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dimanche, février 27, 2005


Never having read the comics, I had no expectations while watching the movie. Some say that he should have been blonde, others stay that he should have been more sardonic, and then some others said that the whole tar-out-of-the-lungs stunt was a total cop-out.

Me? I was just soaking in how pretty Reeves is.

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samedi, février 26, 2005

 Option Paralysis

There are
too many shows I want to see
too many books I want to read
too many people I want to talk with
too many things I want to write about
too little time.

[Option Paralysis]
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jeudi, février 24, 2005

 Ouch is not an appropriate word

If you've had an argument with your girlfriend, and then made-up, it really isn't a good idea to let her tie you up:

Severed penis retrieved from toilet, reattached
Police say Alaska man's girlfriend tied him up, cut off his genitals

[Ouch is not an appropriate word]
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mardi, février 22, 2005

 A Cool Jesus Sucks

The following is a post from here. I tried to summarise it, but I think it works better when I just plagarise without permission. Whatever it is, it pretty much crystallises one side of the Cool vs Relevant Jesus debate. The argument that many youth ministries have is that we have to portray Jesus as hip and cool because we want to be "relevant" to teens/youth today - but how true is that? I think what Miller says below really says it all - whom are we trying to help: the cause of the cross or ourselves, in order that we don't become social outcasts? I think this is something I've got to remember as we move slowly but surely on in our youth ministry planning.

Article Starts Here >>>
Don Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and Searching For God Knows What, hits the nail on the head in this interview with the Wittenburg Door. Trying to make Jesus hip or cool is not good marketing. Distorting who or what you are is dishonest, inauthentic--and it sucks.

DOOR: How do you react to evangelicals that present Christianity as being cool and hip?

MILLER: I think the Gospel is the message that Jesus wants us to present, and we don't need to be God's marketing machine. We need to present the Gospel accurately because that's what God has asked us to do. I think if somebody passes from this life thinking that Jesus was cool, that's not very helpful. They need to know that Jesus was the Son of God who died to forgive them of their sins, and enter into a relationship with God. I think the church has bought into this idea that if we make Jesus look cool we win. But what these fellows are trying to do is make themselves look cool, not Jesus. They're looking at a culture that rejects the idea of Jesus, they say "But I want to be a Christian and I also want to be cool so I'll try to make Jesus cool." That's about you, not Jesus. We certainly need to repent of that.

[A Cool Jesus Sucks]
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dimanche, février 20, 2005

 I can't breathe

It's hot, and stinky, and I can't breathe. The air is clogging my nose, and I've got a throbbing migrane which hasn't gone down after a nap and Panadol extra. Can't breathe means can't run. Can't run means no biathlon tomorrow, which is kind of a bummer because I was looking forward to it, in a half-scared, half-excited way, never having done one before (besides the mandatory JC MacRichie ones.)

Is this psychosomatic?!

[I can't breathe]
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mardi, février 15, 2005

 Quando Quando Quando

I am totally in love with this song.

Quando Quando Quando

Tell me when will you be mine
Tell me quando quando quando
We can share a love divine
Please don't make me wait again

When will you say yes to me
Tell me quando quando quando
You mean happiness to me
Oh my love please tell me when

Every moment's a day
Every day seems a lifetime
Let me show you the way
To a joy beyond compare

I can't wait a moment more
Tell me quando quando quando
Say its me that you adore
And then darling tell me when

Every moments a day
Every day seems a lifetime
Let me show you the way
To a joy beyond compare

I can't wait a moment more
Tell me quando quando quando
Say its me that you adore
And then darling tell me when

Whoa lover tell me when
Oh darling tell me when
Oh come on tell me when
Tell me when

[Quando Quando Quando]
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I really hate to fall into a stereotype, but after yesterday's debacle of a day, I crumbled.

I bought stuff.

Another pair of outrageously fun earrings, and Michael Bublé's Its Time. Granted, it's not the shopping spree to end all shopping sprees, but it made me realise a couple of things:

1) Stereotypes exist for a reason.
2) Shopping really does make you feel better.
3) The amount of possessions you own could possibly be directly proportional to the amount of stress you feel. More stress, more shopping, more junk.

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lundi, février 14, 2005

 Crappy Day

Mistake 1) On a Feb 15th deadline, I spent the weekend doing things which I really shouldn't be doing, then skipped Sunday School to do more things I didn't really need to do, fell asleep in the middle of the day, stayed up till 4 in the morning watching DVDs, then got up early to go to school.

Bad thing 2) Climbed up five flights of stairs to apply for a hostel room only to be told that I HAD to move in within 5 working days of my acceptance (I wanted to move in during March), then

Brain fry 3) stayed in the library burning my brains on an optional essay (the 15 Feb deadline) which ended up being truly heinous and unsalvagable. I'm going to have to enter it anyway, but I am truly ashamed of it, and it won't win what it's supposed to win.

Idiot me 4) Was late to dinner with Weilong because I couldn't tell which buses were NTU internal shuttle buses, then

Idiot me 5) went to class half-knowing that I didn't do my homework. Half-knowing because there was homework, but it was not mentioned at the previous class so maybe it got cancelled somehow.

Idiot me 6) Got to class and found out that I didn't owe a single piece of work - I owed TWO instead, a questionnaire and a research proposal. (I thought we were one week behind, so I thought I was safe.) Somehow managed to wing it, except that

Incompetent and narrow-minded teacher 7) my proposal (buying content online: television show consumption in Singapore) got shot down because the teacher wasn't familiar with the Internet. "Why do you only focus on tv shows? Why don't you ask people what they download?" is what she asked. So because my teacher is *sigh* a technical idiot, I have to be magnanimous and stoop down to her level. Read - change my topic so that she actually understands it (download patterns by Singaporeans under-25.)

I'm exhausted 8) So the day is finally over, and I'm on my way home. I got to NTU at 930am. Finish class at 930pm. I phone my mother to tape Desperate Housewives. I'm exhausted. But I still need to post that essay I slogged over. So I drag my sorry ass to the SAM machine to weigh it. It's gotta be postmarked tomorrow, and sent to Switzerland. I tap on the screen, and suddenly it says

Infinite postage cost 9) that I have to pay $6.95 in postage should I want to send it via air mail. Surface would cost $2. Email would be free/negligible amount. Facing a (6.95 x infinity) increase in cost, I decided that I would just email it. Only problem is my computer won't connect to my scanner after I reinstalled WinXP. But I have another scanner, so I could install it I guessed. We even had the CD-ROM beside the scanner: what more could you ask for? I plug in the iPod and avoid staring and listening to Desperate Housewives on TV mobile so that I could get home to watch it "untainted". I get home, and

Blue Screen 10) discover that my mother taped an hour's worth of blue fuzzy screen, because she didn't switch the channel back from the DVD channel I was watching last night.

Exhausted, gonna cry 11) By this time, I'm exhausted and ready to cry at the drop of a hat because I'm just tired, and it's been a crappy day. I grab the extra scanner and try to install it but

Evil CD-ROM 12) The CD-ROM doesn't want to be read because of an MS-DOS error or other. So I have to download the 6MB scanner driver which may or may not work from the epson website. I started downloading before I started writing this post, and it's only at 82%. Do you think it'll work? (It works, but very badly.)

So I had a really, really suckky day today.

[Crappy Day]
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dimanche, février 13, 2005

 I love Foxtrot

Orlando Bloom has ruined everything

[I love Foxtrot]
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mercredi, février 09, 2005

 Dimples Apart

Maybe it's just me, but after seeing more and more Terence Cao (Cao Guo Hui) on TV hawking hair products, I think he looks more like Rob Lowe than ever.

Rob Lowe Terence Cao

Adeline S. doesn't seem to think so, but I think their cheeks and their jowls kind of match. (I wanted to put Scott Wolf into the comparison mix too, but I fell into one of his dimples and was too tired after climbing out.)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! (I'll post something sardonic about ang pow collection soon, I promise.)

[Dimples Apart]
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dimanche, février 06, 2005


For about two years now, ever since I graduated actually, I've been feeling that I am unable to use my brain for proper thought processes anymore. It's not that I don't WANT to, it's that I am UNABLE to. I skim over articles, my eye unable to rest on a single article and read it through; I pick up words here and there, and the gist of the article comes with me, but I never commit to it, never delve into the flow of the words; my eye skips like a smooth stone over the body, and I find myself thinking of what to have for lunch.

I look at the things I used to be able to do - debate, think, talk - and most of the time, I just sit back and think: why bother? Quite a number of people I know argue because they feel for some issue or other, but mostly, I think it's because they like the sound of their own voices. I want to debate because I find I want - no, I need the mental oiling of the brain that debate always offers to me. Yet, whenever an argument presents itself, most of the time, the loudest and most belligerent voice wins - or the most convoluted argument that no one can follow. Perhaps I am finding myself in unusual situations.

I am taking part in the South-East Asia WSIS online discussion for internet governance, and it is peppered with sarcarstic remarks like "just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist." When I was writing my honours year thesis, everyone despaired at finding a topic because it seemed that Barenaked Ladies was right, It's All Been Done Before. And yet, we looked at what existed, and with the help of our supervisors, wrote at least 12,000 words each. Whither this spirit of learning? It wasn't like our teachers didn't know that our topics were old and rehashed - they did, but they never rebuked us like we were morons - unless we were being purposely thick for some reason. Smart people shouldn't squash people because they have superior knowledge - not without good reason. (Some valid reasons being that the idiot is really an idiot, or fool, or refuses to listen, or has taken part in Singapore Idol, or watches any form of Reality TV.)

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm just frustrated that the two years of no school and utter BOREDOM has turned me into the one thing I can't stand most - a smart person with a stupid mental block. (Technically speaking, I should kill myself because I think purposely stupid people shouldn't be allowed to live.)

For those who've asked, my grandma is fine, she's feeling sleepy and tired, but her operation was successful, and everyone's hoping that she'll get home by Chinese New Year.

As for me, I spent this whole week sick, with a particularly nasty, nasty Friday, when my mother wanted to bring me to the A&E to attempt something only Gabriel Oak has done to sheep.

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jeudi, février 03, 2005

 Sick Sick Sick

Me: currently battling a bad case of food poisoning from the NTU canteen. It's been narrowed down to either the yong tau foo stall, or the two packets of PeelFresh apple juice with aloe vera that I drank for lunch. Can you get too "cool" from too much aloe vera bits? I've been sick and nauseated all week.

My grandma: She fell down in the toilet, crawled to her bed and waited for 3 hours before my aunt got home and found her. She refused to go to the hospital, saying that "eat panadol can already" - and when they finally persuaded her to go to the hospital, they found that she had broken her thighbone. They operate tomorrow to set the bone or do some hip replacement? Not too sure. Please pray.

[Sick Sick Sick]
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 Some highly inappropriate words...

Inappropriate Responses to the perennial "When are you getting married?/Why aren't you attached/married yet?" Chinese New Year question

1. When are you going to die? Isn't that the next step in life for you?
2. What for, so that I start giving out lousy $2 ang pows like you?
3. But... but... you told me when I was in Primary 6 that I had to concentrate on my studies! And you never rescinded that order, so I thought it still held! That's why I'm studying Masters now!
4. I'm lesbian.
5. I don't plan to work, and plan to live off ang pow earnings each year, so hand them over.
6. After being compared with my more accomplished cousins all my young life, I have come to the conclusion that I'm horribly ugly outside and inside - what, you mean you don't agree that I'm uglier and stupider than any of your children? So why are you surprised that I'm not attached/engaged/married/expecting like any one of your children? I LIVE to make your children look great in comparison! And I expect to be PAID handsomely in ang pows for that!

[Some highly inappropriate words...]
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