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lundi, juillet 31, 2006

 Taking leave

I'm gonna be away most part of this week - I'm going on a community medical trip to developing country. Most of you should already know where I'm headed, so I'm not going to publicise it here online since it's not particularly safe to do so.

It's a mixed blessing my kids didn't make it into MDS debate finals (even though I thought they should have!), since I can't make it in time for the finals. Was rather looking forward to adjudicating though ... :-( Oh well. You win some and you lose some.

For those of you who wanna pray:
1 For God to move mightily in the heart of the people, that His love will shine through cultural and language barriers. That then people will be blessed by our presence.
2 That God will protect my mom, dad, grandma, aunt and younger brother while I am away. Dad is having a bad flu; having trouble sleeping - please pray for rest.
3 That God will deepen my relationship with Him during this time.
4 I have had an eventful couple of weeks - pray that I will be healthy and hale during this trip! I don't want to fall sick!

See you guys in a week!

[Taking leave]
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jeudi, juillet 27, 2006


 Woodlands Regional Library played host on Wednesday to Senior Economist for the World Bank Mr Pawan G. Patil. Mr Patil was there to speak on why the youth demographic was selected as the focus of the World Development Report 2007, the flagship publication of The World Bank.

Initially fearful that the event would be a dry talk filled with statistics and economic analysis masquerading as a “discussion”, my concerns proved to be unfounded as an energetic Mr Patil tailored his delivery to fit his 50-strong, primarily student-based audience. One thing which impressed me about him was that he took the first half an hour of his presentation NOT to present the key points of the WDR2007 (which was what he was actually there to do), but instead used the time to answer some basic questions about The World Bank posed by the audience, such as "Where does the World Bank get its money?" and "What happens when poor countries cannot repay their World Bank loans?" (The answers are: (1) through the sale of bonds, and through member countries’ financial contributions, and (2) loans are either forgiven or restructured [about debt relief].)

After dealing with the fundamentals of what The World Bank is, what it does, and what its work involves, he went on to give the audience a sneak preview of the World Development Report 2007. Very briefly, the World Development Report is a massive report generated once a year by The World Bank, and it focuses on a single theme each year. This year’s theme is ‘Development and the Next Generation’, which centres on the global youth sector.

Mr Patil first showed how the global demographic was rapidly shifting towards a youth-based population, and shared with us the sobering statistic that “in five years, the world’s population of 1.3 billion youth will be competing for 300 million jobs…”

He explained that the lack of jobs would cause widespread youth unemployment, which would in turn compound the problem of poverty, which is a perennial problem afflicting many in our world. Youth and young people from less developed countries are the most vulnerable to being pushed over the poverty line.

The World Bank’s solution to this problem is a simple, but important one: the immediate engagement of the youth sector when crafting policies and programmes for the future. “It is critical to invest in young people in order to reduce poverty and boost growth,” Mr Patil said. He quoted an Argentinean youth, who summed up the problem involving youth and development today succinctly: “We (youth) always hear that we are the future, butwe are frustrate for not being able to be in the present.”

As a result, the WDR2007 has chosen to focus on creating strategies to engage global youth in participatory partnership. The development of youth as “Agents of Change” within their own communities, giving youth access to education, healthcare and job opportunities are some of the ways which the global community can help to ensure that youth today can be prevented from falling into the poverty trap.

Allowing for questions at any time during the presentation, Mr Patil welcomed interruptions during his presentation. Encouraged by his friendly, unassuming manner, and heartened by his straightforward (but never simplistic) answers, members of the audience peppered his presentation with thought-provoking questions, which made the dialogue session a truly engaging and interactive one.

This year’s World Development Report is titled “Development and the Next Generation”, and will be presented at the 2006 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group. With an audience makeup of the Ministers for Finance of 138 member countries, the World Development Report 2007 is expected to draw the global community’s attention to the importance of investing and engaging the community of youth today.

If you’re interested, here are links to:
The World Bank http://www.worldbank.org
The World Bank in Singapore http://www.worldbank.org/sg
The IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors http://www.singapore2006.org

Mr Patil can be contacted at ppatil@worldbank.org

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mardi, juillet 25, 2006

 A Math Teachers' Nightmare

[A Math Teachers' Nightmare]
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dimanche, juillet 23, 2006

 MAP 2006

Thanks for making it a wonderful weekend :)
See you all again next year!

For those of you who didn't make it, here's a complete guestlist of who turned up: 123 clinton+pris+asher, 4crystal, 5davina, 67derek+serene, 8diana gwee, 9evangeline, 10fang ting, 1112huifen+mervin, 13ian, 14jared fong, 15jason, 16jiaying, 17jon kee, 18joshua tan tao-e, 1920joshua+jaclyn, 21kat ho, 22kevin cheung, 23lijie, 24nat, 2526pris mok+kevin, 2728samuel+mingyu, 2930soojin+vanessa, 31soon onn, 32sophie, 33stan, 34waimun, 35waitat, 36weilong, 37xinling, 38xiumei, 39zhizhen

[MAP 2006]
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samedi, juillet 22, 2006

 Swimming with the Fishes: Diving with the sharks in the Underwater World

I normally do the usual movie-dinner with friends every birthday, but this year, I wanted to do something different. I’ve been itching to go back underwater since I last surfaced, as I’ve been bitten badly by the diving bug after getting my Open Water license this May. However, my dive buddies and I need to save up money (and leave) before getting our next dive certification.

And desperate times call for desperate measures - so I went diving with the sharks in Underwater World in Sentosa.

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[Swimming with the Fishes: Diving with the sharks in the Underwater World]
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jeudi, juillet 20, 2006

 Swimming with the fishes

(Godfather fans will get the title of this post.)

I'm bushwhacked after today's touristy outing to the Underwater World: I treated myself to their Dive with the Sharks programme, and went diving in their tanks. It cost $95, and is worth every cent.

There are other programmes too, like Marine Discovery, Dive with the Dugong, and Swim with the Dolphins - but really, why waste time with the other creatures when you can say hi to SHARKS?

I got a t-shirt from the programme...

And a mug from the dive guide, who gave it to me when he knew it was my birthday!

More when I'm more coherent, and when my underwater pictures develop.

[Swimming with the fishes]
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mercredi, juillet 19, 2006

 Happy Birthday To Me

And after another long wait (365 days), it's my birthday again. Whee!

This year, I would like to thank God for:
1) Taking care of mom, who had a cancer scare last year, but is back (healthily) to her dastardly line-dancing days of her life now.
2) Taking care of dad, who is getting more and more grumpy as the time goes by, but he's still healthy and can take care of himself.
3) My bro, who is learning to talk in more than grunts.
4) My health, which I am actually starting to pay attention to. I hurt my back last year, but a year on (June), it's fine - a little weaker, and I have to be more careful with it, but it's fine.

This year, I would like to ask God for one thing: my brother's salvation this year. No idea where he stands on this issue, but if you would pray with me and ask God to send people to talk to him about Jesus, it would be really cool, and I would be very grateful.

If you're getting me anything, please don't get me:
1) Cutesy stuff to display.
2) Clothes.
3) Bibles - english or chinese or english AND chinese, or any other language.

And this year, my wishlist reads like a crazy anime fan's wishlist:
1) Innocence: Ghost in the Shell 2
2) Princess Mononoke
3) Spirited Away/The Cat Returns
4) Appleseed
5) Steamboy
6) Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
7) Howl's Moving Castle

Rie and MooMoo are already getting me the Lucifer #10 Graphic Novel (which is released on my birthday TODAY, so take that, Chi Tim!), so that's done.

I've been reading a lot of birthday posts from my friends, and in light of the general morose, nothing-big-lah posts, I'm almost ashamed to say that I'm STILL EXCITED ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY! Is that okay? I don't think I'll ever get tired of having a birthday. I might get depressed about the number of candles on the cake in the future, but I don't want to ever get blasé about surviving another year on God's grace. Life is wonderful, lovely and full, and I'm happy to be diving into it.

[Happy Birthday To Me]
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lundi, juillet 17, 2006

 Homecoming 2006

The clowns on the left, Mini-Me (Mini Reddy), aka "Mr Bean II" on the right

Az had a strange scar... he kept insisting that Lord Voldemort attacked him, much to Louisa's consternation. He could be The Chosen One... except that if we draw a circle around it in blue, he could be The Chosen One in a different party...

[Homecoming 2006]
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samedi, juillet 15, 2006

 CG Overdrive 2006: Geeks Trippin' Out

Did you like how organically General Grevious moved in Star Wars? Were you fascinated by how Jar Jar Binks' ears flapped gently in the Tattoine breeze? Were you enthralled by the incredibly accurate facial expressions of the vehicles in Cars? If computer graphics and animation turns your engine on, CG Overdrive 2006 would have been like high-octane rocket fuel. Featuring heavyweights like Pixar Animation Studios and LucasFilm Animation, the three-day conference at Singapore Expo was a major geek-out fest, with software clinics, technology showcases, digital film screenings, and a digital art gallery.

I was initially surprised by the muted atmosphere when I first arrived at the conference - from the excellent response (99% of all places were snapped up weeks before the conference began), I was expecting a noisy and boisterous affair. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and very casual – perhaps because it was a rather niche industry event? But the low-level buzz belied its intensity – these were no amateur anime pundits, these were serious Padawans waiting to learn from the Masters of the craft, whom had been gathered for the conference.

My first stop was the free public clinics, where 3dsense Media School was demonstrating all manner of software, such as Autodesk 3dsmax, Pixologic Zbrush, and Autodesk Maya. (If your eyes have started to glaze over, I strongly suggest you click something and go somewhere else!) Having never seen a wire-frame figure being built from scratch, the entire process was fascinating – drawing circles and squares was never more easy, or more fun! There are even pre-made figures (biped, quadruped etc figures) which you can adjust and tailor-make with a few adjustments (length of neck, number of vertebrae, skin texture and tone, etc).

The conference hall for delegates was a whole different ball-game. I listened as Mr Shuzo John Shiuta (President of Polygon Pictures Japan) gave a great overview of the history of Japan Animation – this sort of detailed overview probably only exists in the minds of industry professionals, and not in the classroom: I checked NAFA, NYP, NP and NTU-SADM, but nope, no “history of Japanese animation” (or history of animation of any kind) could be found.

After I was blown away by the movie clips that he showed (apparently Polygon Pictures did the opening sequence for Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, which rawks big socks), I nipped back out to the free public clinic area, where LucasArts was slated to give a recruitment talk. And guess what? I was treated to some completely new technology called “Euphoria” being demonstrated on the next Xbox/PS Indiana Jones game. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that I was treated to some really brand-new technology which will really change the way you play games. If towelboy acquiesces, I’ll perform a public service and also put up their recruitment flyer here – they’re looking for a team of about 30 more people to develop and work on a new handheld game for the PS2.

Before I finally dragged myself away from the conference, I took a final stroll down one of my favourite parts: the digital art gallery. There was a competition held prior to the conference, with winners having their works (both digital art and animation films) being exhibited. My favourite was “Promise” by Robert Chang, which features an angel praying. It’s an anime cliché, but one which struck a chord in me nonetheless. Other notable mentions are “Forbidden Area” and “Sky Castle” by Kuang Hong (China), and “It Comes A Time Of Death” by Radoslav Zilinsky. I’ll leave you with the pictures of their work – it’s all stunning.

Title: Forbidden Area
Author: Kuang Hong (China)
Synopsis: Personal work; emphasized on personal style and composition, subject touches space, time and death.

Title: Sky Castle
Author: Kuang Hong (China)
Synopsis: Personal environment concept, completed in computerfrom scratch; "longing for the reminiscent of my Elysian field..." Showing part of an ancient forgotten castle resembling feelings from the Middle Agesfloating and breaking away from the lands.

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[CG Overdrive 2006: Geeks Trippin' Out]
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jeudi, juillet 13, 2006

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[old blogger code 13 Jul 2006]
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 Lonely boy seeking for partner

[Lonely boy seeking for partner]
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mercredi, juillet 12, 2006

 Blonde moment in time: Dear Mr. Klinsmann

No, no, no, whyyyyyy??? The German performance was bloody exciting to watch during this World Cup (where have the mercedes-manufactured robots gotten to?), but you were the cherry on top of the huge sticky chewy chocolate sundae, so why are you leaving me in the lurch now???

If you end up coaching the USA team, they'd better get to the finals so that you'll have some screen time. I'm certainly NOT going to waste my time watching the screens for Joachim Loew! I mean, just LOOK at him!!! Scruffy and with hair that looks unwashed and unkempt, who's going to bother with the German team now, may I ask???

I apologise for this sudden surge of estrogen; I'm having this completely bimbotic breakdown after reading the news about him not taking up the post of German coach for the next world cup, leaving this... this... shaggy dog to take over. I mean, just LOOK at both of them:

Beauty and the Beng. *sniff*

[/blonde moment]

[Blonde moment in time: Dear Mr. Klinsmann]
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I love pictures of men and their children.

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mardi, juillet 11, 2006

 No more crazy food

I must remind myself not to eat anymore crazy food - this is the butter pan prawn, from Manhattan Fish Market when I went with Angeline last. It tastes fantastic, but now that I'm comfortably ensconced on my chair, I'm thinking - oh goodness. It's just cheese and cholestrol. *shudder*

[No more crazy food]
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 Two Yolk Egg

I know that they exist, but I've never eaten a two-yolk egg before! Does this mean I just ate (potential) twin chickens?

[Two Yolk Egg]
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 Dilbert's House

Did you know that Dilbert has a house? It's called D.U.H. - the Dilbert Ultimate House.

[Dilbert's House]
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lundi, juillet 10, 2006

 Viva Italy ...

I think the question on everyone's lips is - what the heck happened with Zidane and Materazzi?! What did Materazzi say to Zidane that made him react like that?

I've also not watched a match where the medics were kept so busy - from the first injury to Henry, to Zidane, to all the other small little fakes - those men with their wonder sprays and little packs of (hot? cold?) were kept on their feet.

The match was rather ho-hum, in my uneducated opinion. Perhaps it was because I didn't really favour either team (I was supporting France just because I had to pick a side), but the action seemed a little washed out. Both sides were playing relatively dirty, with the first injury to Henry within 5 minutes. Lots and lots of fouls. Soccernet stats, whom Stan says not to bother with, state that ball possession was Italy's 51% to France's 49%, but (for the first half at least), Italy was just everywhere; they were just grabbing the ball and gunning for it. France took over in the 2nd half, but a second goal from either side was not forthcoming.

It finally fell to extra-time, which killed everybody with the running, and then to penalties, where Zidane was most sorely missed as Trebuchet Trezeguet struck the posts on that crucial penalty. And then the blue shirts started dancing around and climbing on each other, and cutting Camoranesi's hair.

And now, it's over. It's time to return to our regular sleeping patterns, and tomorrow, find out who has transferred to where for how many gajillion dollars.

[Viva Italy ...]
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dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

 GERMANY WON! Germany 3 Portugal 1!


As some of you might know, I do not have cable TV, being one of the so-called priviledged people living on landed property - NOT. Especially NOT when you are expected to pay $2500 just to lay the bloody cable in the ground - we have better things to buy with that money. (Although what, I don't know, my house is a dump.)

Right. In any case, I was stuck without a Germany-Portugal match to watch, and was resigned to sleeping early and heading to church as usual - but wait! Amanda saves the day! She doesn't mind heading out to watch the match as well! And so we head to Jalan Kayu, thinking that there's TV to watch there. The place is suspiciously empty, and after parking and walking a bit, we realise that the prata owners there are too cheap to spring for cable, and they are watching NTV7 from Indonesia! On a 14" television! That's FUZZY! No. Freaking. Way. No way am I watching a World Cup match on a crap piece of television.

We end up somewhere near Chomp Chomp, where there are three prata shops - complete with large sound systems and even larger television. Things that make you go "mmmmm." We ordered, and then the match started.

Could the match have gotten even more interesting? The whole thing was GO GO GO GO! all the way from the start of the match. Runs after runs after runs - attack, counter, counter-counter. No rest, just go go go. Both sides were, again, evenly-matched, but Portugal played with a bit more spirit, and a lot more dirty tricks than the Germans. Either that, or the Germans were sneakier than the Portugese when they fouled, as the referee kept making calls that were pro-Germany. (Kelong anyone?)

The first half was played hard and fast, but no goal. The tension was palpable, and the crowd was getting restless as it smelt blood on the dancefloor. When Schweinsteiger scored first (56'), it was a great relief - almost like... well. You know. Relief.

When the 2nd goal was scored, I told Amanda - can go home already! Germany is going to play defence all the way - but NO. THEY KEPT PLAYING THE GAME, which absolutely rocked my socks off (I was wearing slippers) because that was completely unlike the German team which I know (but I don't know a lot.) And when the THIRD goal was scored by Schweinskdsineingheiuhoeiger (Schweinsteiger) again... I was off my seat and just bloody happy.

But Portugal - like when they were with Italy - did not give up, and kept applying the pressure on the German defence until the closing whistle, which really takes a lot of mental strength. The group in front of Amanda and my table seemed to be Portugal fans, and they looked more hopeful when that lonely goal was scored, but alas even the subbing of Figo (whatever man) couldn't save them that late in the game.

This comes the girly, non-soccer related part of this not- really- match- review: Klinsmann. One word: yummy.

Stan tells me that he's a diver - not of the underwater kind, but of the touch- him- and- he- dives- for- the- free- kick kinda diver. "He dive so much people want to give him the Olympic medal for swimming liao!" is what Stan told me over MSN, which is hilarious!

But like I said, this part isn't about the soccer, it's about the yum. And this picture on the right --> is yum :)... Sorry Stan. Heh.


[GERMANY WON! Germany 3 Portugal 1!]
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vendredi, juillet 07, 2006

 Attack of the flying fish!

No idea what is happening, but the fish are deadly!

[Attack of the flying fish!]
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jeudi, juillet 06, 2006

 France 1, Portugal 0: It's a Italy vs France final!

Oh, wow. How hard does soccer rock? Till the last minute, apparently, if the Portugese are any indication. Right till the 93rd minute, till the very last minute, till the very last second: still going and gunning for that equalizing goal, which just managed to elude them.

Match-wise, I was rather surprised at the French's restraint during the game - and equally surprised at the Portugese's nasty tackles. Perhaps not seeing many earlier matches (no cable lah!) has made me too sensitive to the roughhousing? Whatever. Soccernet stats show that the Portugese had 15 fouls, versus France's 10 fouls, with possession equally spread out (P51%:F49%). I think those figures speak for themselves - it was another equally-matched game, with both teams really playing superbly.

Despite conceeding a well-placed penalty in the first half, the Portugese don't give up easily - with the World Cup finals in the picture, who would? Especially since the goal was scored with enough time to rectify the problem. But alas! It was not to be. Denied again and again by very intense French defending, the Portugese kept trying: right till the very last minute. Attempts at goal during extra time (3 mins) were particularly seat-gripping, and the near-miss on the 93rd minute itself was such a heartbreaker of a miss. I was hoping that they would score, then we'd go into extra time. But alas, alas.

The penalty goal (33') was a foolish and very costly mistake by Portugal. Admittedly, the trip to Henry could have been considered accidental, for it really wasn't one of those vicious trip- you- and- you- bleed- plus- I- grind- your- face- in- the- dirt- with- my- heel sort of trips: it was a tussle for the ball, and a (misplaced) foot by (*checks name*) Carvalho. But it was within the zone, and Portugal should have really been more careful. As it is, the penalty was converted into the lonely goal of the match by Zidane, and ciao, bonjour : we're looking at a Italy-France final!

Only two more sleepless nights...

[France 1, Portugal 0: It's a Italy vs France final!]
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mercredi, juillet 05, 2006

 I apologise for any inconvenience caused

So sorry, that you didn't see me there.
I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
So sorry that you had to bend over, just a little bit
to pull that stick out.
I'm afraid that perhaps,
these tunes come with a little too much laxative?

I am very remorseful for all the psychological pain
that you must have felt while seeing me on the dais.
How it must have galled your heart hearing
my six string sing
and my bassist boom.

So regretful of the trauma that I must have put you through
as you heard chord progressions
majors fourths
minor fifths
sustained sixths, and you
How that 6/8 signature must have shocked you.

You stand there
arms folded, waiting -
to worship? No -
you stand there waiting
for something. Not the music, for
it comprises neither ebony nor ivory
and is hence, rubbish.

I apologise for the rubbish caused.
It is not worthy of you, and
I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

[I apologise for any inconvenience caused]
Sngs Alumni @ 5.7.06 { 0 comments }

 Italy 2, Germany 0

What an amazing match. I initially switched on the telly to just watch amazing soccer, but as the match went on, I found myself rooting for Germany for some reason. Could have been because their coach amused me (and he's pretty easy on the eye as well.)

The pace! The amazing pace! Did you see those one-touch passes? Those passes that Singapore never manages to string together? Gorgeous, beautiful teamwork there.

The footwork, the dancing! Did you see the tango that these men weave as they tiptoe their way through a sea of sweaty soccer players? Beautiful, wondrous ballet.

The saves, the saves, THE SAVES. Did you not see that save by the Italian GK as he almost casually flicked that blistering attempt by [enter player name here]? The slow-motion replays caught it, and his hands were fast, even in slow-mo! The SAVES. Wow.

And oh, the tears. 119th minute, and 120th minute - what could be more devastating than that? Two minutes away from what would have been a shoo-in for Germany to the World Cup finals, and there it was, *checks names* Grosso and del Piero (sub 104') slam them in successively in two minutes. Germany pushed in that one minute, but as I was SMSing Peng, the Italians seemed to want it more.

I'm very happy for Italy, because they really, really worked very, very hard to get there, and I think that their goals were hard-earned and well-bought. But oh, my heart breaks for the Germans - you could see the stadium, the fans, the players... the shock and disbelief on their faces.

Could we have another upset tomorrow night, and wind up with a strange Italy-Portugal final? It's another sleepless night tomorrow as we all find out together.

Beautiful game.

[Italy 2, Germany 0]
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Photo: GettyImages

Stupid people patronise me to death.

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lundi, juillet 03, 2006

 Google is taking over the world! As if you didn't already know.

With the introduction of google spreadsheets, soon it'll be time to do everything on google word letters, then on google outlook mail (uh... we already do), and on google frontpage webmaker, then on google powerpoint showcase.

And can you believe that there actually are people out
there whose browser homepages AREN'T SET to google?

*eyes goggle*

[Google is taking over the world! As if you didn't already know.]
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samedi, juillet 01, 2006

 This is a spam account

I don't know how many of you are on blogger.com, but I've recently (within the last 2 weeks) have had to do word verification when I want to post anything. Since I've been kind of tied up, I've just done the word verification as I post (not like it's hard or anything), but today I've been freer to take a look at this thing.

Apparently blogs which are identified by blogger as "potential spam blogs" havehad this spam reduction word verification system applied to their blogs. And this blog is one of them! Wow! Despite the fact that I never spam anyone about anything, have no product to sell (unless you need web design services, which I never pimp, but perhaps I should start...)

Woo hoo! I think I've made it somewhat in the blogosphere.

[This is a spam account]
Sngs Alumni @ 1.7.06 { 0 comments }

 Here's my two cents, penny for your thoughts, keep the change

"I won't judge you."

I think those are the four most important words that a friend could possibly say or demonstrate. A select group of friends and I have been through a bit of a roller-coaster ride these past few months, and we've had to make our own individual decisions without a clear guide on what's to come in the future. I've also personally made some unwise choices, but that has taught me that I need to grit my teeth, put my nose to the grindstone, crack my knuckles and really, really get over it and get on with it.

Through it all, one of the most treasured things which someone had said to me after giving me advice was - choose your way. I won't judge you for it.

People love to give advice - it's a fact of life. The motivations are mixed, of course, as with most human behaviour. Some people love to give advice because it makes them feel superior - "I have life experience, and so you should learn from me and heed my counsel." The other people are genuinely concerned for you, and want to offer you a solution. The trouble is, sometimes when you make a decision, they think it "incorrect", and therefore fold their arms, sit back and pout as you decide not to take the path that they have "selected" for you.

Take my situation. I've spent the last year and a half in school. I'm leaning towards NOT returning, because the place is shit and far away, and the amount of crap that I've already endured with them is truly not worth any more of my time. Besides, I think I might want to take up another undergraduate degree with UNSW Asia when it gets more established (and when I earn enough money to go.)

The trouble with my leaning towards this decision is that a lot of people think that I shouldn't let my last 1.5 years in school go to waste - I should continue, no matter how crappy I feel about the school and about continuing. When I share my thoughts on my future plans with them, they get affronted and do the "Oh well, you go do what you want lor" spiel, which really disappoints me because I really do expect more from someone whom I ask for advice from.

To a degree, advice from friends should really just be that - advice. It may be strong advice, it may be musings on a situation, but that's what it is: advice. We're not asking you to make a decision for us, we're only asking you to help us work our way through this. After all, two heads are better than one. If anyone asks for your opinion, or what you think you should do, just give your opinion - and it can be a strong one - but don't judge*.

It's the best gift you can give to anyone who's stuck in a confusing situation. The circumstances are complicated enough without adding "disappointing a friend" to the list.

[* this argument does not stand for questions/problems which are obviously moronic, like "Should I shoplift or not?" In that case, your position as a good friend would be to tie the person who wants to shoplift onto his/her bed and feed him/her Ribena until they relent from the hare-brained enterprise.]

[Here's my two cents, penny for your thoughts, keep the change]
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