, as some might conjecture, but in the Gilmore Girls and Star Wars arena. During this heady time of community exploration, I met and made quite a number of like-minded friends, and I really enjoyed their emails and MSN banter.

It was during this time that I met a girl, R, who wrote some really nice fics, and who left me really nice messages as well. We were in the same fandom and shipped the same ship, so we clicked when we started emailing each other. The usual things happened - over a period of a year or so, I told her about my life and she told me about hers; she claimed to have a hard life, in her late teens, thrown out by her parents for having a baby out of wedlock etc.

I listened to and really sympathised with her situation, and for Christmas 2005, sent her (through R's university or workplace, I can't remember which) a care package for her kid through a friend who was going to America to study in JHU. After the package was sent, I emailed her to ask if she received it. She didn't reply. Over the next month or so, I wrote her email, but I never heard from her again. I even apologised for any perceived slight that she might have felt from anything I'd said, or if the care package freaked her out. (The package was neither expensive nor freaky - it was a kid's size cookie monster t-shirt and a handwritten card from me.)

I was initially worried that something had happened to her (she said she lived alone with her kid), but as the time went on without a reply email from her, I figured that for whatever reason, perhaps she didn't want to talk to me again. I did toy with the idea of calling Yale up to check if she was alright, but it didn't feel right, so I left the issue alone unresolved.

I was doing some housecleaning for my inbox the other day, and stumbled on some old correspondence. I decided to try to "find" her again online - you know, check if she updated her ff.net profile with a new LJ address, or updated her email so that I could email her - we never exchanged telephone numbers or anything exact like full names, so please don't misunderstand this as me exhibiting stalker-tendencies.

Using some new info that she had posted on her profile (public-domain; I didn't need to login to see it so it's not f-locked or anything similar), I googled and managed to find some references to her. I'm really sad to say this, but the evidence seems to point to the fact that she lied through her teeth about everything, which in-and-of-itself isn't really that bad; I'm a veteran online (been on a computer since 1988, and been online since 1994) so I'm used to people (especially teenagers) exploring different facets of their identity online.

What made me really sad is that she's a pro-ana girl, and she seems like a very vocal advocate for it. For those of you unsure about what this is, it's the name for the general online support community for anorexics and bulemic sufferers. People with eating disorders often find their "lifestyle" rejected by the people around them, and pro-ana sites (such as anagurls or anagurls or anagirls or anaschildren or proana) offer a sanctuary for people (most often girls) who need "help" with their goal (i.e. to lose weight). This help, also known as "thinspiration", comes in the usual interpersonal communicative forms, like supportive comments or IMs or emails etc. In addition to that, many sites also feature photo galleries where people post up photographs of their thin idols - Nicole Richie, Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins are often featured.

I don't want to bust her chops about this; I'm not naive enough to believe that everyone has to have a stable identity to come online and interact ('on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog', someone once wisely noted). However, now that I know that she's pro-ana, and that her last post (from as far as I can tell anyway) was sometime in very late 2005, I'm hoping that nothing has happened to her, health-wise.

[Explorations in identity]
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 Just hold the wheel and drive

Analysts have suggested that we ain't seen nothin' yet - predictions go as high as USD$150 per barrel by April 2007.


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[Just hold the wheel and drive]
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 Hasn't stopped raining for days

Overfloweth from the banks

Did you know that "40 days and 40 nights" is merely a biblical euphemism for "a really, really long time"?

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[Hasn't stopped raining for days]
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samedi, novembre 03, 2007


I have a really good friend's hen party tonight. We're all thinking of getting her a cheerleader costume with pompoms in response to an inside joke. We're afraid though, that she and her hubby might actually use it... heh. I was just going to get her a vibrator, but as another mutual friend pointed out - why would she need it then? (My response was that you didn't really need to be the one wielding it, but I guess that was a little too much for her delicate ears.)

What other gift ideas can you guys give me?

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 A Love That Will Last

I want a little something more
Don't want the middle or the one before
I don't desire a complicated past
I want a love that will last

say that you love me, say I'm the one
Don't kiss and hug me and then try to run
I don't do drama, my tears don't fall fast
I want a love that will last

I don't want a just a memory, give me forever
Don't even think about saying good-bye
'Cause I want just one love to be enough
And remain in my heart till I die

So call me romantic, I guess that's so
There's something more that you oughta know:
I don't do drama, my tears don't fall fast
I want a love that will last

So there's just a little more that I need
I wanna share all the air that you breathe
I'm not the kinda girl to complicate the past
I want a love that will last

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[A Love That Will Last]
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