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dimanche, avril 30, 2006

 Out Loud

Some people live out loud.
(I think I live otherwise.)

The problem with blogging about blogging is that it becomes metatextual after a while, and then it becomes bizarre in my head.

Aa has maintained that I never write about anything of consequence here. I agree. I want to write about (how I am an introvert and how I like my space and how I'm actually a rather private person) many things, but even that feels like too much to expose.

Have I said too much?

[Out Loud]
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samedi, avril 29, 2006

 This post is not about The Da Vinci Code

‘Unpunished’ defamation?
In his address to the group, Amato said Christians should be more willing “to reject lies and gratuitous defamation.”

He said that if “such lies and errors had been directed at the Koran or the Holocaust they would have justly provoked a world uprising.”

It's true. It's always the Christians who take crap lying down, or risk being called Bible Thumpers or Preachers of Fire and Brimstone. What the hell is wrong with us? It's just simply not fair. The shift in popular opinion is related to the tides of history (recent events protecting the Koran, and just... moral dignity protecting the Holocaust), but how have we arrived at this state of affairs that we Christians dare not stand up and be counted anymore?

If one of the basic tenets of the UN Declaration of Human Rights is that everyone has the right to freedom of religion, why is it that Christians have been silencing themselves more and more on the mere issue of the facts of the religion itself? We have the right to freedom of religion, and FINE, let's set aside proselytizing for a moment. How have we ended at a situation where it is politically incorrect to defend your own religion's basic beliefs? Did anyone else feel that it was right of the Danish cartoon to run (other than the paper's flimsy freedom-of-the-press argument?) Nobody called the Muslims radicals when they got pissed off at the cartoon - so why is it somewhat shameful to profess yourself to be a Christian, as if there was something to apologise for?


[This post is not about The Da Vinci Code]
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 The Cows Are Coming!

The Cows Are Coming!
Originally uploaded by bloggeritis.
Spied at the dark, dreary, dungeon-like basement of NUH while visiting Ron's mom.

Run! The Cows are coming! You know you have to mooove it mooove it!

[The Cows Are Coming!]
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samedi, avril 22, 2006

 Brainstorming, Council-Style

What you didn't see/hear...

[Brainstorming, Council-Style]
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jeudi, avril 20, 2006

 Line art

Line art is deceptive. Looks simple, but it's really not.

Seriously, what on earth are you guys thinking?!? I'm really bad at art!

[Line art]
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Originally uploaded by bloggeritis.
Free cones next Tuesday! Church people: who wants to meet and go? United Square ahoy!

Please note the time: 12-7pm only.

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mercredi, avril 19, 2006

 Men are idiots.

... or at least, famous men are (so stand down, yo'.) Not that this is news to anyone, but Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Idiots. Morons. In no particular order:

Brad Pitt, leaving Jennifer Aniston and shacking up with Angelina Jolie. Not that divorce doesn't happen, but at least be man enough to admit that (1) you had an affair, and (2) could you at least be discreet about it? (i.e. see Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

And in another round of shocking indiscretion, we have Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes. Like we didn't have enough with the Brad Pitt-Gwyneth Paltrow saga, we had to have the TomKitten pregnancy (widely rumoured to be fake). Then the scientologist pregnancy. Then the "No no, she can make noise!" when the feminist groups started hitting up Moses Charlton Heston for rifles. This one, I have to say, they're both idiots. I hope the child rebels and grows up into a nice, normal Protestant. WASP, if she dares. Poor Suri.

I'm sure there are others out there equally moronic (please see: Rob Schneider et al). I'm tired just thinking of these two bozos.

At least George Clooney doesn't muck around with marriage (not that that's saying much about his ...uh... relationship with his pet hog.) No, I'm not implying what you think I'm implying. I'm just saying - a grown man with a pet pig: not quite the epitome of coolness. No, not even if you're George Clooney. But at least he's just single and single and single. Doesn't cheat on anyone (but his pig.) Okay, I'll shut up about the pig already.

ETA: Oh yeah, forgot about Billy Crudup leaving Mary-Louise Parker, eight months pregnant, for Claire Danes. Another two idiots. And Jude Law, with Sienna Miller, and the nanny.

You know, forget it. Everyone's insane.

[Men are idiots.]
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mardi, avril 18, 2006

 Mirah - We're Both So Sorry

How can I ever apologize? I meant you no such harm

I never knew I could possess that fatal kind of charm
I just wanted to be good to you but I found I was disarmed
Mirah - We're Both So Sorry

Mirah rocks.

And everyone, EVERYONE, should go download Harvey Danger's latest album off their website.

[Mirah - We're Both So Sorry]
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dimanche, avril 16, 2006

 Lucifer in foetal position: part V

After 1 hr 15 mins - when in doubt, just colour more (words of wisdom both from my teacher as well as from Mer.) I think the white background was giving me contrast perspective issues, so I coloured the background to correct that. I am feeling the problem a little more now, and can see what needs to be done.

Now, if only my bro would wake up and pass me the digicam so that I can take another PROPER high-res shot of this piece in action... grr. I want my continuity shots or I can't continue working!

[Lucifer in foetal position: part V]
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samedi, avril 15, 2006

 Maundy Thursday Pix

like the title said.

[Maundy Thursday Pix]
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vendredi, avril 14, 2006

 Harry Potter: XIX

O. M. G.

There are no words. A little bit slashy, but can be read either way.
Comics are DEAD cheap.

Libellés :

[Harry Potter: XIX]
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 Apostrophe Protection Society

In perfect tandem with Eat Shoots and Leaves, I present: the Apostrophe Protection Society.

All teachers should encourage their students to join.

[Apostrophe Protection Society]
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jeudi, avril 13, 2006

 Potter XVIII: 哈利波特

Harry Potter, translated.

Harry Potter: 哈利.波特
Ronald Weasley: 罗恩.韦斯莱
Hermione Granger: 赫敏.格兰杰
Rubeus Hagrid: 鲁霸.海格
Lord Voldemort (Tom Marvolo Riddle): 伏地魔
Professor McGonagall: 麦格教授
Professor Severus Snape: 斯内普教授
Albus Dumbledore: 阿不思.邓布利多 (and this isn't even his FULL name, which is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore)

Hogwarts: 霍格华兹
Gryffindor - 葛来分多
Hufflepuff - 霍夫帕夫
Ravenclaw - 雷文克劳
Slytherin - 史莱哲林

Forgive me, but I am very tempted to make "Harry(哈利)" up jokes now.

Libellés :

[Potter XVIII: 哈利波特]
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mardi, avril 11, 2006

 Land scarcity

The above is a picture of complete insanity - when did I become someone who owned an easel, three plywood boards, stacks of A1 cartridge paper and compulsive buyer of strange art supplies simply to "find out what this thingymajiggy does"?

I love it that it's brought me back to a dear, dear friend whom I love and who shares the same brand of insanity as me (but who's dying as a teacher) - and I'm sure that one day we will end up at Taka's Art Friend simply browsing for two hours - and then promptly move down to Kino and browse for another two. Then walk out to Coffee Club for a muddy mud pie and gossip for another two, complaining about calories all the way. (Darling, if you read this, it's a plan.)

After bumping into the wall for the nth time, and in a fit of something, I thought of just throwing out my bed to make things easier to move around in my room now... Oh, for a studio (apartment!) Gah... My estate had our road paved and the sidewalks redone about half a decade ago, which we never asked for (but thank you anyway). Why not give private housing the option of upgrading our HOUSES? (Too much? Heh.)

[Land scarcity]
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 Ford, I think I'm a sofa

[Ford, I think I'm a sofa]
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samedi, avril 08, 2006

 Boot Camp - yeah, whatever

Yes, yes, enough of the Boot Camp hype already. It was only a matter of time that the Apple folks decided to do this - why bother carving a niche of snotty mac users when you can take a hearty bite out of the Intel pie? Virtualization hasn't been working out for the gamers for a long, long time, and that's a huge, huge unopened can of a market right there - it was just time for this technology to appear.

(I'd be very surprised if Microsoft hasn't been working on this for the PowerPC as well. The MS version will probably surface after a couple of months. Unless they're too busy perfecting Longhorn... if Longhorn even exists. That update to WinXP has been so long in the making that it could be an urban legend. Or they might have been too busy with the launch of Origami Project... which was more like a non-launch, actually.)

I am not particularly jazzed-up about this. The solution seems blindingly obvious to me - just buy a PC AND a Mac. After all the software and hardware you have to buy to make this dual-boot system a reality, it'll probably add up to the same, dollars-and-cents wise anyway.

Dual-booting also doesn't allow monitor spanning either (one system on EACH SCREEN), which is (imho) one of the f'king coolest things around - you have no idea how much I salivated over the SEVEN - count them, baby - SEVEN screens that Swordfish's Hugh Jackman was working on to crack the 1024-bit encryption for evil, goatee-ed John Travolta. (Of course, I was salivating over Hugh Jackman as well, but that's another post altogether.)

All that being said, this is a rather scary development for ... everyone involved. What happens if (Gasp! Shock! Horror!) MS and Apple decide to join forces for evil? What will become of us all! Consumer protection laws and anti-monopoly laws don't really have enough power to stop this from happening - not right now, at least. Let's hope it won't ever come to that.

[Boot Camp - yeah, whatever]
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 Jill Sobule

In a companion post to the rant about women and self-mutilation, here's a song by one of those not-quite famous singers which have managed to touch me:

Lucy at the Gym, by Jill Sobule

Lucy at the gym
Lucy at the gym
She's there every time I go
And I don't go that often, so she must live at the gym
I stare at her ribs, they show through the spandex
Her little legs are working, she's going somewhere
She's climbing up the stairs
And when she reaches the top her dreams will be there

Ade passed me a couple of her mp3s a while ago, and I fell in love with Rock Me To Sleep. Her music's guitar twangy-twangy - think Frenté (you know the song), mixed with a little Jewel, and a little quiet-version Sheryl Crow, but without the edge. So far all the songs I've listened to are all very... pleasant, yet the lyrics do show some thought behind them:

I'm at the gym and Lucy's not there
It's got me pretty worried so I imagine the worst
She's made it up to heaven
And when she met her maker
He said "come right in
I'll show you around the gym
Everyone's beautiful and thin
And here's there's no sin
And your life can begin

Her picture montages that accompany each song on her website are quite interesting as well.

[Jill Sobule]
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vendredi, avril 07, 2006

 SCWO E. Calendar - Self-mutilation

Got this in the mail today.
Singapore Council of Women's Organisations

25 May 2006
Conversations with Uncommon Women: CPT (Ret) Nooraini Nordin
Mdm Nooraini will share some of her experience that has shaped her personal, family, business and community life today. She will also share some of her principles to be happy and live a meaningful life. And to prove that nothing is impossible, participants will then be invited to walk on broken glass and Certificates of Achievement will be awarded.
1) Nothing is impossible. Walking on broken glass isn't impossible - Annie Lennox sang about it. Nobody said it wasn't.

2) Isn't it enough that women have to do so much self-mutilation just to conform to societal norms of beauty already? (incidentally, JKR has a beautiful rant about this.) Isn't there enough pain already? (See: high heels, botox, breast implants, etc.) Do we really need to walk on broken glass just to prove a point that we can handle life? Because I think stiletto heels pretty much prove that point.

Don't get me wrong; I think the "Conversations with Uncommon Women" series is a brilliant idea; there have been many women who have come and shared important truths. But this... honestly. Let the men have their mid-life crises and go skydiving.

[SCWO E. Calendar - Self-mutilation]
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Ersatz. I have always wanted to use this word in an essay.

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mardi, avril 04, 2006

 The Helmet: Part II


2hrs 10mins

2hrs 20mins

2hrs 30mins

Finished! Taa-daa! *happy*

[The Helmet: Part II]
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lundi, avril 03, 2006

 Darth Vader's helmet: Progressive Pictures

20 mins

40 mins

1hr 10 mins

1 hr 30 mins

I haven't decided if this is going to be a poster-colour or a charcoal picture. Probably going to go with simple black poster-colour, since I'm itching to break in my Omni brushes.

[Darth Vader's helmet: Progressive Pictures]
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dimanche, avril 02, 2006

 Art: Angel

Original picture from Lucifer VI: Mansions of Silence, p.97, by Ryan Kelly (but I can't be sure) Christopher Moeller.

[Art: Angel]
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 Wide Open Spaces

Rie and I (but NOT Mich) were talking about taking a driving holiday down to Oz later this year. She loves driving, and I love the open road, so we were tossing about the idea of heading down to do the Great Ocean Road, also known as Shipwreck Coast. (Come to think of it, one sounds romantic, the other sounds dastardly and tragic.)

Has anyone done this route before on their own? Not that anything short of a typhoon warning would deter me, but more information never hurts in cases such as these. We're thinking 5 to 7 days, tops. *dreams of the great scenery*

[Wide Open Spaces]
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 Ecclesiastes: Meaninglessness and Vanity

A certain Miss Ee requested that I conduct an "Introduction to Ecclesiastes" class for the Youth today, and after one week's worth of preparation, she has the nerve to fall sick.

Well, honestly.

The whole thing wound up as a mixture of question-and-answer, hangman and Wheel of Fortune, played with monopoly money. One team ran a deficit of -$250, while the other was relatively high in the black. I wonder the difference was (game) structural, or whether it was because the team in deficit just failed to hit the buzzer (made up of a porcelain cup and one chopstick!) in time.

I hope everyone had fun. I know Jon did. :) $1! $1! $1!

[Ecclesiastes: Meaninglessness and Vanity]
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samedi, avril 01, 2006

 Major purchases!

Finally, after half a year of deciding, and another half
a year trying to buy it, the Taylor Big Baby (~S$645):

Made up partly of a year's saving, and a whole boatload
of birthday love from pals and teachers at TRBC.

After about two weeks, I succumbed to the desire and
decided to commit and get the foldable easel (~S$55)

I'm quite happy with it as it was on offer today!
Plus I got the brand I wanted (Mabef, made in Italy.)

Just remember: don't let the tools fool you; they are mere artistic commodities.

[Major purchases!]
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