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mercredi, mai 20, 2009

 PDL Day 06 - Life is a Temporary Assignment

This reminds me of a quote that a lovely lady once told me when I was 11 or 12, at a children's camp at the Christian Outreach to the Handicapped (1991? 1992?) - to learn to hold things with a loose grasp so that it doesn't hurt so much when God takes it away from us. (I think she was quoting Corrie Ten Boom, but I can't seem to find the actual quote and citation.) It's just really hard to remember not to grab everything we can in this "me" culture.

It feels really comfortable on earth. Stuff fits us - clothes, shoes, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. There's always something MORE to do/ say/ eat/ take/ see/ experience/ encounter/ learn/ etc. And worse still, our own human desires pull us towards these things, and unyieldingly, we lean towards them... if we forget to check ourselves. My boss once criticised this of me (and he proclaims to be a Christian) - he said "Oh! Thought police!" I'll take that as persecution, thank you very much for adding to my riches in heaven, sir.

It's crazy hard to remember this particular lesson: that this isn't home. This isn't our final destination. But it's not a vacation either! There's Matt 28, our eternal "to-do list" that never ends. So we straddle the two as best we can, muddling our way through with the Holy Spirit.

I asked Andy last week if I should change jobs, to something a little more fulfilling, and something that would advance my career. He told me that he had once asked Ps. Jack Snell the same question. The answer? As usual, in the practice of all psychologists/counsellors, the answer came back in the form of a probing-reflective question: "Would it take time away from God?" I gave Andy a look that resembled the oft-used emoticon: -_- ... Oh, and Andy's been in his current job for about 10 years.

How can one balance all the warring needs within us? To want to fulfil ourselves and our potential, and feel like a useful member of society, versus doing God's work and fulfilling our Holy function (to glorify God)? To meld the two is not impossible, but it's hardly economically-friendly - or put in less PC terms - there's really no money/easy street when you're doing God's work. Rom 7:19-20 For I do not do the good I want, but I do the evil I do not want. Now if (I) do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me.

It sucks being a sinful human.

* Besides reminding me of the hymn "This World Is Not My Home", it also remind me of a lovely song by Chris Rice - Life Means So Much

Life Means So Much
Chris Rice [Album: Smell the Color Nine]

Every day is a journal page
Every man holds a quill and ink
And there's plenty of room for writing in
All we do is believe and think
So will you compose a curse
Or will today bring the blessing
Fill the page with rhyming verse
Or some random sketching

Teach us to count the days
Teach us to make the days count
Lead us in better ways
That somehow our souls forgot
Life means so much
Life means so much
Life means so much

Every day is a bank account
And time is our currency
So nobody's rich, nobody's poor
We get 24 hours each
So how are you gonna spend
Will you invest, or squander
Try to get ahead
Or help someone who's under

Teach us to count the days
Teach us to make the days count
Lead us in better ways
That somehow our souls forgot
Life means so much
Life means so much
Life means so much

Has anybody ever lived who knew the value of a life
And don't you think giving is all
What proves the worth of yours and mine

Teach us to count the days
Teach us to make the days count
Lead us in better ways
That somehow our souls forgot
Life means so much

Every day is a gift you've been given
Make the most of the time every minute you're living

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[PDL Day 06 - Life is a Temporary Assignment]
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