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samedi, décembre 31, 2005

 Potter XIV: Wow

Non-Potter fans, don't bother.

Then, if you have the insatiable need to know who's who.

And ooh! I've found the artist who rendered "Several Sunlit Days"! I am happy.

Hope everyone had a merry merry Christmas.

[Potter XIV: Wow]
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samedi, décembre 24, 2005

 All Aboard

Boarding school is kampong.

*thinks about Harry Potter in a kampong*

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[All Aboard]
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jeudi, décembre 22, 2005

 To whit, to wit

Oh! For some intelligent banter
that does not seek to demean
but looks to gentle one-uppance
in the eyes of the other

[To whit, to wit]
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mercredi, décembre 21, 2005

 To everything, turn.

Another sign that things change when you grow up: I received a Christmas card from a very good friend today, one who always writes Christmas cards full to the brim, with words often spilling over onto the back page - a tradition which I always reciprocate, of course.

This year, I got a two-line generic 'best Christmas wishes etc'. The handwriting was his wife's. Guess things really are changing.

[To everything, turn.]
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mardi, décembre 20, 2005

 Potter: Part XIII.5 - not quite there yet

I find it extremely amusing that 'rie and I have recently spent a large percentage of our recent blog posts on The Boy Who Lived (And Earned Lots Of Money Making Movies).

[Potter: Part XIII.5 - not quite there yet]
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 Potter Part XII: Clocks, anyone?

Continuing my Harry Potter roll...

The Microsoft Whereabouts Clock
Microsoft has apparently come up with a clock similar to the one the Weasleys have, which they are calling The Whereabouts Clock. It works by tracking mobile phones, showing where family members are at any given point in time. (The technosoul inside me is screaming about privacy laws and how this could be a terrible security risk for everyone who has a cell phone, not to mention putting a lot of cellphone service providers in a position of too much power, especially when most of them are private corporations with little or no government control, but let's all forget that for just one moment while we marvel at this technological wonder...)

It is not known if there will be settings for "prison", "hospital", or "mortal peril". Wouldn't it be cool if it did? Improbable, but cool.

The Weasleys' Clock

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[Potter Part XII: Clocks, anyone?]
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samedi, décembre 17, 2005

 Harry Potter: Part XII - the Sensibility Connection

After a night of Potter Pow-Wow with 'rie, we have come to the conclusion that There Are Too Few British Actors/Actresses.

Love, Actually
Alan Rickman (Severus Snape)
Emma Thompson (Sibyl Trelawny)

Sense and Sensibility
Alan Rickman (Severus Snape)
Emma Thomson (Sibyl Trelawny)
Gemma Jones (Poppy Pomfrey)
Elizabeth Spriggs (The Fat Lady)
Robert Hardy (Cornelius Fudge)

Gosford Park
Maggie Smith (Minerva McGonagall)
Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore)

I'm not going to include the long list of names which will appear if I take into account The Black Adder series, because that's just pointless. Suffice it to say that there are a LOT of people in Harry Potter who have been on The Black Adder at one point or another.

I love the Sense and Sensibility connections. Looks like the UK really is One Big Happy Family.

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[Harry Potter: Part XII - the Sensibility Connection]
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mercredi, décembre 14, 2005

 Goblet of Fire: Harry Potter Part XI

Harry Potter and the GoF
Harry Potter and
the Goblet of Fire
(Key: PS - Philosopher's Stone, CoS - Chamber of Secrets, PoA - Prisoner of Azkaban, Gof - Goblet of Fire, OotP - Order of the Pheonix, HBP - Half-Blood Prince)

Considering that there are seven books, and probably as many movies (or more - look at the number of pages there are in the books now!) I think I shall start off by counting the number of posts which I have which feature the Potter, and there - this is the eleventh post in the history of this blog to feature something on JKR's amazing series.

This post has nothing to do with the fact that I have just returned from watching GoF with my mom. (Yesss! Managed to catch it before it ran out on me...)

Fast-paced, and including every major plot detail, the movie somehow managed to thrill and disappoint me at the same time.

Rebonded Hairy/Harry Theory
Rebonded hair is a Sign That You Are An Evil Character. Look at Saruman, from Lord of the Rings - beautifully rebonded hair - that is one evil customer. And hey, looky here! Lucius Malfoy, with his Luscious, Long Lovely Locks of EVIL.

And we all can see that Snape is on his way there - although he seems to be wavering on the cusp of rebonding. Perhaps that's an unconscious clue given to us by the movie people! Perhaps JKR whispered something in the ears of the hairdresser! We all know that Snape's always had oily locks of hair (courtesy of the books), but we can see clearly now, that he is on the brink of a decision!

We can see now, that he is standing at the front of the hair salon, just waiting for A Sign!

We can see, that perhaps, the oily hair wasn't because he doesn't wash his hair, but because he always puts on anti-frizz non-rinse conditioner in an attempt to become evil!

We can see his anguish! His desire to have rebonded hair! He hates his hair, which has reduced him to punish it by not washing it for whole semesters!

We can see him, on the cusp of decision!

We can see him on the lip of the soupbowl!

We can see him on the edge of the frying pan!

We can see... as much as Trelawny sees. :) (but it's a fun theory anyway right?)

Locks of Longing: Saruman, Lucius, Severus Snape

When Voldemort (Voldie, Morty, Tom, Tommy, Riddle, Mouldy, and whatever other nicknames I've seen for him) grows out his hair, I certainly hope it will be long and sleek and nice and shiny as well.

BEWARE THE SHINY LOCKS OF REBONDING! (There has to be a reason behind the name, right? Re-BOND? Eh.)

Draco Malfoy
Draco seems to be going the same way as well.

Where Are They?
a) Speaking of Draco...
I missed him in this movie! He had three lines at the most - we see him at the Quidditch World Cup boasting to the Weasleys about their great seats, then again when Harry's name is pulled from the Goblet of Fire, bouncing ferret scene, then again at the first challenge with the dragons, where he, Crabbe and Goyle have "KRUM" on their foreheads, and then...

Jar Jar and Dobby
Jar Jar and Dobby

Where's the sexy Slytherin we all love to hate?

b) No Dobby?
Thank God. Just like Star Wars went without Jar-Jar Binks after Phantom Menace.

I rather wanted to see Winky though. And the whole Bartimus Crouch Snr/Jr plot would have been a nice addition to the movie.

c) Where's Wally? I mean, Molly?
Where is Molly Weasley? (Where is Billy Elliot's ballet teacher?) She's such a lovely character to have around, and she gets lovelier by the book. Where is she in the movie? Couldn't they have shown her stuffing breakfast into the boys' hands when they were off to the Quidditch World Cup? I liked seeing her, plus she gets more important as the books go on. She's got to appear in the movies.

d) Show Me The Money!
Where were the winnings? Those 1000 galleons were to be the Startup Fund for Mr Weasley and Mr Weasley's WWW franchise, otherwise known as the Dumbledore's Army surplus store. I suppose its importance wasn't really shown until HBP, but still, Fred and George left Hogwarts in OotP because they had the shop to support themselves! Shouldn't that have been worthy of some mention?

Harry & Hermione
Harry & Hermione
The Love, The Love, The Love
Hermione certainly does love hugging Harry. (I love hugs - I think they're a much better gauge of how much a person likes you rather than the all out-kiss, and they look a lot better on screen. And Hermione hugs well - the whole body, grab-and-hold-on that she does is excellent.) I rather enjoyed watching her looking for Harry at the start of the Tri-Wizard Cup Competition - the look on her face is what I would have imagined on Hermione's face in the book when she was but between Harry and Ron's quarrel. It looked out-of-place in the movie though - everyone else was so excited, but she was so scared for Harry. All of which contributed (if you haven't read the book) to a sense that she was choosing between Harry and Ron. That's just wrong, wrong, I tell you, wrong.

Improper handling of the romantic situation also manifested itself in the Yule Ball scene. Why linger on Harry's face when Hermione comes down the stairs in her gorgeous outfit? He looks gobsmacked, but that's not what we're supposed to see. Even in the GoF novel, we can tell that that's not the canonical pairing that JKR had set up. Yes, Harry does that goggly-eyed thing with Cho Chang, but he spends a lot more time looking at Hermione. They should have played up the Ron-jealousy thing a little more.

Adding on to Harry-Hermione was that scene on the crossing bridge, when they're discussing her date with Krum, just before Cedric comes to give Harry the clue about the egg. She's concerned, but without the balance that Ron gives their trio, it really does look like she's just trying to make Harry jealous by talking about Krum, except that he doesn't react. (Although I loved the bit where she makes the faux pas with "he's more of a physical kind of guy"... then blushes as Harry smirks. Excellent piece of acting there.)

Ron & Hermione
Ron & Hermione
However, it all makes for a rather confused me when Hermione shouts at Ron for "ruining it all" at the end of the Yule Ball. They could have made it a lot clearer than it was on screen, because from first watch (I'll catch it again when they release the DVDs), it looks like the movies are putting Harry and Hermione together (which would make a large faction of fanfiction writers incredibly happy), while the book's going for a Harry-Ginny pairing (which I support, and which will probably earn me the avada kedavra from that same faction.)

This will obviously sort itself out later, but I'm just unhappy with the way that the Ron-Hermione situation was handled. They really could have gone for a better conflict there.

Conflict? What conflict?
I really, really, really wanted to see Ron jealous, and jealous properly. There wasn't enough of it, I felt. I liked the way that JKR had written it in the book, and I really, really, really wanted to see it acted out on screen the same way - with Harry and Ron making up without words, and Hermione hugging both of them and running away crying. It was perfect in the book - very much how guys operate, I think. (Which is to say - unfathomable, and I emphatise with Hermione's bawling after hugging them. Harry and Ron's reaction to that is perfect as well. "Starkers," I believe they said.)

(There is a rather alarmingly accurate prediction of how that relationship will progress on mugglenet, entitled: Ron Loves Hermione and He Will ____ Her. It's a very good read, and I agree with most of the points raised. Use and Abuse and then Disabuse, please.)

Where Art Thou, O Dumbledore?
What's With The 'tude, Dude?
Or rather, what's up, Dumbledore? They should not have shown us the Teachers' Conference when Harry's name was pulled out of the cup. They should not have shown Dumbledore angry at Harry when his name was pulled from the cup. They should not have had Dumbleore SHOUTING in his school. Not when all the books take pains to remind us that when Dumbledore stands up, the hall quietens, and students listen. They also should not have had Dumbledore admit that he was unsure to Harry, when Harry was in the room looking into the pensieve.

I hated GoF's Dumbledore. He was weak. He was familiar. He was (and imagine me spitting this word out) common.

He showed weakness. He moved too fast - and in the wrong direction. There is NOTHING in the novel that shows Dumbledore as accusing Mr Potter of putting his name in the cup in the horrible fashion that Michael Gambon did - NOTHING.

He was flustered. He meandered. He was on the verge of a hem and haw session. And what is with the doofy bathrobe that he was wearing? And the HAIRBAND FOR HIS BEARD?! If the beard bothered Dumbledore, HE WOULD HAVE CUT IT OFF, NOT TIED IT WITH A BLOODY RUBBER BAND! It would have gotten the snip, or he would have braided it - here's the headmaster who eats Bertie Bott's All-Flavour-Beans, and holds his position on Chocolate Frog Cards in higher regard than his Order of Merlin!

Where is the stately Dumbledore of PS? Where is the nobility that Richard Harris gave the character? Where is the slow step, where is the sureity, where is the GRAVITAS?

What happened to Dumbledore?
Where's Dumbledore?

I miss Dumbledore.

Michael Gambon, YOU HAVE KILLED DUMBLEDORE in this movie.

(Oh, and by the way, dumbledoreisnotdead.com is an excellent piece of detective work, one which I would have replicated, given more time and inclination. This guy's amazing. Read it!)

Excellent spot of casting...
Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort. Brilliant. Stroke of genius. Amazing. Have you seen his eyes? Clear. Gorgeous.

Gemma Jones as Madame Poppy Pomfrey (in CoS), aka Bridget Jones's mother, aka Mrs Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility, which incidentally...

Alan Rickman, aka Severus Snape also acted in, as Colonel Brandon, whom Marianne Dashwood eventually married. Adding on to the Sense and Sensibility connection is...

Emma Thompson, who played Elinor Dashwood, who marries Hugh Grant, who is (sadly) missing from the Potter Franchise. I hold a small hope in my heart that he'll turn up as one of the minor Aurors in Book 5. Sirius and Lupin are out, maybe he could do a small part as Horace Slughorn in the 6th movie? I wonder who will play Tonks? (Perhaps Marianne Dashwood, aka Rose, aka Kate Winslet?, to complete that pesky S&S connection? Might as well make it a full set... although I imagine a more offbeat character playing Tonks, although I cannot imagine who.)

Oh, er Emma Thompson plays Professor Trelawney.

(ETA: I just watched Love Actually, and there's a connection there as well - where Snape is married to Trelawney! It is SCARY to see a moderately attractive Snape - which Alan Rickman is. And the Hugh Grant Cluetrain is there as well... this proves one thing: there are too few British actors and actresses that are getting their time on screen.)

Harry Potter Uniform
Costuming and Clothes
Hermione's gown was perfect - not over-the top princess-like, yet dressy enough to be lovely. A little cold, though - wasn't it winter? The boys look all nice and snug in the tuxes, but the girls - bare arms! Legs! Necks! All exposed! Brr. The things we girls do.

Harry looked like a little boy playing dress-up in his tux. They could have made it slightly more proportional to Daniel Radcliffe's body-type; it just looked like it didn't fit.

What fit though, was the jacket-jersey thing he wore when fighting the dragon during the first Tri-Wizard Tournament task. I love that jacket. It's fantastic. I love it. It looks like nothing I've ever seen in sporting arenas - like a cross between a long trenchcoat and a soccer jersey. I love the jacket. I want the jacket. If I were my boyfriend, I'd get hold of that for my christmas present. I love the jacket. Love it. If it were a guy, I'd want to marry it. It's the sexiest piece of clothing in the whole movie.

The desire for said jacket is probably a tribute (or a throwback) to my X-Files days. I love trenchcoats. *contented sigh*

Ron's dress robes were perfect. Perfectly horrible, that is. Exactly as I imagined them to be when I read the book. Gross and yet, perfectly suited for the occasion.

What Is With The Hair, Malfoy?
Bad Hair
Frankly, You've Never Been More Fanciable
No, seriously. Even Harry. Especially Harry. I just watched all three movies before heading out to see GoF, and oh my goodness, Harry was so cute when he was in the first movie! So short! So adorable! So want-to-pinch-his-cheeks!

Now, we see a guy with a pretty good physique, not overly muscled, all in all, very normal, and very hot. No wonder Moaning Myrtle wanted to... peek.

Hermione's gorgeous. She looks beautiful, but not in a total-knockout way - her front teeth are a little too pronounced for her to be really drop-dead gorgeous, and she looks like she's in that rather awkward stage where clothes don't really seem to fit right from anywhere, but it's perfect for the role.

Ron's also hot, but in a different way. Singlet in his first (hilarious) scene with Hermione waking them up for the QWC - those arms! are growing mighty fine. Pity about the hair though - what is with the long, bedragged look with the Weasleys? Fred and George are also going the way of the dogs.

Cedric Diggory channels Voldemort
Cedric Diggory (right)
channels Voldemort (left)
[You couldn't tell, could you?]
Alas, as is my poor, poor Draco. What happened to the lovely slicked back hair? The polished, arrogant look? The pile of hair-gel that you needed to conjure up every morning? Why did you decide to keep that mop? Did you think that the Hugh Grant "Four Weddings and a Funeral" floppy hair 'do would come back into fashion? Baby, that boat sailed a long, long time ago, and you should really re-think the hair. Why, it almost looks like ... Tom Riddle's hairdo, from CoS!

Actually, come to think of it, Cedric Diggory looks like Tom Riddle from CoS. Now THAT'S scary.

The movie sufficed. Two and a half hours of entertainment. PLUS! Snape in a comic scene! Who would have thought that it could be managed?

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[Goblet of Fire: Harry Potter Part XI]
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 Potter Putter

1) Maybe Dumbledore was originally a Death Eater, and his hand shrivelled up because he was trying to burn the Dark Mark off. And Snape's really a loyal Death Eater (as he said to Bellatrix at the beginning of HBP), and he killed Dumbledore in a final fit of pique.

2) I wonder if Daniel Radcliffe will turn out to be the Mark Hamill of this age? (i.e. no more jobs.) I thought it would perhaps be Elijah Wood (there comes the comparison again), but I think Wood has had critical success before LotR, and as Kevin, of course.

3) But there has to be at least ONE Death Eater who has "left... (Voldemort's) service forever" (see GoF when he first talks to the Death Eaters once he 恢复健康-ed) - if not Snape, then who? (Dumbledore! See Point 1)

But perhaps it could be Karkaroff, who was found dead "in a shack up north" (HBP.) In which case, Snape is bad.

4) JKR will NEVER need to work again. Neither will her children, I think.

5) Voldemort's good at Legilimency (mind rape), Snape's good at Occlumency (mind block), so what does this mean?

6) When Narcissa first went to Snape with her plea to protect her son, Snape said that he had known of Voldemort's plans, but he never said anything incriminating - in fact, it could be said that he used an excellent interrogation technique to draw the information out of her. Rather unfortunately, he had to make that stupid Unbreakable Vow, so he had to kill Dumbledore for Malfoy Jr.

Rather unfortunately, JKR's choice of words at the end, when DD dies, she puts "revulsion and hatred" on Snape's face.

I want to believe... that Snape is good.

7) Occam's Razor limits creativity. :)

(In case you haven't guessed, I'm on a Harry Potter kick right now...)

ETA 8) After reviewing HBP, Snape looks unredeemable. (Or IRredeemable, depending on how your kilt flies in the wind. Thanks to Ms Ee for the correction... I think. You can TOO draft!)

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[Potter Putter]
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mardi, décembre 13, 2005

 A Word Which Is Bugging Me

The word is: UNKEMPT.

And I think it's only used on hair. The "extra" "M" is bothering me.
(This is one of those words which will probably trip me up if I'm writing an essay - it won't replace "unkept", which I will probably be wont to type.) (I have seen it used to describe a mind though - i.e. "unkempt mind".)

The thought's a bit random.

[A Word Which Is Bugging Me]
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lundi, décembre 12, 2005

 Daniel Radcliffe - Elijah Wood

Don't they look alike?

Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe on the left.
Kevin/Elijah Wood on the right.

The photographic angle is the same (dead on), but there seems to be an eerie resemblance between the Seeker and the Ring-Bearer...

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[Daniel Radcliffe - Elijah Wood]
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 Snape Is Good

Because, as I had already mentioned earlier, it would be very boring, and a waste of seven good books if Snape turned out to be bad.

Plus, it's quite a nice M. Night Shyamalan twist.

[Snape Is Good]
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dimanche, décembre 11, 2005


Originally uploaded by bloggeritis.
Found in my Inbox today:

"If you watch the below images from your seat in front of the computer, Mr.Angry is on the left, and Mrs.Calm is on the right.

Get up from your seat, and move back 12 feet, and they switch places!

I believe this illusion was created by Phillippe G.Schyns and Aude Oliva of the Univ. of Glasgow."

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jeudi, décembre 08, 2005


I just read a note from a friend who is currently in a city far far away (either that or she's visiting home right now), who wrote Very True Things about me, and made me tear.

I love you too, sweetpea. It's been ten years, and by the goodness of God, we're old. I'll sing your song to you when you finally come home.

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mardi, décembre 06, 2005

 Church Collectables Through The Ages: The Beginning

This was made for Rickshaw Rally (Racing to the Son!) (VBS 2004):

(by me)

This was made for Ramblin' Road Trip (VBS 2005):

(by me)

This made for Christmas 2005:

(by sx's dad)

Another thing made for Christmas 2005:

(by sx's dad)

Guess what I'm aiming for next VBS?

And no, I'm actually dead serious.

[Church Collectables Through The Ages: The Beginning]
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 Ramblin' Road Trip - Redux

While recounting the entire experience to PS today, I realised that I've not really written much about the camp that took up about a month of my life in preparation. So, just for you people who were wondering what went on while you were all mugging for exams, a few disparate thoughts on the subject:

1) Food, glorious food
Amazing stuff. Imagine trying to feed about 300 people every day. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon high tea - not even the full complement for a day, but the job was massive. Massive. There were sacks of rice (1st day), racks full of eggs (1st day), tins of pinapple and sausages defrosting in the sink (pizza on the 2nd day), stacks and stacks of boxes of spaghetti (3rd day), and macaroni (3rd day for light dinner).

2) People. People. People.
Everywhere, people. Children, adults. Everywhere. Spilling over. Spilling into. Spilling out. Everywhere, people. 人山人海 does not even begin to cover it.

3) Sitting still
I realised last year, and re-realised this fact this year: children, even when they are sitting still, do not sit still. They wiggle about, and there's no such thing as a nice, quiet assembly of children. I was walking around trying to make sure that everyone was alright and watching the video quietly, and everyone really was, but there was a lot of fooling around (mind out of the gutter, please, they're really small kids) like hair pulling and playing scissors-paper-stone etc.

Oh, for terracotta-like silence! (see pic.)

4) The Good Samaritan (background)
One person who deserves special mention (there are others, but this guy is big in my book) was Char's friend, HJ (pseudonym to protect the innocent and vulnerable.) He was in church on the last day, and happily sitting down in the nice air-conditioned sanctuary, watching us shout at the kids during rehearsal, when I caught sight of him and appointed him The Runner.

Because we're not so high-tech like the army, we don't have the cute Motorola CDMA network walkie-talkie phones to communicate movement between the sanctuary and the children's holding area. Enter The Runner. Who, well, runs up and down between the sanctuary and the holding area getting children ready for their grand entrance. Normally called the Stage Manager, but our setting was more lok-kok than The Ess-Plane-Nerd, so we need a low-class name.

I think he'll think twice about visiting next year. But he got a cool yellow t-shirt for his trouble.

5) My Music Team
My. Music. Team. Is. Awesome. Jacob, Yvonne, Yeo Min, Mundino - these kids get out of town with their energy. Absolute rockers.

6) Next Year
Arctic Edge - Where Adventure Meets Courage (Joshua 1:9). Looks like it's back to the Old Testament with lots of fighting!

Pastor's right. Every year I say I'm done, but it's like a drug.

I can't wait for next year.

[Ramblin' Road Trip - Redux]
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dimanche, décembre 04, 2005

 Glucose, ah, sugar sugar

Know that old song by The Archies?

It's been mutated.

Glucose -- ah, sugar sugar --
You are my favorite fuel
From the blood-borne substrate pool.
Glucose -- monosaccharide sugar --
You're sweeter than a woman's kiss
'Cause I need you for glycolysis.

This is a lot better than the absolutely crappy songs that I remember some kids coming up with the last time that we tried this in our little country. It was sometime during Disney's release of Aladdin, and there were some kids who came up with non-rhyming "teaching" songs. I'm trying to find a sample of the old lyrics online, but that was neo-Internet time, and it's probably not available online.

That's not to say that my rendition of "LDMR" (to the tune of "YMCA" by The Village People) was any better. But at least it came complete with stupid hand actions, and I remember the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns quite fondly to this day.

Too bad I didn't go any further than this:

It's fun to stu-dy
It goes up for a bit
Then goes down in the end
There's no way this curve is your friend

Hey, I didn't say that I was any good. I dropped Econs a month before the A's.

[Glucose, ah, sugar sugar]
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samedi, décembre 03, 2005

 Incarnations and Reincarnations

Original Power Puff Girls

Alienated, Punkified Powerpuff Girls

Manga, SailorMoonified Powerpuff Girls

[Incarnations and Reincarnations]
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vendredi, décembre 02, 2005

 It's raining

It's raining again.

I love the rain. I love it when it rains and when I'm snug at home. I love living in landed property, but I've sometimes been at my friends flats or apartments when it's rained, and I love watching the rain wash down on everything. I remember being at Leslie's place, on the 20th floor, just watching it rain over Buona Vista. Everything was dull, grey, and you couldn't hear much of anything except for the rain falling down and hitting everything. The occasional sound of a car horn would break the constant raging of the raindrops, but apart from that (and the occasional rumble from the MRT), there was nothing but the raindrops and the thunder.

I do good writing when it's raining.

[It's raining]
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 Does anyone own a laser etcher?

Oh please please please... I want to do this too... My acer's still naked, and I want to do something different than with my (NightElf) old fujitsu...

Does anyone know anyone who can do this for me???

[Does anyone own a laser etcher?]
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jeudi, décembre 01, 2005

 Mom's Op: She's Home

Mom's home. Feeling alright. Can't sing, so guess Christmas Carolling is out for her. Eating solids again, stitches to be removed on Monday, and follow-up appointment with SGH sometime next week.

Thank you again for your prayers. I am positively sure that they are the reason why the doctor said that the op went "very well", in his words.

[Mom's Op: She's Home]
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Stuff I'd Like
Lake Tahoe
Pyramids, Egypt
Boro Boro
Cambodia (Ankor Wat)
Taj Mahal
Great Ocean Road
Maldives to DIVE!
Great Barrier Reef to DIVE!
Christmas Island
See a penguin in the wild
Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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